Twins Podcast Returns Tonight!

17 Feb

also available at


UPDATE – The Minnesota Twins Podcast returned tonight and I thought it was a solid show. After a brief intro, Phil Miller called in from his palatial Pioneer Press condo in Ft. Myers. We talked for about 30 minutes about what is going on in Ft. Myers. What is the typical day for a Twins beat writer? What is Twins spring training like? Which Twins player gets to the clubhouse only to get down to his underwear before eating breakfast and then finally getting ready? How does Jose Mijares look so far this spring? Why was Peter Gammons at Twins camp today? It was a fun-filled discussion.

Then the second half of the show, I was joined by Nick Nelson of Nick & Nick’s Twins Blog and John Bonnes of The Twins Geek and MNGameday. We talked about the offseason, the 3B situation and the Twins OF situation and it was a very fun debate.

I think that if you have a chance, you would enjoy listening to the podcast. It is 60 minutes in length and pretty much all Twins talk. No, No American Idol talk!

My hope is that I can return to a weekly show, and I will also be sure to let you know earlier when it will take place live. I am certain that it is something that should be enjoyed by all Twins fans.


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