Site Update, and a Little More

20 Apr

UPDATE ON Weekly Minnesota Twins podcast. Tonight’s episode will be canceled. Also, starting next week, I have moved the podcasts to Monday nights. There are more off days on Mondays throughout the season, so this move will hopefully help us get more player interviews. Any feedback is welcomed!

Alright, I’m having some fairly major computer programs, so I don’t have much of an update.

LaVelle tells us that Jesse Crain is going on the 15 Day Disabled List and Jose Mijares is coming back up to the Twins. This is really unfortunate because outside of his most recent outing, he has been excellent, and that outing was on the third straight day of throwing. Hmmm…. I wonder why his shoulder is inflamed. Good news for Mijares though and we shall see if he learned anything from being demoted. Nick Nelson wrote about it at Baseball Digest as well.

Last Friday, I wrote not-so-subtly about Torii Hunter in asking the local media members to remember that “just because someone talks all the time doesn’t mean he has anything to say.” Apparently some talked to Hunter who made comments about wanting to end his career with the Twins. First of all, when his ridiculous contract runs out with the Angels, why would the Twins want him? Second, let’s not forget that during his free agency season, Hunter did a great job of telling media members from every city that he would strongly consider coming to their team. So again, just because someone talks all the time, doesn’t mean he has anything to say.

Ubelman posted a very interesting article comparing and contrasting 2008 Glen Perkins vs 2009 Glen Perkins.

Andrew at Twins Fix did a nice analysis of Jason Kubel’s big game Friday night.

I got a couple of questions from a reader, Jeremy, that I thought I’d answer here:

1.) Have you heard anything about Chris Parmelee?  He hasn’t played for a few games.

  • Answer – I have heard it is a sprained thumb, so hopefully he will be back in no time.

2.) What do you make of (Angel) Morales’s 2-for-27, 1 BB, 8 K start?  And do you think that this will speed up or slow down the chance of Hicks playing in Beloit this year?

  • Answer – I would much prefer is he were 8-27 and hitting .296. I actually am not completely surprised. The feedback I’ve received said that Morales was not a sure bet to get to Beloit to start the season. He is so young (younger than Hicks), and being from Puerto Rico has not played in anything like this weather-wise. We also know that he had to work on contact. I’m actually thinking his K-rate isn’t so bad. I don’t think that Morales’s struggles affect Hicks too much. If Morales would be sent down, it would likely be in June when the short-season season’s start. I fully expect Hicks to be up in Mid-May. He’s a SoCal guy, so keeping him out of the cold, while still working on some needed fundamentals in a low-stress environment is a positive.

3.) You posted that there are 55 players in EST right now.  Is there anywhere that I could go to find this list?

  • Answer – I have a list, but I can’t and won’t post it. If you have specific players you would like to ask me about, e-mail me (at and I’ll let you know.

As for Tuesday night’s Weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast, it is currently very much up in the air. I hope to have it as there are a couple of quality guests lined up already.

Sorry about not getting minor league game reports, but they will be back when I am able.

Thanks for understanding!

2 Responses to “Site Update, and a Little More”

  1. Papa Wilson April 21, 2009 at 12:11 am #

    “You posted that there are 55 players in EST right now. ”

    And what is EST? Werner Erhard’s last century cult hasn’t made a comeback, has it?

  2. SethSpeaks April 21, 2009 at 8:18 am #

    EST = Extended Spring Training. It is for the guys that did not make a full-season affiliate, and players rehabbing. Most of these guys will go to either Elizabethton or stay in Ft. Myers and play for the Gulf Coast League Twins. But not all of them because the Twins will likely draft and sign 20-25 more players in June and they’ll fit them in too. So, some will get released. Some of the Latin American players will go play in the Dominican Summer League again.

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