Friday Twins Notes

27 Mar

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Good morning! It’s been another busy week, so today will be another bullet point-filled blog posting. We have really gone over the question marks on the Twins roster at length, but if you want, you can still discuss those topics.

·         First of all, I will be on the radio again this morning. I will be on the Jack Michaels Show at 11:00 this morning. If you’re in the Bismarck (ND) area in your vehicle, tune in ESPN 710, the Fan. If you’re not in the area, you can Listen Live online.

·         If you are curious about the flooding in Fargo and along the Red River Valley, be sure to follow the Fargo Forum’s Flood Blog.

·         The Twins lost to the Reds last night in spring training action. The game was on Fox Sports North, so during the game, I set up a live chat, and there were quite a few that listened to it. All kinds of topics were discussed, and there were even some heated exchanges. So, take some time and read through the transcript.

·         One of the topics was rather interesting and Dan Wade wrote about it. At The Bleacher Report, he wrote an article called The Negativity-Objectivity Myth. Is a true fan one that questions everything and every decision, or is a true fan one that ‘drinks the kool-aid’ for their team? Can’t it be a little of both?

·         Nick Nelson posted and article at about the Twins Defense in 2009. It should be excellent, or at the very least significantly improved over last year!

·         Over at the great site, they posted a Q&A with Kevin Slowey that is very entertaining.

·         Heard from Mark Hamburger (the Minnesota native and former Twins prospect traded to Texas for Eddie Guardado last August) last night and he told me that training camp is going well, and he is being transitioned back into starting to work on his secondary pitches. It may be short-term, but I think it’s a good move for his overall development.

·         By the way, click here to vote for Mark Hamburger and Shooter Hunt in’s Minors Moniker Madness competition. They are both in the Sweet Sixteen!

·         Glen Perkins got back to blogging and explained that he is working really hard and hasn’t had as much time to blog lately.

·         Trevor Plouffe discusses Walk-Up Songs on his blog this week.

·         Thrylos gave his take on a potential Ft. Myers Miracle roster at Tenth Inning Stretch.

·         There could be another round of cuts today. If I had a guess, the next round will include Alejandro Machado, Brock Peterson, David Winfree, Sean Henn and Bobby Keppel. All five of them actually impressed this spring but will not make the opening day roster.

·         Jeff Christy and Jason Pridie also will not make the big league roster to start camp, but I do think that they are needed through the final week. In that same category of probably lasting until the final cut would be 1.) The Buscher/Tolbert decision, 2.) the Butera/Morales decision, and 3.) the Dickey/Duensing/Mijares decision.

·         Also, it is apparent that Jason Jones will not make the opening day roster, so it is my guess that talks are already occurring between the Twins and Yankees about the Twins possibly keeping him.

·         The Twins lost 24 year old (25 on April 10th) Jose Lugo when he was drafted in the Rule 5 draft by the Oakland A’s. Lugo is left handed and throws hard. He pitched at Ft. Myers last year. With a good slider, he could be a good pitcher, but he does need to find better control. Anyway, the A’s immediately traded him to Seattle. This spring, Lugo has pitched 6.2 innings over 10 games for the M’s. He is 1-0 with a 2.70 ERA. He has given up just two hits and walked three. However, he has struck out just one. It is possible that Lugo will break camp with the Mariners.         


What else is going on with and around the Twins these days? I will try to update as I have time throughout the weekend if anything happens. Feel free to Comment here.


2 Responses to “Friday Twins Notes”

  1. ben March 27, 2009 at 8:08 pm #

    Thanks for the concern Seth. Our situation is pretty scary, but the volunteer effort has been amazing. Here’s hoping the dikes hold.

  2. brad March 28, 2009 at 12:34 pm #

    I see the Twins have dealt Charles Nolte to the Yanks so they can keep Jason Jones. I do not understand this move, IMO Nolte has more upside that Jones does.

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