Pirates Power Past Twins

17 Jun

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I really don’t want to dwell on the Twins 8-2 loss last night to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Francisco Liriano actually wasn’t bad. Michael Cuddyer had a very good game. But the long ball definitely hurt the Twins in this game. It was a bad pitching game, and the Twins pitching has been so strong the last ten to twelve games. I’m just not worried about this one game. If you would like to, you can read my Game Recap at BaseballDigest.com. Before getting in to my one big story from the game, here again is the pitching matchup for this afternoon’s Twins/Pirates series finale.

Thursday – 12:10 – Nick Blackburn (5-2, 3.31, 1.30, .264) vs Zach Duke (7-4, 3.10, 1.17, .263)

Story of the Game – The Idiot of the Day Award has to go to the Twins fan in the Home Run Porch that caught Andrew McCutchen’s 3rd inning home run and decided it was a good idea to throw it back on the field. First of all, any fan who catches a home run ball and throws it back on to the field has to have a little idiot within, but this was a completely different situation. You see, it was the first career home run for McCutchen. A fan has to be thinking such things when you are sitting in a location that could find you catching a little bit of history. At a minimum, the person who caught the ball could have received a signed bat and signed ball from McCutchen (one of baseball’s best prospects), had the opportunity to meet and shake hands with McCutchen, and present him the ball after the game. Doesn’t that sound much better than throwing the ball back out onto the field? It is a dumb thing to do in the first place. Do the fans out there encouraging the person to “Throw it Back” think that the guy who just hit the home run feels disrespected by the fan throwing it back? Do they think that it motivates the home team? Quick note – It doesn’t. All it does is slows down the game and highlights even more the fact that the home team’s pitcher just gave up a home run. But to give up the opportunity that that person did is inexcusable!

Live Twins Chat Tonight at 7:30 – I have not done a Live Chat for a couple of weeks and a lot has happened in the mean time. We have seen the draft, promotions, demotions, some injuries, some good pitching, Mauer is still good, and there is a lot going on in the minor leagues. I will open up the chat room a little after 7:00 tonight . If you would like to set an e-mail reminder, join the live chat and ask questions during that time, or read the transcript later, Click Here.     


Wednesday – SethSpeaks.net Hitter of the Day – Alexi Casilla, Rochester Red Wings

Wednesday – SethSpeaks.net Pitcher of the Day – Loek Van Mil, Ft. Myers Miracle


  • Steve Hirschfeld was added to the Florida State League All-Star game roster yesterday. Both Carlos Gutierrez and Danny Lehmann were named to the team but promoted to AA.
  • The Twins and Beloit Snappers released reliever Danny Rondon yesterday to make room for righty Tom Wright who is again healthy.
  • Travis posted his choices for Twins prospects 11-15.


Wednesday –Rochester 10, Columbus 2 – The Red Wings likely needed a game like this. 10 Runs on 17 Hits is a good way to improve team morale. Bobby Keppel continues to impress on the mound. He won his third game and dropped his ERA to 2.43 with six strong innings. He gave up two runs on nine hits. He walked none and struck out five. Armando Gabino continued his role as well. He recorded the three inning save. He didn’t allow a runner to reach base and struck out three. Alexi Casilla went 3-5 with a walk, his first home run and seventh stolen base. Trevor Plouffe was 3-6. Steve Tolleson went 3-5 with a walk and his second stolen base. David Winfree went 2-5 with his 18th double. Justin Huber was also 2-5. Dustin Martin was 1-3 with a walk and four RBI.


Wednesday – New Britain, Altoona – Postponed by rain.  


Wednesday – Ft. Myers 4, Dunedin 8 – Another rough outing for Deolis Guerra in this game hid another strong performance by Loek Van Mil. Guerra started and gave up eight runs on ten hits and two walks. Van Mil came in and threw four shutout innings, keeping his ERA at 0.00. He gave up two hits, walked two and struck out three. Danny Berg went 2-2 with his ninth double and first triple. Ben Revere was 2-3 with his 27th stolen base. Deibinson Romero went 2-4 with a walk and his 13th double. Evan Bigley went 2-4 with his fourth AA.  


Wednesday – Beloit 1, Clinton 4 Ramon Santana and Dominic de La Osa each went 2-3 with a walk in this game, but it wasn’t enough for the Snappers. Santana hit his 14th double. Dan Berlind gets the loss after giving up three runs on three hits and two walks in six innings. He struck out seven. Blake Martin gave up a run on two hits and three walks in two innings. Curtis Leavitt pitched a scoreless ninth.    

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4 Responses to “Pirates Power Past Twins”

  1. Jeff in WI June 18, 2009 at 8:17 am #


    In relation to fans who throw the ball back I have a story like that. I was sitting in the left field stands one night watching a game with my future wife when Dave Winfield, Minnesota’s own hit his 400th career home run and a guy caught it.

    The volume rose as the idiots in the stands screamed at the guy to throw it back, the guy was standing up looking like a deer in the headlights trying to figure out how he could keep this ball. I was about 6 rows back yelling at him to keep it as it was Winfields 400th. I was either not heard over the din of the unwashed masses or ignored.

    The guy finally caved and as I was saying give it to me if you don’t want it, he chucked it with a display bravado thrusting his arms up in the air.

    Once the cheering subsided I screamed out that he just threw Dave Winfield 400th career home run ball on to the field about the same time Bob Casey and the scoreboard annouced it and all the dum dums around him laughed their heads off at his folly.

    Imagine the bargaining you could have done with Winfields 400th…I think about everytime I see someone throw a ball back.

    I myself have a I-Rod homerun that I held onto. That night I was abused for four innings by the beer infused denizens of left field. My thought is I have been going to baseball games since 1966, I have caught 3 fouls balls and 1 home run ball. I have earned the right to keep it and anyone who disagrees can stick a Babe Ruth model bat…well you know.

  2. mike wants wins June 18, 2009 at 10:35 am #

    I agree, that is just one stupid “tradition”. I’d keep any ball that comes to me in the stands, and I’ve trained my kids the same way.

    As for Guerra, my heart breaks at what the Twins got for Santana every time you type “Another rough outing for Deolis Guerra”. Just a bad trade so far.

  3. Dome Dog June 18, 2009 at 11:20 am #

    I’m not sure if the word “bad” quite sums up that trade well enough…I’ll keep hoping though!!

  4. thrylos98 June 18, 2009 at 11:54 am #


    did you notice that Tolleson played LF last night? With Casilla, Plouffe and him needing playing time, Machado now healthy and Macri around, when Hughes comes back there will really be an infield jam.

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