Weekend Update

25 Jan

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Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by the site. I have to write quickly this morning as I am headed out for a few days. I won’t be able to post anything tonight, but do hope to be back on Monday night.


Just had to write a few quick notes about the baseball-filled weekend. On Friday morning, I headed in to the Lagoon Cinema in the Uptown to watch a screening of the movie Sugar, which will be coming out in mid-April. Seriously, this might be one of the best baseball movies I have seen. It actually has a lot to do with baseball. Think about it. Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, even For Love of the Game… can we even say that those movies are 50% baseball? This is a tremendous movie for any baseball fan, and I will write more about it when it comes out.


Twins Fest on Friday night was a lot of fun. Got a baseball and had all of the minor leaguers to sign it. What a group they had! A couple of quick notes. Danny Valencia was terrific with the kids and in that environment. I was able to talk to him a bit. Ben Revere seems to be everything we have heard. Charismatic, always smiling, just a terrific guy. He also is not tall. He looks like he could be a junior in high school. But he also looks very strong and I was told “He will hit some over the fence!” On Saturday, I did the clubhouse tour again, and again I think that is one of the better reasons for a new stadium too. Spent some more time in the minor league area. The lines on Saturday were absolutely crazy. I haven’t really seen lines like that there before. When Revere was signing, the line was literally hundreds of feet long. As always, it was just a terrific event, one I am happy to go to each and every year. I would love to go back on Sunday but prior commitments make that impossible.


And then on Saturday night, I went to the 2nd Annual “Final” Ballpark Tours Hot Stove League Banquet and Charity Auction at Harriet Island Pavillion in St. Paul. What a tremendous night. Julian and Sammy did a great job again. Howard Sinker was a wonderful and comedic MC. Tim Tschida was excellent, telling stories of umping experiences, including that rain-filled World Series in Philadelphia last fall. Dave St. Peter was terrific. He spoke on many subjects Twins, but just was a terrific representative of the organization. Also, he acknowledged my existence!! LaVelle called me a mean name for the Springer story last week, which was hilarious! The auction included items such as a Rod Carew signed bat, the opportunity to watch Batting Practice from the field and several other items, and they made a lot of money. And then Corey Koskie got up there. I didn’t know if he was much of a speaker, but wow (!), he was the highlight of the night. I think he talked for close to an hour and had the crowd rolling with laughter with stories of Twins Caravans, spring training, TK and much more. Then the organization acknowledged and gave an award to the Mauer family for all of their great work in the St. Paul community. The whole family was there, well, except Joe who for obvious reasons was unable to attend. All in all, it was a very fun night. I was sitting by John Bonnes the whole night and it was a lot of fun. I will definitely be attending again next year… assuming there will be a 3rd Annual “Final” banquet!!


Alright, I would love to hear any and all of your Twins Fest stories, so please feel free to e-mail me or put them in the Comments to share with others. Have a great week!


5 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. cmathewson January 25, 2009 at 2:02 pm #

    Hey Seth,

    Apparently Springer signed with the A’s. So it’s Gagme or nobody, I guess.

  2. Rosterman January 25, 2009 at 8:21 pm #

    Hey, good running into you on Saturday. So, you went and got a ball signed by all the prospects, but not the prospects handbook, eh?

    Agree that the prospects were popular. I managed to even get cut-off on Friday evening from the last group because the Mudkat Grant line ran so slow (he was half-an-hour not-to-be-found although was sitting at a booth all day…go figure).

    Kyle Carr was the surprise replacement when Toby gardenhire and BJ Hermsen were no-shows.

    But, low and behold, both Toby and BJ were on hand Sunday. And surprised Kyle by actually showing up with his Eliz cards. And surprised Tolleson with one of his new Bowman sterlings.

    Parked in the Progressive underground parking ramp (because it was cold, cold, cold). Progressive in — $5 for Friday, $8 for Saturday and $10 for Sunday. My parking was $1 less than my Twinsfest ticket prices.

    Corey Koskie announced that he is working out with the Canadian team for the WBC, see if he can make a comeback. Humm…a guy who can play third, first and DH — plus looks in great shape.

    Hey, don’t those prospects look young. And going down a row of four – hummmmmm…$1 million there, $350,000 there, $500,000 here, and only $150,000 there. Nice graduation presents.

  3. Sarah January 26, 2009 at 9:19 am #

    Hi Seth, It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. Hope to see you again sometime this season. Keep up the great work!

  4. Pat McGauley January 26, 2009 at 10:57 am #

    Hi Seth, Finally. Someone is putting some Twins personnel
    analysis out there. Joe Souhan’s story on the third base issue (past weekend) was right on! Michael Cuddyer makes far too much salary to be a platooned outfielder. A few years back Cory Koskey made himself into a pretty fair 3rd baseman. With Young in left and Cuddy at third we have two good right-handed bats in the lineup every day. Gardy should try it for ’09–maybe the legitimate answer is in the farm system and will be ready for the new ballpark. I hate to think that Cuddy’s “I don’t wanna play third” is not taken seriously by management.

  5. Ruth January 27, 2009 at 11:26 am #

    Hey Seth,
    I managed to get 9 autographs in my Prospect Handbook at TwinsFest (in spite of being busy working most of the time). Most of the guys seemed unfamiliar with it, but interested. Especially Danny Valencia and Eli Tintor. It was a lot of fun seeing all the players….makes me think this long winter will end soon! Just want to mention what an incredible job Kevin Slowey did at the autograph station I was helping at on Friday night. He kept up a running banter with the long line of fans, making each one, especially the kids, feel special. A young lady who was diabetic had some health issues, and Kevin was extremely kind and helpful to her. It’s great to have such a nice guy to cheer for!

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