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3 Apr

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In just a little bit, I will be posting a Q&A with another member of the Twins organization. You will want to stop back for that. But before posting that, I would like to post a quick blog on some other goings on:

·         I’m glad to see that there were a lot of comments on my Top 15 Baseball Movies blog at the Star Tribune Your Voices page. Yes, I do know that I left The Natural and The Sandlot out of the Top 15, and I am fully comfortable with that. I ranked them where I ranked them intentionally. So as I was finishing up my fantasy draft last night (see below), I got a call from my sister telling me that a friend of hers called to say that they were talking about the blog on KSTP. So I went online to the KSTP site and listened live. They certainly had some disagreements with some of my choices and would have had some rankings switched around. They were taking phone calls from people about the list. I enjoy listening to the discussion and disagreement and debate. That’s what creating opinion lists is all about. I learn a lot from the Comments that are made. Finally, I called in to the show, and they put me on for five or six minutes, which was really enjoyable.

·         The big news yesterday was not that Joe Mauer and Boof Bonser were put on the Disabled List, but that they were joined by Scott Baker. The Twins righty who was scheduled to start the first game for the team was placed on the DL retroactive to March 27, so he will only miss one, or maybe two starts. It was strange because on Wednesday, he pitched well in a minor league game. In five innings, he threw just 58 pitches and didn’t give up a run. But apparently he started experiencing stiffness in his shoulder. Someone much closer to the situation told me that this is not at all serious and completely precautionary. It’s best to be cautious and let him take the time to get better. Obviously Twins fans hope that is the case!

·         It’s amazing really. We all spent so much time and energy thinking about which pitcher the Twins would cut from big league camp, RA Dickey or Brian Duensing. The Twins didn’t answer that question, and in the end, they didn’t have to answer that question as it played itself out. With RA Dickey likely to start Game 5 for the Twins Friday in Chicago, it is likely that Dickey, Duensing and Phil Humber will all make the team.

·         UNLESS… of course… Ron Gardenhire and Bill Smith could still decide that they will now go with just 11 pitchers which would allow them to keep Brian Buscher, Matt Tolbert and Brendan Harris. But wisely, they are not answering that question now either. Not until Saturday probably when the players will be leaving following their game.

·         The Twins will likely be informing their minor leaguers where they will begin their 2009 seasons in the next 24 to 36 hours. I have heard about where several players will start the season, but there will be nothing official yet. And again, probably not a lot of surprises.

·         My hometown (Perham, MN) found a way onto the David Letterman show the other night!

·         Pat Neshek shares with us the Catch of the Day! Quite impressive!

·         Marc Hulet of The Baseball Analysts took a look at this year’s Rule 5 Draft selections.

·         After spending the first part of the week predicting individual awards, the Twins writers at BaseballDigest.com predicted the division winners and then the World Series champions.    


Any other Twins thoughts? Feel free to Comment here.



I participated in my third fantasy draft in three nights last night. That is six down, and just one more to go! This league is a little different. It is weekend only. You play an opponent on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You play a catcher, two corner infielders, two middle infielders, three outfielders, a DH/Extra, five starting pitchers and a reliever, and get points based on what they do. In a given weekend, you could go 3-0, or 0-3, or anywhere in between. With that, you will notice that pitchers are not drafted early. In fact, generally the first pitchers aren’t taken for the first six rounds or so. 


1.)    Hanley Ramirez – MI – Florida Marlins

2.)    Carlos Beltran – OF – NY Mets

3.)    Justin Morneau – CI – Minnesota Twins

4.)    Curtis Granderson – OF – Detroit Tigers

5.)    Geovany Soto – C – Chicago Cubs

6.)    Jacoby Ellsbury – OF – Boston Red Sox

7.)    Alexei Ramirez – MI – Chicago White Sox

8.)    Joey Votto – CI – Cincinnati Reds

9.)    Daisuke Matsuzaka – SP – Boston Red Sox

10.)                         Justin Verlander – SP – Detroit Tigers

11.)                         Yovani Gallardo – SP – Milwaukee Brewers

12.)                         Shane Victorino – OF – Philadelphia Phillies

13.)                         Kevin Slowey – SP – Minnesota Twins

14.)                         Brian Fuentes – RP – LA Angels

15.)                         Javier Vazquez – SP – Atlanta Braves

16.)                         Adrian Beltre – CI – LA Dodgers

17.)                         Scott Baker – SP – Minnesota Twins

18.)                         Oliver Perez – SP – NY Mets

19.)                         Jed Lowrie – MI – Boston Red Sox

20.)                         Joe Blanton – SP – Philadelphia Phillies

21.)                         Chris Volstad – SP – Florida Marlins

22.)                         Shin-Soo Choo – OF – Cleveland Indians

23.)                         Kevin Gregg – RP – Chicago Cubs

24.)             Trevor Cahill – SP – Oakland A’s


One Response to “Quick Notes”

  1. Funkytown April 3, 2009 at 11:59 am #

    Jim Mandelaro posted his thoughts on the pending Rochester roster…and i agree…too many utility/futility types…Twins are over-emphasizing having guys play 3 and 4 positions.


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