SethSpeaks… on Sports on Demand

1 Jun

also available at

I first of all need to apologize for missing last night’s podcast. I went to lay down at about 8:15, just for a couple of minutes, and woke up at 1:30 in the morning. I completely missed it and it is my fault. So, please be sure to check out the next episode which will be Thursday night. Until then, be sure to listen to this past Thursday’s episode.

Also, tonight at 9:00 central, I will be hosting a new episode of the Weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast. Although not all guests have been verified, I do know that I have secured at least one player interview, so be sure to tune in to that. The chat room will be open, so leave your questions there.

Finally, this afternoon at 3:00, I am excited to be on an airing of Fox 9’s Sports on Demand. I will be on with Fox’s Jim Rich, Doogie Wolfson and Seth Kaplan. I know that you can watch the show live and then watch it over and over again in the Archives. So, check it out and let me know what you think! Podcasting and radio is one thing, but what will I wear! Ha! I’m not exactly certain the link to the live show, so here is the link to the Fox9 Sports page.   

If you have any feedback, comments, opinions or suggestions, please feel free to Send me an e-mail, or leave your questions or comments here.


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