Quick Update

14 Jan

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Good morning everyone!  Thanks again for stopping by the site today. I want you to know that I have a couple of articles ready to post when appropriate. One should be posted yet this week sometime. The other will likely be next week, or certainly within the next couple of weeks. Secondly, I have several Q&As in the works. There have been a few over the last couple of weeks. There are even more coming, so be sure to check those out.


PODCAST SUMMARY – Last night, I hosted another SethSpeaks.net Weekly Podcast which I thought was very good. Danny Valencia led off the show and was excellent. The two of us were joined for awhile by another Twins infield prospect Steve Singleton, which was a blast. We spent about ten more minutes with just Singleton talking about the Ft. Myers playoff run and much more. Next up was Marty Andrade and we discussed the second version of the Twin Cities Burger Tour and more. Finally, Paul Sullivan of Sully Baseball came on. He wrote a very interesting article on the candidacy of Bert Blyleven, trying to find 13 more games to reach 300. But he also posted a very entertaining article called Minnesota Twins – All Time Home Grown Team vs All Time Acquired Team. It takes a look at who came through the Twins/Senators organization compared to a list of players that they acquired from other organizations. Be sure to check out the Pitching Staffs! Overall, I thought it was an informative, fun and interesting show. It is just over an hour long, so consider it your new content for today.


LIVE CHAT TONIGHT – Tonight at 8:00, I will be hosting another mid-week SethSpeaks.net Live Chat. Again, I will be watching Ghost Hunters International while answering your questions on the Twins, the minor leagues, baseball moves, football, basketball, TV, movies, pretty much anything. It will be more difficult to do as I will also need to watch American Idol. But as usual, I will answer your questions for a couple of hours or until readers stop asking questions, whichever comes first. There have been three previous Live Chats that I’ve done, and am always surprised by the number of questions and interest, which is a good thing! So be sure to get your questions in. I will open up the chat room 15-20 minutes before 8 so that you can get your questions in. If you click here, you can set yourself up with a reminder.

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That’s it for now, but again, I may be back later in the day if any information becomes available. Again,  if you’re one of the billions on Facebook, be sure to check out the SethSpeaks.net page.. Please leave your comments here.


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