Twins Podcast Live Tonight at 9!

24 Feb

also available at

At 9:00 central time tonight, there will be a new Minnesota Twins podcast. You can listen live at If you go there now, you can hear last week’s show with Phil Miller, John Bonnes and Nick Nelson. I know that Josh Johnson will be on and we will talk Twins and his Top 50 Twins prospect list. I am also trying to finalize a second guest. If time permits, I will even open up the phone lines for your questions, so be sure to check it out, listen in, ask questions in the chat room, and maybe even call in!


3 Responses to “ Twins Podcast Live Tonight at 9!”

  1. Austin Hall February 24, 2009 at 8:05 pm #

    What do you make of Bonser’s injury? Where should (and where do you think they will) the Twins look to replace him?

    What prospects w/o ML experience do you think will make an impact this season?

    How bummed are you that American Idol is bumped to tomorrow due to Mr. President?

  2. birdofprey February 24, 2009 at 8:35 pm #

    1. How do you guys think the Twins farm system stacks up relative to others? What factors most influence your assessment?
    2. BA lists three Twins among its Top 100 prospects: Hicks(#39), Revere(#57?), and Ramos(#73?). Do you think this is fair, or is there a large-market bias at work here?
    3. Only one of seven Twins farm clubs was under .500 last year. Four of seven finished 1st or 2nd, and five of seven finished in the top half. Is this meaningful information in terms of assessing the relative strength of the system, or not?
    4. There are a couple of players who have a good chance to play with the big club this year that aren’t even rated among your Top 40 or 50, like Morales, Macri, and Machado. Mijares and Korecky were in this camp last year. Is this just a sign of how strong the system is, or is it more an oversight of these players?

    Thanks, gentlemen. Love your work.

  3. JA February 25, 2009 at 12:50 am #

    In 3001 Milb AB’s, Jason Pridie has struck out 634 times, or 21%. His AAA manager was “again” recently quoted as saying after he adjusted to his new surroundings he was the best player in the International league. League, not team. My question is; how can you consistantly overlook this guy?
    The first spring game will be televised on the MLB network or at 6 pm central. They should also be on Sat. and Sun.

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