Livan… on a Jet Plane…

30 Jul

I don’t know if I’ll… wait! I have my flight plans, I know exactly when I’ll be back again. Anyway, about the time that the Top of the 1st… oh wait, Livan is starting against the White Sox bats, so… shortly after the Twins and White Sox begin the third game of this all-important four game set, I will be taking off from lovely Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and heading to O-Town, Orlando, Florida. I’ve got a convention/show/thingy to go to the next couple of days. So, I’m not exactly sure how much will be posted, or how frequently, but be sure to check back.

Thanks again to all those who have left comments or e-mailed me about this WordPress site stuff. Again, I’m very new to it. If anyone has any knowledge of how to use all of these capabilities, particularly if I could do so within the domain name, I would really appreciate it.

Just a couple of quick thoughts before taking off (which is why there is no bolding… sorry):

Trade Rumors – They just run so rampant this time of year. Thursday afternoon at 3:00 is the deadline, so about 22 hours, and that may also be about the number of names being mentioned as potentially coming to the Twins. Just today we are now hearing about Rich Aurilia of the Giants. My concern with him is can he play an adequate 3B any more, or will he just be the right-handed DH option and pinch hitter? I’m thrilled to hear that Brian Roberts name is no longer mentioned. I actually like the idea of Mark Grudzielanek because he’s a good player and he isn’t signed beyond this year because I like to think that Alexi Casilla will be back next year (Joe C just wrote that Casilla will have season-ending thumb surgery). We haven’t heard anything really on Adrian Beltre the last few days, but that may not mean anything either. I’m in agreement with many of the commenters here that Andy LaRoche would make a great pickup… Are the Dodgers looking for a lefty set up man??? How about LaRoche for Reyes and Swarzak? With the Yankees acquisition of Pudge Rodriguez from the Tigers, they gave up Kyle Farnsworth. As Joe Christensen says, that has to help the Twins chances of bringing in LaTroy Hawkins since the Tigers were believed to be the other team involved.

In general, although the Twins are contending and competing now, I can’t help be recall that this was a rebuilding year. I am so incredibly excited about the future of this team. The 2010 Twins team is so exciting to think about. So that’s why I am not all gung-ho about the Twins going out an making a big splash. I think it is important in these young players development to experience this atmosphere and important August and September ball games. But then again, what if it were just one or two small pieces that made all the difference? You really have to balance 1.) the opportunity to maybe win now, with 2.) the opportunity to maybe win later. And again, the reality is that the playoffs are a crap shoot. I say that all the time and it is so true. It’s just about getting in and seeing what happens. I prefer the Twins to not give up the farm (too much) and to remain competitive every year.

BANDWAGON UPDATE – Apparently Michael Cuddyer was able to take swings in the batting cage today and hopes to go out on a rehab assignment and be back in a week to ten days. I feel like the one person who thinks this is a positive. I am always amazed by some Twins fans who jump the gun on a lot of things. Michael Cuddyer has missed a lot of time this season and when he has played has had to work himself back. He actually did well in June before this last injury. Then you get a guy like Denard Span, who I have fully admitted I am starting to believe in, who comes up and has a good month and they want to annoint him as the starter. It’s like when Carlos Gomez was bad in April and everyone wanted him sent down. Then he had a great May and everyone was certain that he was the man! Then he goes on a June/July slump and suddenly he has no future. I just don’t get that mentality. Michael Cuddyer is this team’s starting RF and he should continue to be. I think that the Twins can get Gomez and Span plenty of at bats down the stretch still.

Rochester beat Pawtucket 8-3 this afternoon. Anthony Swarzak made his first AAA start and got his first AAA win. He gave up three runs (just one earned) on four hits and three walks in five innings. Julio DePaula and Bobby Korecky each threw two scoreless relief innings. Randy Ruiz and Garrett Jones each had two hits, one of which was a home run. It was Ruiz’s 16th and Jones’s 14th. Alejando Machado went 3-4.

OK, I’m going to be late for my plane (no, I won’t!), so I must go. Keep the comments and e-mails coming! And, if there are any trades, discuss!


6 Responses to “Livan… on a Jet Plane…”

  1. Brady July 30, 2008 at 10:52 pm #

    First off, as a follower, let me say I’ll keep visiting regardless of which site you stick with. Now let me say that I’m surprised there’s been no discussion of Machado joining the Twins. Everett makes sense if he is healthy enough to play solid defense, but if we were about to designate him is that really the case? Machado was our Rule 5 pick prior to last season and was even more injured than Everett has been this season, but so far seems to be playing adequately this year. Can you check around to see what his chances are of getting the call?

  2. Corky July 31, 2008 at 3:14 am #

    Looks like Hawkins went to the Astros. Do the Astros really think they have a chance this year? That NL Central is already ridiculously crazy.

    Not that I ever have much stock in what Ron Coomer says, but he quipped during the broadcast tonight that the Oriole’s might be willing to come down on their demands for Brian Roberts. Now that it seems certain that Casilla is done for the year, Roberts suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Then Punto can shift back to SS (or Everett) because I can’t stand seeing Harris at SS any longer. He just doesn’t have the range to be there. He missed a couple today that Punto would have gotten.

    And count me in on the Andy LaRoche bandwagon that was mentioned in the comments from your earlier post. I don’t even think the Twins have him on the radar though.

  3. greenmachine July 31, 2008 at 3:51 am #

    Hey Seth, check out this link in regard to setting up your wordpress blog to run at

  4. Andy Darsow July 31, 2008 at 4:53 am #

    Depending on what the Twins would have to give up I’m not sure why people would not want Brian Roberts. I would be all over that depending on the price…I think he would be a great fit. Don’t get your hopes up though for a trade…I quit doing that with the Twins a long time ago. It would be nice though to add a piece. I was dissapointed to see Hawk go to the Astros…what are they doing?? Do they really think they have a chance?? I just don’t get it.

  5. Seth July 31, 2008 at 5:05 am #

    It’s always intersting to me that we all hope and hope and hope that the Twins will finally pull off some major trade at the trade deadline, and they really never do that. And we whine and we whine… and then the Twins (typically) continue to win and play well.

  6. the Dragon July 31, 2008 at 12:12 pm #

    Hi Seth,

    About WordPress.

    Check with your web host. Presuming they have “Fantastico” as an option, Fantastico allows you to use WordPress as a platform at any URL.


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