Quick Update

25 Nov

also avaialable at www.SethSpeaks.net

It’s going to be short today. But if you would like to listen to over 75 minutes of baseball talk, be sure to listen to the SethSpeaks.net Weekly Twins Podcast from last night. By the way, if you’re looking for help with your office pool’s football picks, check back early this afternoon when I will post our NFL “Expert” Panel’s picks.

BOOK UPDATE – The Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook – 2009 is complete. Those of you who pre-ordered books, and have paid, will get theirs as soon as I get the books from Lulu.com. If you haven’t yet paid, please do so. For those of you who are interested in purchasing your own copy of the book, on Thursday night, I will post here exactly how you can order your own copy. Of course, if you listened to the entire SethSpeaks.net Weekly Twins podcast last night, you heard me give away the secret for how to place your order already now.  


PODCAST LAST NIGHT – Last night’s SethSpeaks.net Weekly Minnesota Twins podcast was very successful. We again had a record number of people tuning in live, so that was exciting. It had nothing to do with me. I know that. It was because of the guest list.  

Tim Dierkes, creator of the all-important MLB Trade Rumors, came on first and spent about 25 minutes talking about his site, and many of the rumors surrounding the Twins this offseason.

Aaron Gleeman and The Twins Geek, John Bonnes, came on for the second half of the show, and stuck around for an extra 10-15 minutes after the live show completed to add more. The Twins Geek started in early 2002. Aaron started his blog later in 2002, and I followed along in early 2003. Since then, there have been a lot of Twins blogs, many very good, that have crept up, but when it comes to tenure, there was a lot of blogging experience in that conversation. By the way, Aaron will be conducting his live chat at AaronGleeman.com on Wednesday at noon.

If you missed the live show, you can still listen by clicking here.



·         Baseball America is announced its Top Ten Twins Prospects on Tuesday. If you haven’t read through it and John Manuel’s thoughts on the Twins, please do so. Here are some discussions of the list from Twinkie Town and from John Sickels’ site.

·         Also, you can read more of my thoughts on the Twins over at the Twins Territory Offseason Roundtable. As there was in Week one, there are three questions that a couple of us responded to.

·         Here is a discussion on Alexi Casilla from Sickels’ site.


That’s it for now. I may have some more notes with the football picks later. Thanks!


     Any thoughts, please e-mail me, or leave Comments here.


One Response to “Quick Update”

  1. Rick November 28, 2008 at 3:36 pm #

    Seth your podcast this week was excellent. Really enjoyed all 3 guests. Just got a chance to listen to it today. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of all Twins fans.

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