Weekend Review

22 Dec

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Good Monday morning to everyone!! Just a few quick thoughts and then I’m going to get some sleep. I will actually be posting another article later today, something I’ve done some research on and written out, I just want to verify a couple more things before publishing it. So be sure to check back for that. Here are just a few random thoughts and links for people to discuss:

·         Following his incredible performance on Thursday night, many people seemed to believe that Peyton Manning had not only won a game for the Colts, but possibly won another MVP award for himself. If that is the case, is it also possible that with his performance on Sunday afternoon, Adrian Peterson took himself out of the running for that award?

·         Do you believe in Tubby? On Saturday, the Gophers remained undefeated by beating #9 ranked Louisville. They actually controlled most of the game and pulled out the win on a neutral site. Am I ready to call the Gophers a Big 10 contender for this year? I’m not so sure yet. However, I did buy into the Gophers football team’s 7-1 start, and then they lost four in a row. I might be a little bit gun shy to make any such statement on the Gophers hoops squad. That said, I have a lot more belief in Tubby than in Tim Brewster.

·         Anyone else sick of Winter yet? And just to think, it only officially became Winter on Sunday!

·         Mark Teixeira is a very good ball player. That is an easy statement to make. But is he really in the Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez camp of good? I mean, what has he done to have teams willing to go seven and eight years and $22-28 million dollars? Am I missing something?

·         Team Canada announced the Ernie Whitt would be its manager in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Also, Twins 1B Justin Morneau was the first player named to Team Canada. No surprises, but it does make you ask, which other Twins players could be playing for their home country in the WBC? Could Jesse Crain play for Team Canada? Will Joe Nathan be on Team USA again? Joe Mauer backed out of playing in it last time around. He would certainly be asked to play again this coming tournament, but would he accept this time? We can be pretty certain that Luke Hughes will be on the Australian team. Could Francisco Liriano pitch for The Dominican Republic? Would the Twins let him?  You have to assume that some of the young Twins minor leaguers from other countries have an opportunity as well.

·         Here is a YouTube link to Chris Coste speaking at Rider University in September. It is very good.

·         Here is a nice feel-good story from the “Oldtimer” Tom Grout who blogs for the Fergus Falls Journal. Take a minute or two to check it out.

·         And finally, what is The Greatest Christmas Movie of All-Time, according to Twins starter Kevin Slowey? Click here to find out!

Any thoughts? Leave your comments here.


6 Responses to “Weekend Review”

  1. mini_tb December 22, 2008 at 9:32 am #

    I’m confused by all the Teixeira hoopla as well. Is he really that elite of a talent to command that kind money/length of contract? He’s known as a good defender, but it’s certainly at a very non-premium position.

    He’s 21st amongst active players on the career OPS+ list.


    1. Barry Bonds* (43) 182 L
    2. Albert Pujols (28) 170 R
    3. Frank Thomas (40) 156 R
    4. Manny Ramirez (36) 155 R
    5. Lance Berkman# (32) 148 B
    Jim Thome* (37) 148 L
    7. Vladimir Guerrero (32) 147 R
    Alex Rodriguez (32) 147 R
    9. Jason Giambi* (37) 146 L
    10. Chipper Jones# (36) 145 B
    11. Travis Hafner* (31) 142 L
    Mike Piazza (39) 142 R
    13. Todd Helton* (34) 141 L
    Gary Sheffield (39) 141 R
    15. Miguel Cabrera (25) 140 R
    16. Brian Giles* (37) 139 L
    David Wright (25) 139 R
    18. Carlos Delgado* (36) 138 L
    Ken Griffey* (38) 138 L
    David Ortiz* (32) 138 L
    21. Mark Teixeira# (28) 134 B

    Granted, a lot of the guys on this list are in decline phase of their respective careers, but by the end of Teixeira’s upcoming monster contract, he will also be in the decline phase of his career. So you’re probably looking at 3-4 years of elite production out of Teixeira, and then he starts declining and making heck of a lot of money to do so over the last half of the contract!!

    FYI – Bobby Abreu is 22nd (133); Adam Dunn is 25th (130); Justin Morneau is 40th (122); and Pat Burrell is 45th (119).

  2. mike wants wins December 22, 2008 at 9:52 am #

    A lot? nearly every guy on that list is past his prime. If all those guys were in their prime, Tex wuoldn’t be getting the attention he is. But, they aren’t.

    I wouldn’t pay him (or anyone) that much money either, but someone probably will. I’d rather have both Dunn and Burrell than Tex alone….

  3. Kunza December 22, 2008 at 12:20 pm #


    When you’re around this week you have to get to my house to see my Twins TV room. Pretty cool!

  4. Seth December 22, 2008 at 12:23 pm #

    I’ve been hearing about the Twins Room for a couple of years… I will definitely be sure to get out there sometime!! Maybe Thursday night, or early in the day Friday?

  5. Nick December 22, 2008 at 5:08 pm #

    Garrett Jones just signed with the Pirates. Sad to see him go, but he needed a change of scenery.

  6. jama December 23, 2008 at 11:25 am #

    Joe Nathan has already agreed to play for Team USA in the WBC. As has Liriano.

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