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10 Apr

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Hey everyone! I hope everyone has a good Good Friday!

I am certain that everyone has heard about the death of the Angels 22 year old pitcher Nick Adenhart. Just hours after throwing six shutout innings against the A’s, he was killed by a hit-and-run driver who ran a stop light. It’s amazing how with baseball games, and blogs and comments and over analysis and second guessing of everything players, managers and GMs do that every once in awhile something like this happens and it again puts everything into proper perspective. It stinks that it seems to take these types of events, and I wish we could remember it without these events. At, Adenhart was my choice for AL Rookie of the Year this year. Obviously I send my sympathies to his family and friends in and around baseball.


You can read my quick Game Recap at the Twins Baseball Digest website. So be sure to check that out. Also the Twins Geek and I hosted another episode of MN Game Night podcast at 10:00 last night. Be sure to download that. We talk about the Twins game, the upcoming series with the White Sox in Chicago, the AL Central and more. Our next episode will be on Sunday night.  Here are a few more thoughts:

  • The big story of the day has to be Glen Perkins. The guy who is generally considered the team’s #4 or #5 starter had a terrific spring, and he carried it into his first regular season start. He gave the Twins their first Quality Start. It is certainly something to build on.
  • It appears that, as much as Gardy may say that we don’t, we have a platoon situation in the outfield, or at least at the DH. Gardy said this winter that he wanted an outfield of Span, Gomez and Cuddyer, and in three out of four games, that is exactly what he had. Delmon Young has not started against a right-handed pitcher. Jason Kubel has not started against a left-handed pitcher. Now, let’s see happens over the first 20-25 games to see if this continues, but it appears that we have a pattern developing. How do I feel about that?
    1. I want Delmon Young to play every day. I think he has it in him to take a major step forward in terms of power in 2009. The team clearly sent him a lot of messages over the offseason. He came in to camp in better shape. He had a terrific spring training. He has done everything they have asked. He has not demanded a trade the way that some others around the league have. But if this continues, the 23 year old has every right to do so, and I would not blame him.
    2. I really like Denard Span in the leadoff spot AND was very impressed with him out in left field.
    3. Carlos Gomez is all about defense, and like Young, I feel that Gomez could take a big step forward in 2009.
    4. Michael Cuddyer also deserves to play. I agree that a player should not lose his job because of injury, and that’s why Cuddyer was out last year. He deserves this opportunity.
    5. We used to always complain about Gardy playing Jacque Jones against left-handed pitchers. Now he is (probably wisely) platooning with Jason Kubel in the DH role. Kubel has not hit lefties well. I want to see Kubel in the lineup every day too, but I also understand the need to platoon.  
  • The LF/CF combo of Endy Chavez and Franklyn Gutierrez is right up there with that of Denard Span and Carlos Gomez!

Any other thoughts on the loss or the weekend series?

Twins Minor League Updates

Thursday SethSpeaks Player of the Day – Trevor Plouffe, Rochester Red Wings
Thursday SethSpeaks Pitcher of the Day – Kyle Waldrop, Ft. Myers Miracle

Thursday – Rochester 7, Syracuse 42009 will be a big season for Trevor Plouffe. He has always been a slow starter, so it would be nice for him to get off to a fast start. In this game, Plouffe went 2-4 with a double and his first home run of the season. After Plouffe’s fourth inning homer, Dustin Martin hit his first home run of the season. Martin went 2-3. He also had a walk and stole a base. Matt Macri was 2-4 with a double. Jason Pridie went 2-5. David Winfree and Luke Hughes also hit their first home runs of the season. Jason Jones got the call to be the Red Wings opening day starter. He gave up two runs on five hits in four innings. He walked three and struck out four. Bobby Keppel came in and gave up a run on four hits and a walk in two innings. Mike Gosling came in and gave up a run in 1.2 innings and was credited with the Win. He threw 22 pitches and 20 of them were strikes. Sean Henn struck out the lone batter he faced. Tim Lahey gave up a hit in a scoreless ninth frame for his first Save.

Friend of SethSpeaks, Cory Hepola has participated in the NFL “Expert” Pick panel for a couple of years. He is now a sports anchor for WROC-TV in Rochester, NY. If you’re in the area, be sure to say hi to him. But also be sure to check out his blog at Be sure to check out his blog, but I specifically want to highlight his videos where he has done a couple of stories on the Red Wings, and one specifically on Trevor Plouffe.

Also, Jim Mandelaro blogged live from Syracuse and shared his thoughts on the game.      

Thursday – New Britain 3, New Hampshire 4Rene Tosoni and Matt Moses each homered, but it wasn’t enough for the Rockcats. Jay Rainville made the start and gave up four runs (1 earned) on five hits and three walks in five innings. He struck out four. Frank Mata then gave up a run in his two innings. Yohan Pino struck out one in a shutout inning. Rob Delaney struck out two in a shutout inning. Anthony Slama struck out three in a shutout inning. Moses was the lone Rockcat hitter with more than one hit. He was 2-4.

Thursday – Miracle 9, Charlotte 4 – The opener was about the offense and the bullpen for the Miracle. Deibinson Romero and Yangervis Solarte each went 3-5 with a double. Rene Leveret went 2-5 with a double. Chris Parmelee went 1-4 with his first home run of the season. Tyler Robertson made the start, and he went just 1.2 innings. He gave up four runs on three hits and four walks without striking out a hitter. Kyle Waldrop made his comeback with 2.1 hitless innings. He walked one and struck out two. Minor League Rule 5 selection Henry Arias struck out two in a perfect inning. Santos Arias threw two shutout innings. And Alex Burnett struck out four in two perfect innings. I don’t understand Burnett being in the bullpen with the Miracle, but there must be some reason.     

Thursday – Beloit 6, Cedar Rapids 7 (10 innings) Some seem to wonder why the Twins started Shooter Hunt in Beloit. Based on his first start, it is easy to remember. Hunter started and in 3.1 innings gave up three runs (2 earned) on three hits, four walks and a hit batter. He struck out just one. Henry Reyes came in and threw 2.2 hitless innings, walking just one. Danny Hernandez gave up an unearned run in his two innings. He struck out three. Danny Rondon came in for the bottom of the 9th inning and gave up two runs on four hits and a walk which allowed the game to be tied and sent to extra innings. Steve Blevins started the 10th inning and got two outs on two strikeouts. However, he gave up the 10th inning run. James Beresford went 2-5 with a walk and a stolen base. Jonathan Waltenbury was 2-5 with a two run double in the top of the 9th that gave the Snappers a two run lead.  


·         Phil Miller tells us that Brian Duensing’s family helped fill the Metrodome in all four games of the Mariners series, and all they got to do was watch him warm up.

·         The Twins Geek will again be on the Twins Radio Network’s Sunday afternoon show. Here is what he will be saying.

·         After getting shutout by Jarrod Washburn on Thursday afternoon, Phil Mackey took a look at how the Twins hitters performed in 2008 during the day versus at night.

Have a great weekend! Happy Easter! Feel free to e-mail me or leave your comments here.


6 Responses to “Game Notes”

  1. Randall April 10, 2009 at 8:11 am #

    Good day for a lot of the minor league hitters and relief pitchers … starting pitchers not so much.

    What an appropriate line for Parmelee to open the season with: 1-4 with 2Ks, 1BB, 1HR, 2RBI – sounds about right.

    Happy to have MiLB back! Keep up the good work Seth.

  2. thrylos98 April 10, 2009 at 9:04 am #

    Waldrop was probably the best positive surprise from yesterday’s games. Looks like he might be back in full force from his shoulder surgery last season. I hope he makes it up to New Britain mid-season. At some point he was very highly rated and it is good to see a former first round pick do well.

  3. goingyard April 10, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    saw Beloit play last night.

    Hunt was awful. Walked the first two batters. they both scored. They didn’t hit the ball hard on him, but he threw 4 different pitches (fastball, curve, slider and change up)…and could not locate any of them. Of all the pitchers in the game, Hunt was the worst…until Danny Rondon came in ….Rondon doesn’t throw hard…and served up meatball after meatball.

    As for the Beloit hitters…can’t blame them if they struggled early. The Cedar Rapids pitcher had a nasty slider/curveball early on…and then, the Beloit hitters stood out in the field for what seemed like hours while Hunt tried to get outs. The innings he pitched took forever.

    Waltenbury has the sweetest stroke on the team. It is natural to want to compare him to Morneau, because of his size, position and being from Canada…but his swing is far more like Mauer. He has tremendous bat control. He executed a hit and run to absolute perfection last night, and it was obvious he did it on purpose. He is a Twins kind of hitter, likes to go the other way, gap power..and occasionally hits bombs.

    Morales has amazing power. On a night when nobody was going to hit a bomb, he hit one to the wall in the deepest part of the park. And he did this against a lefty…which is saying something. Last year he struggled immensely agaist lefties. Last night he faced a nasty LHP and had a great at bat. (but he struck out 3 times against RHP’s)…

    Henry Sanchez is gigantic. He makes Bigley look small (and Bigley is a right handed hitting clone of Parmelee, same build) but Sanchez looked awful at the plate.

    Henry Reyes threw hard…and threw very well. Reyes was consistently at 91-93 on two guns (I sat behind Brad Tippett who was with Osterbrock…they were charting and running one gun) Reyes looked great.

    Osterbrock goes today…then Lanigan…then Tippett…and Michael Allen is the fifth starter for Beloit.

  4. Dome Dog April 10, 2009 at 2:26 pm #

    Does anyone know how teams did in 4 game series last year? I wouldn’t even begin to know where to find that kind of information. It always frustrates me when the Twins split a 4 game series, but it seems awfully difficult for most teams to win 3 of 4, no matter how bad the opposing team is. I was just curious what the numbers say compared to how it appears to me.

  5. Ryan April 11, 2009 at 11:51 pm #

    Sorry Seth — Delmon doesn’t have squat in terms of “rights.” He’s got one more year of serfdom before he’s even arbitration-eligible, and even if he plays like 40 games this year, he doesn’t have “every right” to do anything. His job is to go out there and perform to best of his abilities, and that’s it.

    If he plays well enough Gardy will stick him out there. He’s hit the ball hard a couple times this year, but overall I haven’t seen nearly enough over the past year-plus to justify giving him another 600 PAs in the Twins’ OF.

  6. Kunza April 12, 2009 at 3:02 pm #


    Has Michael Cuddyer hit the ball hard enough to earn double the amount of AB’s that Young has had?

    It appears that you saying he has squating rights is a little silly because what does Cuddyer have in terms of rights?

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