SHOCKING!! Slowey Selects Steelers!

1 Feb

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I just heard that there is a relatively important football game being played later this afternoon. Woo hoo! Maybe as soon as it is over, people will start talking about baseball instead!! Maybe I’ll start watching SportsCenter again! We shall see.


For those of you who want to wait to enjoy your commercials, don’t click this link, the link to the Minnesota Twins new commercial which will appear locally after the 3rd quarter. It’s great! And yes, it features Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Joe Nathan, Francisco Liriano, Denard Span, Alexi Casilla, Carlos Gomez, Nick Punto, Kevin Slowey and Scott Baker.


Those of you who have checked this site for a long time know that Twins starter Kevin Slowey has been participating in my NFL “Expert” Picks panel for three or so years. He always picks the Steelers to win and also says by how much. One week this year, he was exactly right, including by the exact point differential. So, when I asked him who would win this year’s Super Bowl between his Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals, you can probably guess who he picked. Here were his thoughts on the game.


Kevin Slowey’s Super Bowl Predictions:


Steelers win 32-13

Highlights include

·         Ben Roethlisberger throwing for 250 yds and 2 TDs ( Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes)

·         Willie Parker rushing for 150yds and 2 TDs

·         7 sacks by the Steelers Defense

·         LaMarr Woodley forcing 2 fumbles (recovering 1)

·         Hines Ward smiling all game long, flattening a cornerback and handing a ball to a fan

·         50,000 terrible towels being waved at Raymond James Stadium

·         Mike Tomlin thanking Steelers fans around the world for their support

·         Troy Polamalu making no less than 4 spectacular plays.


That is some pretty good detail! I am hoping that several other Twins players, minor leaguers players, bloggers and writers will send me their picks. I will update this site until game time, so be sure to keep checking back for updates:


Dan Slowey – Pittsburgh native and author of Blogonoscopy:

A few hours before the game is set to begin, several rabid tigers will escape from a nearby zoo and wander into Raymond James Stadium. They will immediately attack and eat Chris Berman and Tony Siragusa (for obvious reasons), sending the horrified onlookers into a panic. Pandemonium will ensue.

However, just when it looks like the game will have to be canceled, or at least postponed, Troy Polamalu will come sprinting onto the field and will instantly knock the beasts unconscious. He may or may not accidentally knock several hundred Cardinals fans unconscious as well. Upon seeing video of this performance (from the safety of the locker room), Ken Whisenhunt will immediately call Mike Tomlin and forfeit the game. The Steelers will thus win by the official score of an NFL forfeit.

Steelers, 2-0.


Seth Stohs – – I suppose I should go out on a limb too… My prediction is that the Steelers will win but they will not cover the spread. So, something like Steelers 19, Cardinals 17.

Jeff Manship, Twins pitching prospect:

Although I’m rooting for the Cardinals I feel that the Steelers will come out on top.  Defense is said to win games and in this situation I feel that Pittsburgh’s defense is on top.  In addition, they have been in the big game before.
Key players for Pittsburgh:
– Big Ben, Hines Ward, and Holmes

Key players for Arizona:
– Going out on a limb and saying Fitzgerald and Warner

– Big Ben


Whit Robbins, Twins hitting prospect:

I know that defense wins championships, but I’m going with the high flying Cards.  Kurt matches up as good as anyone against Pitt’s D and with all the hype around Fitzgerald I’m expecting Anquan to have a big day.  Arizona gets up early and Big Ben doesn’t have what it takes to bring them back.  

Cards – 24  Steelers – 21


LaVelle E. Neal, Twins Beat Writers, Star-Tribune:

Steelers 26-21


Steve Singleton, Twins hitting prospect:

Cards, 24-13


Howard Sinker, Star Tribune and A Fan’s View from Section 220:

Steelers 38, Cardinals 3 _ Arizona should be ashamed of the vacation it took against the Vikings and New England after clinching the NFC West. Mediocrity should not be rewarded – and the Sloweys deserve a Super Bowl.

Chris, Sac Bunt Baseball Card blog:

Cards win, 34-28. Warner 400+ yards. Fitz 2 tds, hightower 1 td.


Josh Taylor, Taylor’s Twins Blog:

I’m going to say the Steelers will win 23-17. Troy Polamalu will be the MVP after picking Warner off twice, including one pick 6.


Josh Johnson, Josh’s Thoughts:

Prediction: Cardinals win 29-24


Phil Miller, Twins beat writer, Pioneer Press:

Steelers 38 Cardinals 10. Highlight: “Born to Run”


John Meyer, Minnesota Twins Most Valuable Blogger:

really want the Cards to win so even though I think they will lose I’m going to go with 20-17 Cardinals over Steelers. 


Minneapolis boy Fitzgerald catches two TD’s and one of Pittsburgh’s touchdowns is scored by the defense. 

MVP: Kurt Warner


Andrew Kneeland, Twins Fix and native of Arizona:

35-25 Cardinals.


It will be a very offensive game. The Pittsburgh defense is tough, but they will be surprised by the Warner-Fitzgerald duo. With Fitz’s height, and his vertical, you can’t stop him. In a classic underdog victory, Arizona will pull away in the fourth quarter.


Dan Osterbrock, Twins pitching prospect:

Pittsburgh 24 Arizona 14


Marty Andrade, Marty Andrade’s blog:

Cardinals by 7, only because I’ve been drinking heavily since about noon.


Be sure to leave your predictions (before the game!) to see how you do! Leave predictions and comments here.



2 Responses to “SHOCKING!! Slowey Selects Steelers!”

  1. Nils February 1, 2009 at 4:58 pm #

    Cards 27 Steelers 30
    More than three total defensive TD’s between both teams

  2. Andrew Kneeland February 1, 2009 at 11:21 pm #

    Nice job, Slowey family. You all deserve it.

    Just to clarify, I’m not a native of Arizona. I’m Midwest through-and-through. 🙂

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