Friday Notes

23 Jan

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Good Friday morning to everyone!! Today is likely to be another relatively quick posting as “busy” remains the word that best describes my life.  


I do want to be sure to thank LaVelle E. Neal for mentioning this site yesterday as it pertains to my blog posting regarding the Twins interest in reliever Russ Springer. I also need to thank Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors who commented that the Springer story was first reported here. Now, LaVelle comments that he would not be in favor or at least would not be excited about the Twins signing Springer. For an excellent article showing plenty of reasons that signing Springer would make a lot of sense, head over to Over the Baggy for some excellent analysis on relievers. LaVelle doesn’t think he profiles to be the 8th inning guy. My comment would that I think the 8th inning is likely to be covered by Jesse Crain and Jose Mijares, along with Springer (if the team does sign him). Add in Matt Guerrier, Boof Bonser, Craig Breslow and maybe Phil Humber to the bullpen equation and there are plenty of options to get hitters out. And who knows… maybe Rob Delaney, Zach Ward and Anthony Slama are all fairly close as well.



·         This morning, I will be going to a screening of Sugar. Peter Schilling’s The End of Baseball is being turned into a movie which will be out in the next couple of months. Just reading about the book, I am really excited to see the screening because it sounds like a wonderful movie opportunity. I will be sure to let you know what I think! Schilling currently lives in St. Louis Park. The End of Baseball was his first novel.

·         I will be in attendance at Twins Fest Friday night, and I will also be there most of Saturday. As I have in the past, I will be there in my red hat, so feel free to stop by and say hi. Again, if you’ve got your copy of the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook – 2009, be sure to bring it to get signed by some of the players in attendance.

·         On Saturday night from 5:30-10:00, I will be at the 2nd Annual ‘Final’ Ballpark Tours Hot Stove League Banquet and Charity Auction at the Harriet Island Pavillion building in St. Paul. (for details, see here) Our friend Howard Sinker will be the MC of the evening. Former Twins 3B Corey Koskie will be there. LaVelle E. Neal will be there. Big league umpire Tim Tschida will speak. There will be another former Twins player there. Oh, and the Twins Geek will be there. He’ll be giving away Gameday magazines from 2008. I will be at a table with him selling the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook – 2009. From what I am told, it is a wonderful event. And yes, you can still go to the event, even if you haven’t bought a ticket yet. They will sell tickets at the door. (For a great look at the history of the event, check out Jay Weiner’s article).  

·         The other day, Aaron Gleeman posted his choices for Twins prospects 31-35.

·         Josh Johnson continues his Top 40 Twins prospects. He ranked Joe Benson at #27. David Bromberg was at #26.

·         It is good to see that Joe Christensen is back to blogging after taking some time off to be with his wife and their new baby Noe. Here is a posting on why he will miss Dennys Reyes.

·         Howard Sinker posted his optimistic thoughts looking toward Spring Training 2009.

·         Nick Nelson has been Charting the Competition, first looking at the White Sox, and then the Royals.

·         Kevin Slowey added another post on his blog, regarding his Winter Caravan trip. I’m sorry I missed that Glen Perkins was blogging about his Winter Caravan trip last week as well. He really did a great job!

·         At John Sickels Minor League Blog, they are running a community prospect ranking for all of baseball. They are currently voting on the #127 ranked prospect in baseball. Ben Revere was the highest rated Twins player on this list, at #54. Aaron Hicks ranked 73rd.        


Alright, I must sleep. I hope you all have a great weekend. I am not certain when I will be posting, but expect a couple of updates on my weekend throughout the weekend. If you have any thoughts, please e-mail me or leave a comment here. Have a good weekend!


3 Responses to “Friday Notes”

  1. Twins MVB January 23, 2009 at 11:32 am #

    Hey Seth,

    Any specific place you’ll be in the dome? I’m going this weekend too and haven’t decided what day to go yet. I’d love to meet you face to face and not just over the phone.

    I’ll make sure to bring my prospect book along!

  2. brad January 24, 2009 at 10:58 am #

    Seth, I just puked in my mouth with the thoughts of Mijares & Crain being relied upon for 8th inning duty. Crain scared the XXXX out of me every time he came in during a close game next year.
    Everyone saw the importance of having a bullpen that could protect the leads last August & September and for Smith to do nothing to date is very frustrating. We weren’t expecting Fuentes or Wood but someone reliable would be nice and Gagme does not equal reliable.

  3. Michael Blaine January 24, 2009 at 11:47 pm #

    Seth, I wanted to fill out your survey, but I didn’t because it’s like an essay test!

    I thought I would be able to submit my answers easily via an electronic form.

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