Friday Links and Thinks

6 Mar

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It’s Friday… Finally! Another crazy week is almost complete. And although the posting here will not be huge today, you will be able to read more than enough of my words, if you even want to:


1.      I did conduct a Live Twins Chat last night. You can click here to read the transcript. Something must have been going on last night because there were not a lot of questions for me. The chat went just 45 minutes, which is by far the shortest yet.

2.      I posted a new article at the Star Tribune Your Voices site called Ten Reasons to Watch the WBC. Check that out and be sure to let me know what you think.

3.      After four other Twins bloggers posted there, I finally posted my first article for last night. It is called Twins Believe Crede Answers 3B Questions.


Now, if you want to read a few things that other people wrote to:

1.      Stick & Ball Guy’s Six Word Player Evaluation series continued with some discussion on Kirby Puckett.

2.      Nick Nelson wrote about the struggles that the Twins have had at the leadoff spot in the lineup since trading Chuck Knoblauch. We all really hope that Denard Span is the answer for years!

3.      Here is a pretty cool Interview with Ben Revere. It starts with video of him dunking a basketball and then a volleyball. Having stood next to him, I am pretty certain he is no taller than 5-6. What a great athlete! Oh, and Revere seems pretty certain that he will be making his big league debut in 2009!

4.      I also heard that former Twin Glenn Williams, who came up a few years ago and had at least one hit in all 13 games he played with the Twins before a season-ending injury, retired from baseball after an international competition last year.


How about some injury updates and thoughts:

1.      Joe Mauer had what he and the Twins are calling a minor set back. He is saying that he worked a little too hard the other day so he had to take a step back. There is still a month until Opening Day, so I’m not really worried about Mauer yet. If he does have to start the season on the Disabled List, I have no problem with Jose Morales starting the season as the starter.

2.      Joe Nathan skipped the WBC because of right shoulder pain. My hope is that it was a good way to get him out of the tournament as he was already throwing off a mound, pain-free, yesterday. But you never want to hear arm issues with a pitcher!

3.      Nick Blackburn had knee surgery in the offseason and it is still bothering him. That isn’t surprising because he likely had to take some time away from rehab to rest after surgery. He may just be a little bit behind others. I’m not worried about this because it isn’t his arm. He should be fine by the time the regular season starts.

4.      Joe Crede got out on the field and played 3B against The Netherlands yesterday. That’s just another step toward him being back to 100%

5.      It’s not like the people that matter with the Twins don’t know, but it is too bad that Steve Tolleson has missed so much time at the beginning of camp. Hopefully he will be back shortly and start where he left off last season.  


A couple of discussion questions:

1.      If Joe Nathan were to be more hurt than we want to believe, who would become the Twins closer? With Pat Neshek and Boof Bonser out for the year, I don’t think it is overstating that a Joe Nathan injury could be devastating to the Twins. That said, Jesse Crain could step in and do well. Maybe Jose Mijares. I would argue Rob Delaney may be the best option. What do you think?

2.      Which of the Non-Roster Invitees has been most impressive to this point? Danny Valencia is batting .800. He’s 4-5 in official at bats and apparently he made a pretty amazing play to save one game. Dustin Martin is 6-11 with two doubles. RA Dickey has five strikeouts in four innings. David Winfree is 3-6. Yes, I realize that it is all very, very small sample size. But first impressions clearly are very important to Gardy, so it can’t hurt.

3.      What is Rihanna thinking?

4.      Is this the coolest song that a guy could rap to a girl? Any other suggestions? I am pretty certain it isn’t this new Kanye West song! But it is a very cool song!


Finally, just a reminder that we have scheduled a Blogger get-together this Saturday, March 7, at Buffalo Wild Wings in Roseville. I know that Nick Nelson and myself will be there. Marty Andrade has told me that he will be there. Adam Peterson, one of the new writers at Twinkie Town is flying into the cities just to meet people at the get together. OK, he is coming into town for something else and it will likely work out for him to stop by as well. KFAN’s Phil Mackey (check out his Baseball Projections) will be flying to Ft. Myers the next day for spring training, but he will likely stop by for awhile as well. It will be at about 1:00 p.m. central time as that is when the WBC Matchup between the United States and Canada will start. Although Joe Nathan is now out of the tournament, it will be a chance to see Justin Morneau, Jesse Crain and even Corey Koskie. And, it’ll be a chance to talk baseball with a bunch of fans. Oh, and if anyone would like to buy a book, just let me know and I will bring some there.  

I know this is short, but I think my fingers are a little tired from all the typing. I will be back throughout the weekend too. By the way, please feel free to look me up on Facebook, and if you want, request me as a friend. Please feel free to Send me an e-mail, or leave your questions or discussion points in the Comments here.


7 Responses to “Friday Links and Thinks”

  1. gil March 6, 2009 at 8:09 am #

    Could you please point me to twins spring stats
    – specifically how are the minor leauge pitchers doing

  2. Greg B March 6, 2009 at 10:46 am #

    gil – they can be found here:

    Seth – Martin for sure. I’m just not a Dickey fan, so I’ll counter your strikeouts with his gopher ball. He is, after all, the guy who gave up SIX in a single game. I know, a few years ago, but you just don’t live down something like that.

  3. thrylos98 March 6, 2009 at 11:03 am #


    Tolleson played in the last couple of games. One at SS and the second at… second. I think that Crain will probably be the closer if Nathan goes down (or they might get creative and get Perkins to that role)

  4. cmathewson March 6, 2009 at 12:21 pm #

    Not Dickey. He’s incapable of giving high hard ones. Sorry, couldn’t resist. You neglected to talk about the HRs and walks, his two main problems in his career. He gave up 15 HRs in 126 innings last year, while walking 51 and striking out 58. There is no way he’s the best option, when the field includes Humber and Jones. The HR Dickey gave up to Andy LaRoche was a high tight fastball. It’s easy to turn on that pitch when it comes in at 85 MPH. Oh, I see Greg B. already talked about HRs. Oh well, what he said!

  5. Greg B March 7, 2009 at 9:18 am #

    And cmath – neither of us touched on the wild pitches! Amazing that the same guy owns the records for most HRs and most WPs in one game — and he’s now on our roster!!

  6. Seth March 7, 2009 at 10:07 am #

    Nice Cmath –
    Just to clarify, I’m not a fan of RA Dickey either. I liked his signing in Dec. 2007, not so much in Dec. 2008. In my mind, he has 0% chance of making this roster. I was at the game where he threw like 6 WP in one inning last year at the Dome. Just was throwing out names.

  7. rosterman March 7, 2009 at 2:38 pm #

    Glenn Williams, now retired, has a baseball academy in Australia that he started up with a couple of more players.

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