Weekend Twins Live Chat: Saturday at 1!

30 Jan

I haven’t had a live chat for a little over a week, so I thought a nice weekend chat would be good. It’s supposed to still be cold, so tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:00 central time, the chat will begin. I will open up the chat room 15-20 minutes early to start taking questions. In the mean time, enjoy the Q&A below with Twins pitching prospect Joe Testa. Be sure to take a look at the links on the left to read more Twins-related blogs. You will definitely want to check out Josh’s Thoughts as he is now into his Top 20 Twins prospects.



Click Here  –  and if you go there right away, you can actually sign up for a reminder.


One Response to “ Weekend Twins Live Chat: Saturday at 1!”

  1. Matt January 31, 2009 at 7:50 pm #

    Has there been any rumor of the Twins signing a starter and just moving Perk back to the pen? Am I the only one that thinks the Twins should think about signing Ben Sheets and hoping he stays healthy? If he doesn’t it’s not like we don’t have a replacement waiting for him…

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