Royals 8, Twins 1

27 Sep

Alright, that was really a bad showing for the Twins tonight. I’m not really sure what to make of it. I don’t want to believe that the Twins had a let down. I prefer to think that it was simply that they got a bad start and faced a Kyle Davies that was really looking pretty tough. I want to say that the team didn’t let down because they are adults and have to know that Kansas City has been playing great in September and shouldn’t be overlooked. I am pretty sure that it wasn’t a let down because they knew that the White Sox do have a solid team and were heading home for three games against another mediocre AL Central team that happens to be playing better of late. I have to believe that they didn’t have a let down because they are so close to the playoffs.

But honestly, I can’t help but think that there was a let down. Yes, Francisco Liriano was not good at all. He got lit up like a Christmas tree. But when he left the game, they were down 4-0. I didn’t see any urgency or enthusiasm from any of the Twins hitters or fielders. Nothing. When they were down 6-1 on Wednesday night, I could feel their enthusiasm through the TV. I really thought that they had a chance to come back. TOnight, I didn’t see that at all. They got behind and stopped playing.

Instead of noticing that the White Sox were losing big to Cleveland and thinking that they had a chance to reduce their magic number to two, the just didn’t have any fire. That happens during a long season. That can happen in June, July and August. It shouldn’t happen in late September with so much on the line.

But again, the Twins lost, but so did the White Sox so the Twins maintain their 1/2 game lead in the division, and their magic number was reduced by one.  Here are a couple more thoughts:

  • Joe Mauer went 2-4 to end the game at .331. Dustin Pedroia got the day off and is hitting .325. Milton Bradley went 1-4 and is hitting .324. With a 1-4, Magglio Ordonez falls to .316 and is likely completely out of contention.
  • Why did Joe Mauer catch that full game? I realize that Mauer coming out is waving the white towel for the game, but seriously, he has to play each of the next two games (maybe three), so saving even two or three innings would have been good.
  • Did you see that the Red Sox called up former Twins farm hand Gil Velezquez yesterday and he was in their lineup tonight. He played 2B for Pedroia and had a single and an RBI in four at bats. Good for him!
  • Justin Morneau is 3-23 in the team’s last six games. Not exactly MVP-like. It would be great if he could have a couple of big games these last two games to solidify his candidacy.
  • Mauer has gone 17-37 (.459) in his last nine games to move from .321 to .331.
  • In his last ten games, Delmon Young has gone 16-38 (.433).
  • He has had two HUGE hits (2 run, game-tying homer in Tampa and Thursday night’s game winning single), but Alexi Casilla has gone 5-30 (.167) in his past seven games.
  • In his last eight games, Nick Punto is 4-26 (.154).
  • In his last nine games, Brendan Harris has gone 9-23 (.391).
  • Brian Buscher has hit .200 (5-25) over his last ten games played.
  • It will be very interesting to see how Glen Perkins responds to getting the start tomorrow afternoon. He was skipped on Monday, so he will be going on nine days rest. I personally think he’ll do a very good job. If I were forced to predict, I would say he will go 6 innings and give up one run.
  • At least Ken Rosenthal is smart!

Any other thoughts on the Twins 8-1 loss to Kansas City, or the White Sox 11-8 loss to Cleveland? What do you think will happen the nxt two days?


8 Responses to “Royals 8, Twins 1”

  1. h2oface September 27, 2008 at 5:50 pm #

    that was a let down………..

    and now…
    4-2 royals lead
    it ain’t over yet…..
    but damn…..
    bonser messes up a sure double play ball on top of giving up 4 singles in 9 pitches…..
    morneau can’t bring it in on the pop up
    granted he was pulled in and it would have been a great play –
    an mvp play as a matter or fact –
    and a double play on the runner at second who was already on third base….
    and you know what they say about “if you can get your glove on it,you should catch it”……..
    and then no runs would have scored
    and then….
    and then……..
    the rbi leader
    at the plate………
    1 out
    bases sacked
    down by 2
    bottom on the seventh…………..
    the stage for an mvp………..
    no no no no no……….
    not a easy double play grounder to short………..
    no no no………
    even looking at the third stike again is better than that!

    but as i write
    the game ain’t over yet
    but the royals have another lead-off single off yet another pitcher twins pitcher..
    reyes this time………
    this is sooooooooo gut wrenching……….
    come on twins……………

  2. mike wants wind September 27, 2008 at 6:08 pm #

    The most meaningless .433 in the history of the game. Young is one of the worst offensive LFers in the game, league average offense from that position and the Twins are in the playoffs. I have no idea why people keep saying how good Young has been this year. Brutal, brutal.

  3. Kunza September 27, 2008 at 8:56 pm #

    OK Mike, who are you going to acquire if you think he is so horrible?

    Almost hitting .300 and you’re on his case. Maybe you should cheer for the Pirates.

  4. h2oface September 27, 2008 at 8:56 pm #

    looks like the indians or royals should represent the central………. they are looking like the cream of the division now!

  5. Seth September 27, 2008 at 10:04 pm #

    h2o, why are you so bitter??? Did Morneau do something personally to you or what? Geez, to even comment on the diving attempt on that pop-up in that tone is absolutely ridiculous.

    And Mike, did Delmon do something to you personally? I just don’t get your anger. .433 is .433. Geez, he had three hits in each of the first two games with the White Sox, and all you want to do is whine?? I just don’t get it!?

  6. waterface September 28, 2008 at 12:28 am #

    sorry about that seth
    i am not bitter at all………
    trying to be the devil’s advocate here.
    i like justin, i keep saying that, too.
    but your obsession with the mvp needs to be countered.
    i am a twins fan since i can remember…
    1959…. probably…….
    i want to see them shine in the pressure zone.
    and i like to see people win something…
    not back in.
    i just keep pointing out the missed opportunities to do what an mvp does.
    one thing they don’t do is disappear in the crunch.
    justin is still our man….
    and has had a hell of a year………..
    even if he is showing he is not the mvp.
    and we need him and we all root for him.
    i’m not giving up on him!
    i have a feeling tomorrow is his day.

    (and you must have played ball yourself at some point,
    even if it was little league…..
    as a ball player………
    the addage..
    “if you can get your glove on it,you should catch it”
    is something players always hold as a standard for themselves.
    especially the pros.
    tayloring one word in the mose allison quote…..
    “just another game to try to get it right…..”)

  7. mike wants wind September 28, 2008 at 11:57 am #

    Delmon is 27th in VORP among all LFers for the year. He’s been terrible, yet for some reason people keep defending him. Look at his year long stats, they’ve actually gotten worse every year since AA. AAA was worse, his first year in the majors was worse than that, and this year was worse than his first year. He won’t take coaching. I have no idea why anyone defends him at all.

  8. mike wants wind September 28, 2008 at 11:59 am #

    I’m not angry, I just don’t get why people think he’s been good this year. If you look at his stats, he regressed from last year, and he wasn’t anywhere near league average.

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