The Return… of Quick Updates

5 Mar

Good morning everyone! I am sorry for a lack of blogging this week. To say that I have been busy lately would be an understatement. And very little of the busy-ness was related to baseball or blogging. So my hope is to get back into a routine the next couple of days. I do apologize. It isn’t fair the life, and well, earning a living have to occasionally take priority.  So please bear with me. I made a six-plus hour drive home and got home fairly late, so today’s blog posting will again be fairly brief. There will be another Minnesota Twins Live Chat tonight at 8:00 central time, so be sure to check back later for more details.

·         Several people have asked me this spring if I knew where Lew Ford was, if he was returning to Japan for the 2009 season, or if he had signed with another big league organization. I received word yesterday that Lew Ford just signed a minor league contract with the Colorado Rockies.

·         If you check out the Twins web page, you can read an article from all four Twins bloggers. There will be a new article each day. And yes, I will be sure to get an article of my own posted in the next couple of days.

·         I would also encourage you to read another article, this one by a White Sox writer named Chris Pennant. The article (What Good) points out an additional benefit of the Twins signing of Joe Crede. It just keeps the pattern going!

·         Now that he is done with his Top 50 Twins Prospects list, Josh’s Thoughts is now looking at his Top 50 Minor League Prospects in baseball.

·         Pat Neshek has continued to update his blog daily, and he has included some very interesting things. He shared pictures of his arm after surgery, talked a little about the surgery, talked about the WBC, and more. I found it most interesting the Neshek does something that I do from time to time. He goes to YouTube and checks out videos of songs from when he is younger. He mentioned Warren G, and I listen to Regulator (Mount Up) pretty frequently, Positive K, 2 Short, Vanilla Ice, but also American Idol alums like Ruben Studdard and Blake Lewis.

·         Stick & Ball Guy has a very cool series running called Six Word Player Evaluations. Here is one on Francisco Liriano, but be sure to check out the others.

·         Over the Baggy has a lot of good stuff the last several days, but here are his thoughts on the 2009 season of Francisco Liriano.   

·         Our friend Roger went to Ft. Myers and shared some of his observations with us at Twinkie Town.

·         There is also a very interesting posting at Twinkie Town discussing 3B, Luke Hughes and Danny Valencia. I’m sure you can guess my thoughts!

·         I should have posted this before, but Glen Perkins now has a blog on He did some blogging on the Twins Caravan, and now he’s a full-timer!

·         Kevin Slowey: The 7th Best Fantasy Pitcher this Season? This is actually a very interesting discussion at John Sickels Minor League Ball.

·         See where Vincent Wang of The Hardball Times ranks the Twins Minor League system.

·         Finally, as I mentioned on Monday, we are planning a Blogger get-together this Saturday, March 7, at Buffalo Wild Wings in Roseville. I know that Nick Nelson and myself will be there, and several other Twins bloggers will be as well. It will be at about 1:00 p.m. central time as that is when the WBC Matchup between the United States and Canada will start. Although Joe Nathan is now out of the tournament, it will be a chance to see Justin Morneau, Jesse Crain and even Corey Koskie. And, it’ll be a chance to talk baseball with a bunch of fans. Oh, and if anyone would like to buy a book, I will bring some there.  

Like I said, I hope to return to a more normal schedule in the next day or so. Have a good day. Please feel free to Send me an e-mail, or leave your questions or discussion points in the Comments here.


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