Quick Updates

2 Mar

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Again, very little time to write today, so here is a quick update on a few things:

·         I mentioned on Saturday, My New Blog. It should be fun to write for the Star-Tribune once a week or so, and be able to branch out a little bit.

·         Second, there will be another Minnesota Twins Weekly Podcast tonight at 9:00 central time. You can listen live by going to www.BlogTalkRadio.com/SethSpeaks. I will try to give a list of guests later today.

·         Third, I’m happy to also mention another baseball site I am affiliated with. I was asked to be the Content Editor for the Twins page at BaseballDigest.com. The site launched this weekend. I have lined up some of your favorite Twins bloggers to write an article or two a week for the site. Baseball Digest has been around since 1942, so being part of this is pretty exciting. The writers from Over the Baggy, Josh’s Thoughts, Nick & Nick’s Twins Blog and the Twins MVB will be joining me in writing content there. We should have game recaps and at least one article a day of new content there. Check it out and certainly provide any feedback you may have.

·         Finally, we are looking to schedule a Blogger get-together this coming weekend, March 7, at Buffalo Wild Wings in Roseville. I know that Nick Nelson and myself will be there, and several other Twins bloggers will be as well. It will be at about 1:00 p.m. central time as that is when the WBC Matchup between the United States and Canada will start. Although Joe Nathan is now out of the tournament, it will be a chance to see Justin Morneau, Jesse Crain and even Corey Koskie. And, it’ll be a chance to talk baseball with a bunch of fans.  

That’s’ all I’ve got for now. Have a good day. Please feel free to Send me an e-mail, or let’s talk about it in the Comments here.


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