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15 Jun

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I haven’t really posted anything for awhile, and I apologize for that. Unfortunately life had to get in the way, work and other commitments had to take priority. Thank you for your understanding. I should probably go back and do minor league game reports and updates for the last week to ten days, but that may just be a bit much and a bit overwhelming. So, I’ll write about the weekend games and share a few comments on some other topics related to our favorite baseball team. Then I will try to stay on top of things moving forward, so please continue to stop by and be sure to leave your comments.

Last night, I was excited to help KFAN’s Phil Mackey host Twins Weekly in studio from 5 to 6:15. Talking Twins baseball is always fun, but put a microphone in front of me and it is quite an experience. As you know, PMac does a great job on the show, so I thought it went quite well. I thought I would use some of the topics we discussed to start my ramblings about the Twins. (By the way, I also saw a copy of the inaugural issue of Minnesota Poker Magazine, a venture that Mackey and several others have made a reality. So, be sure to check out the site and bookmark it.)

  • The Twins won two out of three in Chicago against the Cubs. There were a ton of people from Minnesota at Wrigley, and that would be an amazing experience. If you happen to have been in attendance, please be sure to leave your thoughts.
  • After Saturday, the Twins had hit the .500 mark for the season for the first time in a long time. But Sunday’s loss put them a game back again.
  • The Twins went 5-5 on this road trip. Winning Sunday would have been great, but for a team that is so bad on the road, we probably should be happy. The Twins also do not generally hit well against pitchers that they have not seen before which is pretty much that whole Oakland pitching staff. The team played well on the road. In the five losses, the Twins lost by a combined six runs.
  • The Outfield Situation is a mess right now. It was bad enough with Denard Span back in Minneapolis and Michael Cuddyer manning CF, flanked by Delmon Young and Jason Kubel, but Saturday and Sunday, Cuddyer was out too. So, when they promoted #3 catcher Jose Morales to the big leagues for Sunday’s game, I thought it was perplexing. Why not call up Jason Pridie just to have a fourth outfielder. What is one of the outfielders would have been hurt on Sunday? I believe Matt Tolbert would have been in the outfield while two catchers sat on the bench.
  • As Jose Morales has done in his time with the Twins this season, Anthony Swarzak showed that he can be a big league starting pitcher if an opportunity presents itself. That’s all you can hope for from a injury replacement. Swarzak’s seven shutout innings on Saturday against the Cubs showed that again. He was sent to Rochester following the game where he hopefully has been given a list of two or three things to work on. I expect we will see him in the Twins rotation again in the near future.
  • Scott Baker gave up two runs on just five hits and no walks on Sunday. Swarzak gave up no runs on four hits and a walk on Saturday. Kevin Slowey struck out ten in the first five innings on Friday before giving up three sixth inning runs. Nick Blackburn has been the team’s best starting pitcher in 2009. He has certainly been the most consistent. Francisco Liriano has had two straight quality starts. Glen Perkins takes the mound for the Twins on Tuesday against the Pirates, and you have to wonder how long his leash is. My personal opinion is that he was really good this year when healthy. The big question is when did his arm start hurting, and how much of his struggle was due to the arm. He should be given at least three starts before discussing any alternatives.
  • Jesse Crain has been the brunt of much criticism the last couple of months. I have been as big of a Crain supporter for the better part of six years, and I simply can’t do it any more. He has experienced too much success in a Twins uniform to completely abandon, but why he was brought in to a 2-2 game in the bottom of the ninth against the Cubs’ 3-4-5 hitters is beyond me. I understand not bringing in Joe Nathan and Matt Guerrier, but Jose Mijares could have thrown. I think I may have preferred seeing R.A. Dickey in that situation. Now, I am not certain, but I think that Crain must have some options left. Since Crain made his big league debut with the Twins in early August of 2004, he has not been optioned to the minor leagues. Does this mean that he has three options left? If so, Bobby Keppel is sure looking good at Rochester right now! There is precendence for such a move. The Twins sent Kyle Lohse and JC Romero to AAA after they had spent significant time in the big leagues.
  • Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Jason Kubel are very good. Need I say more?
  • I actually am happy with Gardy’s decision to go with Brendan Harris at shortstop with Nick Punto taking over at 2B. Harris has been a better defensive shortstop this year than Punto (small sample?). In reality, have there been any plays the last couple of weeks that Harris did not make that Punto would have? And Harris has earned the right to play every day. 2B has been a mess for the Twins. Alexi Casilla has disappointed, and Matt Tolbert simply is not a very good player. If Punto can hit .260-.280 the rest of the season and play good defense, he is likely their best option. I certainly think this is the best option the Twins have.
  • The Twins decided last week to go with a lot of college players, and their top four picks were all college pitchers. I liked the picks because they are risks, but their upsides are terrific. The Twins don’t have a lot of #1 type of pitchers, and I believe the Kyle Gibson can be that. Ben Tootle will need to get bigger again, but he was a guy who was predicted to go higher. Derek McCallum was a great choice in the fourth round. Not only is he a local guy, but he can flat out hit and is good with the glove. I’m not certain why they went with a couple of catchers so early, but you need guys behind the plate. I like the Eric Decker pick as well, and I hope that the two sides can reach some sort of creative agreement so that he can play. I will have much more on the Twins draft later in the week.
  • The Twins have a much-needed day off again on Monday before starting at three game home series against the Pirates. That will be followed by three games at the Metrodome against the Houston Astros. This would be a good time for the Twins to make a run!
  • Tonight at 9:00 central time, there will be a new, live episode of the SethSpeaks.net Weekly Minnesota Twins podcast. There are a couple of guests lined up already, so be sure to check that out.      


Friday – SethSpeaks.net Hitter of the Day – James Beresford, Beloit Snappers

Friday – SethSpeaks.net Pitcher of the Day – Matt Fox, New Britain Rockcats

Saturday – SethSpeaks.net Hitter of the Day – Erik Lis, New Britain Rockcats

Saturday – SethSpeaks.net Pitcher of the Day – Dan Osterbrock, Beloit Snappers

Sunday – SethSpeaks.net Hitter of the Day – Jair Fernandez, Ft. Myers Miracle

Sunday – SethSpeaks.net Pitcher of the Day – Steve Hirschfeld, Ft. Myers Miracle

Be sure to check out Roger’s Weekly Minor League Update.


Friday –Rochester 1, Toledo 2 – Bobby Keppel threw a great game, but the offense just was not able to support him. Keppel went all eight innings and gave up two runs on five hits. He walked one and struck out four, dropping his ERA to 2.36. Justin Huber and Trevor Plouffe each went 2-4.

Saturday –Rochester 2, Toledo 4 – Justin Huber had a good game. He went 2-4 with his seventh double and fifth home run. David Winfree was 2-4 with his 15th double. Philip Humber fell to 1-4 with this game. In 5.1 innings, he gave up four runs (3 earned) on seven hits. He walked two and struck out three. Armando Gabino struck out three in 1.2 innings. Tim Lahey worked a scoreless inning.  

Sunday –Rochester 1, Toledo 6 – Brian Duensing gave up four runs on ten hits in six innings to take the loss. He didn’t walk anyone and struck out five. Ben Hendrickson pitched the seventh inning and gave up two runs on four hits and a walk. Rob Delaney threw a perfect inning, striking out two. Steve Tolleson is now batting third for the Red Wings and after he went 2-4 with his sixth AAA double, he is now hitting .352.   


Friday – New Britain 1, Bowie 2 Matt Fox continues to pitch well and really is deserving of a promotion. In this game, he went the first seven innings. He gave up a run on four hits and a walk while striking out six. He dropped his ERA to 2.64. Alex Burnett took the loss. He gave up one run on three hits and a walk over two innings. Wilson Ramos went 1-2 before pulling his hamstring, which will keep him out of the lineup for up to another month. Juan Portes and Brian Dinkelman went 1-3 with a walk.   

Saturday – New Britain 6, Bowie 5 Carlos Gutierrez was much improved in his second AA start and Erik Lis helped provide the offense. Lis went 4-4 with a walk and two RBI. Yancarlos Ortiz went 2-4 with a walk. Whit Robbins and Matt Moses each went 2-5. Gutierrez against went five innings in this game. He gave up one run on five hits and three walks. He did not record a strikeout. Frank Mata got just one out and gave up three runs (2 earned) on two hits and a walk. Jose Lugo came in and gave up only an unearned run over 2.1 innings. He gave up three hits and three walks while striking out three. Yohan Pino came in and got the final out of the 8th inning. Anthony Slama struck out two in a scoreless ninth and was credited with the Win.

Sunday – New Britain 2, Bowie 5 Ryan Mullins took another loss. He gave up four runs (2 earned) on six hits and two walks in 4.1 innings. Zach Ward came in and gave up a run on two hits and a walk in 2.1 innings. Alex Burnett was perfect for 2.1 innings to lower his AA ERA to 1.54. Whit Robbins went 2-4 with his 16th double.


Friday – Ft. Myers 1, Daytona 6 Deolis Guerra falls to 4-6 after going just four innings in this game. He gave up six runs (3 earned) on six hits. He walked three and struck out seven. Loek Van Mil continues to impress. He threw two shutout innings, striking out two. Spencer Steedley and Henry Arias each threw a scoreless inning. Evan Bigley went 2-4, and Steve Singleton hit his second home run.  

Saturday – Ft. Myers, Daytona – Postponed by Rain.

Sunday – Game 1 – Ft. Myers 1, Daytona 8 – I’m certain Mike McCardell would like a Do-Over for the start of this game. He gave up eight runs in just 1/3 of an inning before leaving the game. He gave up four hits and walked three. Just one of the eight runs was earned as there were also three errors in that inning, one on McCardell. In reality, only one run really should have scored in the inning. Santos Arias then struck out four over the next 3.2 innings. Blair Erickson and Henry Arias each pitched a scoreless inning. The Miracle had just three hits. Nick Romero hit his second home run.  

Sunday – Game 2 – Ft. Myers 4, Daytona 1 – Rain shorted the second half of the double header after seven innings. Steve Hirschfeld picked up the win in a spot-start. He threw five shutout innings, allowing just two hits. He walked three and struck out four. Kyle Waldrop gave up a run on two hits and a walk in his inning. Spencer Steedey is credited with the Save with a scoreless inning which dropped his ERA to 0.61 on the season. Jair Fernandez led the offense. He went 2-3 with his fifth double and first home run. Steve Singleton was 2-3 with a walk and his tenth double. Deibinson Romero and Evan Bigley each went 2-4. Ben Revere was 1-2 with two walks.


Friday – Beloit 10, Burlington 5 Dan Berlind got some run support to improve to 2-6 on the season. In seven innings, he gave up five runs (3 earned) on four hits and two walks. Blake Martin struck out three over the final two scoreless innings. James Beresford went 3-5 with a walk. Ozzie Lewis was 3-5. Nathan Hanson went 2-4. Drew Thompson and Ramon Santana each had a hit and two walks.

Saturday – Beloit 4, Burlington 1 Dan Osterbrock went 6.1 innings to improve to 4-5. He gave up a run on six hits and a walk. Joe Testa recorded his sixth save, striking out four over 2.2 innings. The Snappers managed just six hits. Ramon Santana hit his 13th double.   

Sunday – Beloit 2, Clinton 9 – The Snappers managed just two hits in this one. Bobby Lanigan gave up one run over the first 3.1 innings. He gave up four hits, walked none and struck out six. Danny Rondon gave up an unearned run over the next 2.2 innings. He struck out three. Steve Blevins gave up a run on two hits and a walk in two innings to suffer the loss. Matt Williams gave up six runs (just two earned) on four hits and a walk in one inning.   

Please feel free to Send me an e-mail, or leave your questions or comments here.


22 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. toby June 15, 2009 at 3:01 am #

    Crain’s been in the bigs for 6 years, so he’s been out of options since at least 2006 (not sure if he was on the 40 man roster prior to 2004). Keppel’s riding the wave of totally unsustainable .259 oBABIP and 2% HR/FB numbers. He’s also induced groundballs at an unprecedented and thus presumably flukey rate while otherwise demonstrating absolutely nothing like dominating stuff (awful 11.4% K rate is in keeping with the rest of his not-even-AAAA quality career). If my choices are the two of them, I’d keep Crain, but only because I think Keppel would be even worse. You are totally correct that he had NO business pitching in the 9th Sunday. He’s only ever pitched one season with an xFIP under 4, but do you really believe Gardy knows what that means (in any sense)? Everybody not working for the Twins knows it’s time for Rob Delaney. If BS sits tight, Ayala will melt down sometime in the next two months and hands will be forced.

    Tolbert needs to go. Swapping him and Tolleson is at worst a lateral move. Luke Hughes leaves left-handed pitching for dead (combined OPS well over 1.000 over the past two years) and I’d love to see him get a crack at DH against southpaws if Span and/or Cuddyer needs to be DL’d (thus sending Kubel into the outfield). Makes more sense than a third catcher. It’s times like these I’m glad I’m also a Pirates fan so I’m not utterly soul-crushed by the Twins’ infuriatingly conservative organizational management.

  2. roger June 15, 2009 at 6:40 am #

    Seth, Any word on catcher moves? I have searched everywhere and not seen any yet. With Ramos hurt and Morales up, both New Britain and Rochester are playing with one catcher on the roster. Don’t know, maybe Morales goes back down today or tomorrow. Expect de San Miguel is on the move, but he played in the first game Sunday with Lehmann coming in to replace him. Maybe he left for the airport…just don’t know.

    Toby, Hughes hadn’t played in over a week, got into a game late last week and couldn’t go and finally was put on the DL with an oblique muscle problem. I am as big of a fan of Tolleson as anyone, but he has only been in AAA for a couple weeks…lets not push this kid to fast. Maybe late summer or September will be a good time to bring him up.

  3. mike wants wins June 15, 2009 at 8:14 am #

    Why wouldn’t you use Nathan there? The 3, 4, 5 hitters? That’s about as high leverage a situation as you can get. Someday a manager will figure out strategy, and not just follow the baseball way.

    Whether or not anyone on the AAA team is better than Crain or not does not really matter at this point. Crain clearly does not belong on the roster of a team that thinks it can win (not this year anyway, it is always possible he turns it around at some future time).

    Of course, starting a lineup with 4 hitters that just aren’t any good, a LH that doesn’t hit lefties well, two superstars and an ok SS isn’t likely to generate many runs, so I’m not sure it matters who the last two guys in the BP are right now anyway.

    The thing that seems to jump out at me when I look at the scores is the huge number of games in the minors where the Twins’ teams don’t score more than a run or two. They seem to have a blow up game here and there, but consistently good offense does not seem to be their MO right now, throughout their system.

  4. Jack Steal June 15, 2009 at 9:33 am #


    Great summary of the weekend series and the draft as always. I asked you about a month ago how long of a leash Crain would have if he keeps blowing games and you told me very long because he is 27 YOA and has a great arm.

    With Swarzak, Delaney, and Slama all pitching good do you believe the end is in sight for Crain or Ayala? I also am wondering how in the world Gardy would use him in that situtaion. As you and most other bloggers know by now I believe Grady needs to go. How can the front office overlook the fact that he continues to put players in situations to fail. Not to mention the fact that Brian Buscher and Matt Tolbert need to be sent down and other kids need to be given a chance. Gardy plays favorites and it costs the team and fans too many games in the standings. Are we seriously pursuing Latroy Hawkins? Oh well just tell what you think.

    Jack Steal

  5. thrylos98 June 15, 2009 at 10:41 am #


    Crain is out of options. His last option year was 2007 and the Twins signed his to an extension including this season. That extension, interestingly enough, just covered his first 2 arbitration illegible (seasons, 2008 and 2009) so he is arbitration eligible after this season and will not become a free agent until the end of the 2010 season. I suspect that he might need a change of scenery and he could be a centerpiece in a trade for a reliever.

    This next series with Pittsburg will be an interesting one and I would not be surprised a bit if Casilla and Crain end up being Pirates and Freddy Sanchez a Twin by the time the series is over.

    That might open the door for someone in the minors (Keppel? -he is a starter now, Morillo? – opponents BA .162, Delaney? -if you ignore the ERA, his other numbers are brilliant in Rochester) to come up in Crain’s spot.

    Gutsy move, but I think that it makes sense. Casilla is officially in as a big doghouse as he was in 2007 and Crain is just not there mentally.

  6. mike wants wins June 15, 2009 at 10:56 am #

    It’s hard for me to believe the Twins would trade for a 2B making over $6MM per year. That would make Punto one very expensive utility player.

  7. TT June 15, 2009 at 11:25 am #

    Crain has used one, if any, options. He last appeared in the minor leagues in 2004, the same year he was added to the roster and called up to the Twins. That would be the only year where he might have used an option. I don’t remember if he bounced back and forth or stayed in the major leagues once he was called up.

    I believe Crain has enough major league experience, 5 years, that he can refuse an optional assignment and become a free agent. In any case, I think this is a “grass is greener” discussion. Crain has struggled, but very likely so would any replacement. There is a big jump between AAA and the big leagues.

  8. thrylos98 June 15, 2009 at 12:02 pm #

    Crain has used one, if any, options.

    An “option” is not a time that some one can be sent to the minors. Each player has 3 option years. Crain’s were: 2005, 2006, 2007. So he is out of options.

  9. thrylos98 June 15, 2009 at 12:05 pm #


    on further review, I just look at some things and I strongly suspect that Crain has a shoulder injury (or in other words he did not recover from the one that put him in the DL last April). Given that this is his surgically repaired shoulder, I would not be surprised if he lands on the DL some time soon.

  10. Dome Dog June 15, 2009 at 12:21 pm #


    Glad to see you have finally come around on Jesse Crain! This is one of, if not the only, thing that I have ever strongly disagreed with you about since I began following your blog 2 years ago. I wish you were the one that was right on this one though!! The only guys that I feel somewhat comfortable with out of the bullpen are Nathan, Guerrier, and Mijares. That’s not good when only 3 out of 7 are somewhat reliable…doesn’t give Gardy too many options once the starter runs out of gas.

    And I guess at this point I’d be okay with pushing a few prospects “too fast” so they can replace the likes of Tolbert and Buscher, who have acclimated themselves to the big leagues “too slow”. Lets see if some kids can get up to speed quick.

  11. DH in Philly June 15, 2009 at 1:03 pm #

    Seth –

    Welcome back – hope all is well. Missed your postings during the draft. What is the best source for draft-choice signings, if any? Last year I found osme news in various places, but it was all hit or miss, or slowly updated.

    And finally, one opionion that may be unliked around here. Gardy may well be an idiot, but he far surpasses the combined wisdom of the posters/complainers on this and other blog sites. JMO

  12. thrylos98 June 15, 2009 at 1:55 pm #

    What is the best source for draft-choice signings, if any?

    Baseball America is by far the best. Here is their Twins’ draftees page for 2009:


    players who sign automatically appear in bold. Revisit every now and then and look at who signed. I refresh it on a daily basis (did last season) through out the summer before the August deadline (17th this year) to sign picks other than college seniors

  13. Shawn in Binghamton June 15, 2009 at 2:12 pm #


    I highly recommend Wrigley. Would like to see MLB put the Twins/Cubs on a rivalry rotation for a couple years….. Havee been seeing some teams home at home’s change this plate. The view was great and it was a perfect place to look over the game and see the strike zone well. Beautiful views of the park. Saturday we were in the bleachers and it was a party. Twins fans equaled Cubs fans in the bleachers and it was nuts. Wrigleyville was alot of fun. The view of the games was good. The trains take you everywhere.

    I have pix posted on facebook with more to come.

  14. DH in Philly June 15, 2009 at 3:25 pm #

    Thyrlos –

    Thanks. My recollection from last year is that this page is updated, but somewhat slowly. For instance, the Streich, Holbrooks, Johnson signings that were reported on (?) Saturday (?) aren’t bolded yet. I know it is only a few days, but my MTV generation brain wants this information NOW!

  15. Andy June 15, 2009 at 3:50 pm #

    I was at the Cubs/Twins game on Friday. The energy was electric and outside Wrigley you saw just as many Twins fans as Cubs fans. In fact, when I was trying to get my tickets of Craigslist, two people I talked to asked me if I was a Twins fan or a Cubs fan. I was expecting them not to want to sell to a Twins fan, but both times they then confessed that they were huge Twins fans as well.

    The highlight of the game was when Nathan was on with two strikes and half the crowd was on their feet clapping like it was a home game.

    Finally, I can’t write about this game and not mention the Milton Bradley 1 out throw into the stands. I laughed at first, but he got booed so bad, I actually began to feel bad for the guy. What an amazing day!

  16. Seth June 15, 2009 at 4:04 pm #

    alright, just a few responses to some of the above.
    Thrylos – actually options are related to being sent to the minor leagues. That is why it is called ‘being optioned to’ AAA. That said, I think T is right in saying that some of those options may go away with service time. I’m trying to follow up.

    That Baseball America site is pretty good. I have another site that I’ll need to see if it will be updated again this year and let people know. The only signing that I have had confirmed was Trayvone Johnson who is already in Florida.

    The Twins couldn’t get Freddy Sanchez for Crain and Casilla, but I could see them getting Sanchez. I think that would make some sense, but not yet.

    I’m actually good with the combination of Harris and Punto up the middle for now. Harris deserves it, and Punto isn’t a bad 2B option. I’m willing to stick with that for a bit now that he is healthy.

    I certainly wouldn’t bring up Tolleson to be a backup. Not yet. I know Tolleson isn’t terribly young but he’s just been moved to AAA so let’s let this play out a little bit.

  17. Brad June 15, 2009 at 4:09 pm #

    Glad to see you are still alive Seth! Do you plan on doing a draft recap in the coming weeks?

  18. thrylos98 June 15, 2009 at 4:46 pm #

    Thrylos – actually options are related to being sent to the minor leagues. That is why it is called ‘being optioned to’ AAA. That said, I think T is right in saying that some of those options may go away with service time. I’m trying to follow up

    Seth, I know. I probably did not make myself clear earlier:

    There is not such a thing as a limited number of options. However, there is a limited number of seasons (3) in which a player can be optioned (unlimited times) to the minors without passing through waivers. So, it makes more sense to think of options (as in “a player has 2 options left”) as option-seasons. Crain’s option seasons ended in 2007.

  19. toby June 15, 2009 at 11:51 pm #

    I’m finding conflicting information. I had always previously understood that an option was used every year a player is on the 40 man roster — basically for the first 3 years unless the guy has 5 or less years as a pro, in which cases there’s a 4th year possible — which is why I said he’d’ve been out since 2006 (his 3rd year in MLB, 5th year as a pro), but according to the information at bizofbaseball.com (which seems more thorough than wikipedia or anything else I can find) apparently it is not considered an option year if the player spends the whole year with the big club, so Crain only ever used the one option year in 2004 and actually has 2 option years left. The hitch is that as a 5 year MLB veteran he would have to give his consent to being optioned, which I am inferring NEVER happens.

    I don’t see the gap between AA and AAA being anything to worry about with Tolleson. He’s done just fine so far, and aside from an atrocious April this year has done the business with the bat for two seasons running now. I also wasn’t suggesting he be brought up as a backup. Punto is my backup — let him start every 3 days at one position or the other to pacify Mr. Gardenhire if we are only discussing “realistic” scenarios. Like I said: “infuriatingly conservative organizational management”.

    I knew Hughes was hurt but had previously read it was nothing serious and he’d be back any time, thus my (apparently overly hopeful) hope. I somehow missed the DL-ing. Any estimate on a return date?

    I’d love to see the Twins get Freddy Sanchez if Freddy Sanchez didn’t play for the Pirates. The Bucs would be insane to trade him for the likes of Crain and Casilla (and they’re not).

  20. J. Lichty June 16, 2009 at 8:59 am #

    Toby – I think the five year exception is the 5/10 designation which gives a player with 5 years of MLB service time with the same team – or 10 years MLB service with any combo of teams a right to decline an assignment to minors.

  21. toby June 16, 2009 at 12:34 pm #

    J – All the online summaries of options I’ve seen say only that with 5 years of MLB service (no specification is made that this need be with one team only) a player has to give his consent to be sent to the minors, whether optioned or outrighted or whatever, which is not to say that those are definitely correct.

  22. Tony in Duluth June 17, 2009 at 7:50 pm #

    What is with all the unearned runs in the minors?

    In the weekend recap it seemed like every starter had to fight through at least 1 unearned run in each level of the minors.
    Is this typical of the minor leagues or just an odd weekend.
    This does not boed well for playing “the Twins way” in the future.

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