Perkins to DL; Henn to Twins

19 May

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No, I’m not quite back yet, but I did think that the Perkins story and what it means is noteworthy and deserves comment. After giving up six runs in just 2/3 of an inning last night against the Yankees, the Twins put Glen Perkins on the 15 day disabled list with elbow inflammation. They don’t seem too worried, but anytime you’re talking ‘elbow’ or ‘nerves’ you can’t help but wish for the best.

The Twins added 28 year old lefty reliever Sean Henn to the 40 man roster and called him up. Henn is definitely deserving as he has pitched very well at Rochester. In 15 games, he is 0-0 with a 1.13 ERA while recording six saves for the Red Wings. In 24 innings pitched, he has given up 17 hits and walked ten, but he has struck out 32.

However, the Twins will need a starting pitcher on Saturday to face the Brewers and to fill Perkins’ spot in the rotation. Luis Ayala is likely a little nervous. With Henn being left-handed, you also have to assume the Craig Breslow is getting a little bit nervous too. He has not pitched well in 2009. The Twins would likely hope that he would pass through waivers and keep him in the organization because he was so impressive in 2008 and his previous minor league numbers indicate he must be better than what we have seen for two months. If it is Ayala that they let go, I think they would likely just let him go. Of course, the other possibility is that the Twins decide to end the three catcher set up and send Jose Morales back to Rochester. With the bullpen burned out, that is probably the best option for right now.

So who would start on Saturday? How can you not go with Anthony Swarzak to fill the rotation spot? Swarzak, a 2nd round pick in 2004 out of high school in Florida is off to a great start. Although he is just 2-3, his 2.25 ERA is very strong. The 22 year old righty has made seven starts and got 44 innings. He has given up 40 hits, walked 11 and struck out 32. Is he ready? I’m not necessarily certain of that, but he is the best option for the team right now. It certainly has been an interesting couple of years for Swarzak. He was one of the team’s top pitching prospects until his 2007 50 game suspension for a drug of abuse. He struggled after hit comeback that season but ended strong in AA. That’s where his 2008 season began and he was horrible. But inexplicably the Twins rewarded him with a AAA promotion near the end of the season. And he went 5-0. He has continued to thrive in AAA this season, and again, would be very deserving of the big league promotion, should he receive it.   

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7 Responses to “Perkins to DL; Henn to Twins”

  1. mike wants wins May 19, 2009 at 9:31 am #

    I hope it is Swarzak, but I’d bet it is Dickey.

  2. thrylos98 May 19, 2009 at 11:29 am #

    Another roster move needs to be made by Friday to accommodate Delmon Young’s return and that most likely (but unfortunately) will be Morales going to AAA. I would like the Twins to be smart and get Swarzak up and send Henn down. Henn is good only for a LOOGY (his WHIP against RHB in Rochester is 1.74 this season; not good). Alternatively, the Breslow era might be over. Not sure how I feel about that…

  3. Trevor May 19, 2009 at 11:42 am #

    I’d love to see swarzak. In fact I hope he sticks as a reliever and they eventually commit him to a late reliever role for the next few years. Perhaps he can be groomed to take over for nathan

  4. gobbledygookguy May 19, 2009 at 1:13 pm #

    the next 4 games could decide if ayala and/or breslow stay or go. not sure if they would want dickey to take perks spot for the next 3-4 starts, might as well give a young guy a shot. if henn looks good in the next 4 games breslow could be gone.
    i doubt we’d miss ayala if he goes, what was your favorite ayala moment?
    boy would jaun cruz look good right now. that draft pick 50-50 chance we might see him in 2014-15?

  5. Jack Steal May 19, 2009 at 3:22 pm #

    I believe after last night Luis Ayala is gone and thank goodness. What do you think Seth??

  6. Seth May 19, 2009 at 3:46 pm #

    Thrylos – I believe if Henn were to be sent down, they would have to make him available to all teams, and they would lose him. They wouldn’t bring him up for 3 days to lose him, I don’t think.

    I liked the Ayala signing when it happened, so I would be hypocritical to say otherwise, but I think that is about done. Obviously you keep him around until you have to make a move (Friday) just in case there is another blowout or extra inning situation, but I think he’s the one.

    I typically agree with the Twins philosophy of not giving up 1st round picks for free agents ESPECIALLY relievers. However, when we saw the final numbers on the Juan Cruz deal and understood that 1.) it was relatively low, even for a reliever and 2.) it was 2 years plus an option, then I have to say that was worth the pick.

  7. Eric May 19, 2009 at 7:33 pm #

    Who is take Henn’s spot in Rochester? Anyone know

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