Saturday Game Reports

3 May

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From my Game Recap

The Twins had several opportunities and really should have won, but instead, they had to work some overtime, burn the bullpen and in the end lost 10-7 to the Kansas City Royals in 11 innings. The game was back and forth throughout. Both teams had several opportunities to take over the game, but both teams squandered opportunities.

Glen Perkins started for the Twins and gave up five runs on ten hits in six innings. Luis Ayala came in and gave up two runs (1 earned) on three hits in 1.1 innings. Jose Mijares came in and got the final two outs. But an Alexi Casilla error caused another tying run to score. Joe Nathan pitched a scoreless ninth. Matt Guerrier threw a scoreless tenth. Then in the 11th inning, Craig Breslow came in and walked three out of the four batters he faced. He left with the bases loaded, and R. A. Dickey was the only bullpen arm still available. The knuckleballer came in and didn’t throw any knuckleballs in a walk to John Buck that gave the Royals the lead. A fielder’s choice and a single later, the Royals had the 10-7 lead that Joakim Soria held onto in the bottom of the inning.

In his second game, Joe Mauer had four more hits. Delmon Young, in the lineup because Jason Kubel was scratched because he was sick, went 3-4 with two RBI. Michael Cuddyer went 2-4 with his second home run. Joe Crede, back from a day with his wife who gave birth to their third child, went 2-5.

On Sunday afternoon, the Twins will send Scott Baker to the mound against the Royals’ Gil Meche.


  • Craig Breslow – 6.2 innings, 9 walks. I know he’s smart and has something like 57 different pitches in his arsenal. However, he needs to pick out like four or five of them that you can throw for strikes! Otherwise, Brian Duensing should be on call.
  • Nick Punto – sure, he has been on Web Gems a lot in previous seasons. But this year, how many times has he bounced throws to 1B. He certainly doesn’t have Bartlett-like range.
  • Carlos Gomez – I don’t know if I can put up with watching him anymore. Sure, he covers a lot of ground on defense. I get that. But he can’t hit, he doesn’t even try to bunt for hits anymore, he can’t lay down a sacrifice bunt, and clearly the plate discipline that he was trying to develop didn’t happen yet. How he has a big league gig is beyond me right now.
  • Alexi Casilla – he’s not quite in my ‘ready-to-give-up-on’ or ‘send-him-to-Rochester’ lists, but it’s getting close. He at least takes pitches and generally has good swings. Maybe it’s the turf, but he does not seem to have much range on ground balls either.
  • Ron Gardenhire – He made the perfect move in the 8th inning when he brought Jason Kubel off of the bench as a pinch hitter for Alexi Casilla. It forced Trey Hillman’s hand, and he brought lefty Ron Mahay into the game. If Kubel was too sick to play today, it didn’t make a lot of sense for him to pinch hit in that situation. And, because he was pinch hitting for Casilla, the perfect move would have been to have Brendan Harris pinch hit for Kubel. That would have created a righty-lefty matchup with one of the Twins best right handed hitters. It would have been perfect to use Kubel as a decoy to get the matchup you wanted. Instead, Kubel was left in to face Mahay, and he struck out to end the threat.
  • 0-2 – That is a good pitcher’s count. Why do Twins pitchers give up so many solid base hits when the count is 0-2? It goes back to Brad Radke who did the same thing.  
  • Like Torii Hunter, Doug Mientkiewicz has never seen a microphone he didn’t like. But this time, I’m listening. It is great to read him come out with statements about his former high school teammate, Alex Rodriguez, whose most recent round of questions brought up by Selena Roberts involves him taking steroids as early as high school.There’s no way. I was with him too much, I was with him for too long. Our team was together, like, 20 hours of the day. Every day.



Saturday – Game 1 – Rochester 5, Indianapolis 1 – Philip Humber made his first Red Wings start and did very well. He gave up just one run on three hits in five innings. He walked none and struck out three to gain his first win. Sean Henn got the final six outs, allowing only one hit. Dustin Martin went 2-2, was hit by a pitch and stole two bases. Luke Hughes went 2-3 with an RBI.

Saturday – Game 2 – Rochester 2, Indianapolis 3 (8 innings) – The Red Wings managed just four hits in this game. Matt Tolbert had a double and a triple. Trevor Plouffe also hit a triple. Brian Duensing started this one and gave up two runs on six hits and a walk in five innings. Juan Morillo threw a perfect inning in relief. He needed just six pitches, and four of them were strikes. Mike Gosling pitched a scoreless seventh inning, but he gave up a run with one out in the bottom of the 8th inning.


Saturday – New Britain 7, Trenton 6 Jeff Manship put together and incredible start in this game, and the bullpen held on, barely. Manship worked the first seven innings and gave up no runs on just one hit. He walked one and struck out five to earn his second win of the season. Zach Ward came in and gave up two hits and two walks before being taken out of the game without recording an out. Yohan Pino came in and gave up one hit, but did get the team out of the inning with a three run lead. Anthony Slama recorded his third save, but he struggled. He gave up two runs on a hit and two walks. He struck out one. Rene Tosoni went 2-4 with his third double and first stolen base. Matt Moses and Brian Dinkelman were each 2-3 with a walk. Whit Robbins hit his second home run. Brandon Roberts had a double and drove in three runs.  


Saturday –Ft. Myers 6, Charlotte 4David Bromberg gave up two funs on four hits and four walks in five innings, but he won his second game of the season. Steve Hirschfeld gave up two runs (1 earned) on one hit and one walk. Henry Arias picked up his first save by throwing two shutout innings. Steve Singleton went 3-5 with his fifth double. Chris Parmelee went 3-4 with his third double, fourth homer and three RBI. Ben Revere went 2-5 with his 12th stolen base.    


Saturday – Beloit 6, Great Lakes 18Dan Osterbrock had another bad start in this one and falls to 0-3. In just 2.1 innings, he gave up nine runs on nine hits, including two home runs. He walked two, hit one and struck out two. Bruce Pugh went the next 2.2 innings and gave up just one run. Henry Reyes then gave up seven runs on seven hits and two walks in just 1.2 innings. Steve Blevins gave up a run over the final 2.1 innings. The offense was able to score six runs despite getting just six hits. Ozzie Lewis and Jonathan Waltenbury each hit their first home runs of the season. Drew Thompson got his first hit, a double.   

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5 Responses to “Saturday Game Reports”

  1. Kunza May 3, 2009 at 8:51 am #

    This outfield rotation thing is not working. Guys need regular AB’s – especially the young guys. No wonder why Gomez is a wreck!!! Come to the park every day and not know what that knucklehead of a manager is going to do. I would be a headcase too! We can’t use the line of… well, if they can’t handle it mentally, they shouldn’t be in the big leagues. Play them or trade them.

    There is no rational explanation as to why Cuddyer can play every day and the young guys sit. Cuddyer is horrible, horrible, horrible!

    This is a season heading straight for a train wreck until this outfield situation works itself out. Billy Smith has to make a move to free up a spot somewhere in the OF for the young guys to play every day.

    Also, isn’t it kinda comical to hear all this complaining about Kubel two years ago and him playing all the time and now people complain when he DOESN’T play – sound similar to D Young? My prediction … Delmon will not be in Minnesota after this season after he requests a trade.

  2. mike wants wind May 3, 2009 at 12:08 pm #

    I didn’t get to follow the game, was Harris available to pinch hit for Punto also? What about Morales, he’s their hottest hitter, and if you are carrying three pitchers he should be read to PH.

    I’m ready to bail on Casilla. His struggles go back to last year, he’s been bad, really bad, for three months now, hasn’t he?

    Gomez needs to go down and play every day. He’s not going to get better watching the other three play.

    That’s why I’d call up Hughes when I send down Casilla. Harris at short, Punto at 2nd, Hughes as your 4th OF and backup IF. Frankly, I’m no Punto fan, but he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Not sure what I’d do with the other roster spot when Gomez goes down.

  3. mike wants wind May 3, 2009 at 12:09 pm #

    obviously that should read three catchers, not three pitchers

  4. Ryan May 3, 2009 at 8:34 pm #

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think the situation you described where Kubel pinch hits, but goes back to the bench for Harris when the lefty comes in is illegal. A pinch hitter has to bat the same way a reliever has to face at least one batter. Otherwise, each team could just keep subbing players to get a favorable matchup until one team ran out of players.

    In my opinion, it would have been smarter to just pinch hit Harris for Casilla, knowing that Kubel would end up having to face a lefty.

  5. Zack May 4, 2009 at 12:52 am #

    I definitely think Gomez’s brutal at bats lately have a lot to do with inconsistency. He’s been coming in as a late inning replacement a lot lately. He has a good game, then sits for the next two. He has a bad at bat, and Gardy benches him for a few more. I think that a couple of those flies that Span couldn’t quite get to today would’ve been snagged by Gomez…

    The platoon seems to be basically just rotating in and out Young & Gomez. These two (and Span) are the guys who need those at bats the most. I suppose there are eight million reasons why Cuddyer has played in all but one game this season, hitting between 4th and 6th, despite being downright awful at the plate up until about a week ago… but it’s still extremely frustrating to me. Right now my preferred lineup (5 out of 7 days a week) would be:

    Span, LF
    Harris, 2B
    Mauer, C
    Morneau, 1B
    Kubel, DH
    Crede, 3B
    Young, RF
    Punto, SS
    Gomez, CF

    Send down Casilla, and get him some every day ABs. Call him back up when he’s getting more consistent. If Punto is still struggling, have Harris play a little shortstop. Start Cuddy in RF maybe twice a week to give one of the outfielders a day off, or at DH against a tough lefty. But whatever it’s late and I’m just rambling. This team just needs to get some consistency, and I think the starting lineup is where that’ll start.

    I’d also rather have Morales as our bench catcher than Red Dog, but it seems that ship has sailed…

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