BONUS SethSpeaks Podcast Live at 8:00 Tonight!

29 Sep

Again, there will be a bonus podcast tonight at 8:00 central time. I encourage you, if you are able to, to tune in by going to You can participate by asking questions in the chat room, or later in the show, you can even call-in with a phone number shown on that page.

At 8:05 or so, Tampa Bay Rays reliever Grant Balfour will be on the show. You recall he pitched for the Twins in 2004 and did very well in the playoff series against the Yankees. He went through a series of arm injuries and missed all of 2005 and 2006. He worked his way back in 2007 with the Brewers, who let him go, but Tampa Bay picked him up. What he has done this year is incredible. 82 strikeouts in 58+ innings is Anthony Slama-like, but at the big league level.

Balfour will be on for about 20 minutes, and I welcome your questions for him. Should the Twins make the playoffs, they would start by playing in Tampa Bay against Balfour and the Rays on Thursday.

Following Grant, there could be another guest lined up, but if not, I want to encourage your questions via the chat room or by calling in. Should be a fun show with a lot to talk about, so please listen if you are able to, again, at If your’e not able to listen live, send me an e-mail at with questions for me or for Grant. I will ask them, and then you will be able to listen to the podcast later at the same site.


One Response to “BONUS SethSpeaks Podcast Live at 8:00 Tonight!”

  1. Seth September 29, 2008 at 9:29 pm #

    Just finished the Twins Podcast. Rays reliever Grant Balfour was on for about the first 25 minutes and it was really fun talking to him about his team, the Rays, and the dominant bullpen that he pitches in. We talked about simialarities between his 2008 Rays team and the 2004 Twins team that he played on. We talked about his signing with the Twins from Australia, and his big league debut with the TWins in 2001 after being called up from New Britain. He talked about pitching in the Dome versus pitching in the Trop. Basically, it was a good chat. I really enjoyed it, and Grant is just a very good guy.

    At that point, Josh Johnson from Josh’s Thoughts called in and we talked for about 20 minutes about this current Twins team. And finally I had a few nuggets to share and answered some questions from the chat room for the final ten minutes.

    I even shared a little bit of inside information on Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer…

    Check it out, and if you do, please e-mail me your thoughts.

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