Monday Morning Update

19 Jul

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Again, as the Trade Deadline is now less than two weeks away, please consider picking up a copy of the TwinsCentric 2009 Trade Deadline Primer for just $9.95. Also, at 9:00 tonight (central time), the Weekly Minnesota Twins podcast will begin. I envision a lot of trade deadline talk again and plenty of time to answer your questions. It was a lot of fun last week, and it will be good again!

Well, the big news from Sunday was that the Twins signed Mark Grudzielanek to a minor league contract. Although it was reported here first, there were no shortage of opinions on the signing. The Twins Geek talks about the deal, and if this is the big deal. Later in the afternoon, the Brewers acquired Felipe Lopez from Arizona for two minor leaguers. Then the Padres inexplicably traded a 26 year old reliever with years of track record for a 31 year old utility infielder with 31 big league at bats. July is such a weird month!


The Twins won the first two games of their three game set in Texas. Last night, the Twins got a very strong start from Francisco Liriano, followed by some very good bullpen work. But in the bottom of the 12th inning, R.A. Dickey threw a fastball to Ian Kinsler that left the building. It was Kinsler’s second home run of the game. The first came on the second pitch of the first inning. Nick Punto went 3-4 with his first home run of the season. Delmon Young was 2-4 with a walk. It was not a fun night for Joe Mauer. He went 0-6 for the first time in his career, and he had a passed ball that led to a Rangers run. He wasn’t alone. The Twins top five hitters (normally their strength) went a combined 1-24 in the game, the only hit was an Alexi Casilla single. Brendan Harris had to play 3B because Joe Crede couldn’t play yet again. Is it wrong that I’m tired of it and would like to see Crede traded and get Danny Valencia up here? Bobby Keppel had another strong game, 1.2 innings, no runs. Matt Guerrier had two shutout innings. Brian Duensing had a very good 11th inning that consisted of him getting two lefties out. Good game for the pitching. Not a good game at all for the bats. Tomorrow, the Twins will start a series in Oakland against the A’s.   


  • Be sure to head to the Star Tribune Your Voices pages and Dream a Little Dream with Doogie! Dreaming is fun!
  • Anyone else excited for Garrett Jones. The Pirates rookie hit seven home runs in his first 12 games with the team. And there are probably Twins fans out there asking how the Twins could have let him go. Well, the Twins already have a 1B who is pretty good, and their DH is pretty solid too. Garrett Jones makes Delmon Young look like a good outfielder defensively. So, I am thrilled or Jones and he deserved this opportunity. But this is not a David Ortiz thing, so please don’t go there.    

Any other Twins thoughts or stories? If you see a Twins-related story that you think readers would be interested in, please e-mail me the link. Let us know what you think.


Sunday – Hitter of the Day – Jonathan Waltenbury, Beloit Snappers

Sunday – Pitcher of the Day – Angelo Sanchez, Elizabethton Twins


  • Yesterday I mentioned that Jeff Christy was heading down to New Britain. The other part of that transaction is that Allan de San Miguel is traveling again, this time back to Ft. Myers.
  • When you first read the question, you think the answer is obvious. At Twinkie Town, cmathewson asks who is the better prospect, Ben Revere or Joe Benson?


Sunday – Rochester 2, Lehigh Valley 3 – Reid Santos gave the Red Wings a chance, but just didn’t get any run support. He gave up two runs (1 earned) on six hits and a walk in five innings. Armando Gabino then threw two shutout innings. Rob Delaney gave up a run in the 8th inning to take the loss and fall to 4-2. Trevor Plouffe provided most of the offense. He went 2-4 with his seventh home run. Matt Tolbert, Justin Huber and Danny Valencia each hit a double.   


Sunday – New Britain 1, Reading 9 – Overall, it just wasn’t a pretty day for the Rockcats. On the mound, Matt Fox gave up four runs (just 1 earned) on five hits and three walks. He struck out four. Carlos Gutierrez’s struggled continue. In 1.1 innings, he gave up four runs on three hits and two walks and gave up another home run. Kyle Waldrop pitched a scoreless inning. Then Frank Mata gave up a solo homer in the eighth. Rene Tosoni went 3-4. Luke Hughes went 2-4 with an 8th inning home run, his second of the year. Steve Singleton went 1-2 with two walks.   


Sunday – Ft. Myers 2, Dunedin 6 Santos Arias made a spot start for the Miracle and did a solid job. In four innings, he gave up one run on four hits. He walked two and struck out four. Then Dakota Watts came in. The 2009 draft pick had been playing for the GCL Twins, but was called across the parking lot for the game. It didn’t go so well. He gave up four runs on three hits and three walks in just 1.2 innings to take the loss. He struck out three. Spencer Steedley gave up a run in 2.1 innings. Loek Van Mil pitched a scoreless inning. Rene Leveret went 2-4. Nick Romero was 2-4 with his first stolen base. Ben Revere went 2-5. Joe Benson was 0-2 but walked twice.  


Sunday – Beloit 4, Dayton 6 Jonathan Waltenbury had a very good game, but it wasn’t enough for the Snappers. The Canadian 1B went 3-3 with a walk, his 10th double and his fourth home run. Aaron Hicks was 2-5 with his sixth double and third stolen base. James Beresford was also 2-5. Ramon Santana went 1-3 with two walks and his third stolen base. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good night for Bobby Lanigan. The Snappers starter went three innings. He gave up six runs on eight hits (two HR) and two walks. Steve Blevins struck out three in three one-hit innings. Matt Williams struck out two in two perfect innings.    


Sunday – Elizabethton 9, Burlington 2 Michael Gonzalez hit a grand slam in the E-Twins six run second inning. It was his second home run of the season. Anderson Hidalgo went 3-4 with a walk and his second homer. Derek McCallum went 2-4 with a walk and his third triple. Jonathan Goncalves went 2-3 with a walk. Angelo Sanchez recorded the win by pitching five innings. He gave up one run on one hit and three walks. Ramon Acosta gave up only an unearned run on two hits in two innings. Peter Kennelly struck out two in a scoreless inning. Ben Tootle made his professional debut with a scoreless inning in relief.  


Sunday –GCL Twins 1, GCL Orioles 5 – Things just are not getting better for Shooter Hunt. In this game, he started and faced seven batters. He walked six and hit the other. Four of the runs scored. Edison Alvarez gave up just one hit in three shutout innings. Zach See gave up one hit and one walk in his three innings. He struck out five. Leonardo Parra then gave up a run on a hit and a walk in his three innings. The GCL Twins managed just four hits. Nick Lockwood and Oswaldo Arcia each hit a double.

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14 Responses to “Monday Morning Update”

  1. mike wants wins July 20, 2009 at 8:51 am #

    Six walks and a hit batsman? ouch.

    This may be an example of why, sometimes, you need to trade for players or sign FAs. If you always rely on the draft, then you just are going to struggle to hit on enough players to have a deep, consistenly good MLB team.

    Clearly its all in his head at this point. I wonder if they’ll be able to relax him, and get him back on track over the next few years.

  2. clyde July 20, 2009 at 9:03 am #

    I’m with you on calling up Valencia, but I’d send down Buscher instead of trading Crede (can Crede play some first base?). Split time at third between Crede and Valencia and, against left handers, DH the one not playing third. Crede would be stronger down the stretch and, on days he does not play, provide a veteran hitter with pop off the bench.

  3. Shawn in Binghamton July 20, 2009 at 9:27 am #

    I agree on bringing up Valencia and sending Buscher down. Crede has been great in the field and has pop. I’d like to see how Valencia does in a callup to determine his readyness to be the fulltime guy next year. I gotta believe he’d be better than Buscher even if he is not quite ready.

  4. mike wants wins July 20, 2009 at 9:33 am #

    Crede hasn’t hit a HR versus a lefty in over a year. I’d not DH him I don’t think. As a hitter, he’s been mediocre this year. It’s his glove that has made him valuable.

    Buscher just isn’t very good, and he’s a lefty. I’d call up Hughes to DH against lefties, he kills them. It won’t hurt his progression, as they’ll never let him be a regular fielder anyway (though I wonder how good he is in LF). I’d bring up Valencia in September (unless Crede is hurt).

    But, I’d be ok with them bringing up Valencia now also.

    Nice to see Aaron Hicks get mentioned in the highlights, I think I predicted he’d start hitting as of tomorrow and not stop….

  5. Seth July 20, 2009 at 9:39 am #

    I’m definitely not bring up Valencia at this stage to sit or even split time. He needs to keep playing every day, at least until September, where i would be great with him coming up and getting less playing time. I would much rather Buscher be sitting on the bench than Valencia. Of course, I think I would rather have Mulvey starting every 5th day that being a 12th pitcher with the Twins as well.

  6. mike wants wins July 20, 2009 at 10:40 am #

    Did BS really say on his radio show that Grudz wouldn’t be up for at least a month? Seriously? Why bother? Why not sign him sooner? I continue to not be a fan of BS.

  7. TT July 20, 2009 at 10:44 am #

    Count me highly skeptical that Valencia is ready to contribute to a pennant race based on less than 100 at bats at AAA. As for Mulvey, I think young pitchers usually benefit from a few low-pressure opportunities to pitch in the big leagues. It gives them an idea of what they are up against. Its not like he is going to spend the whole season sitting in the bullpen.

  8. DH in Philly July 20, 2009 at 11:18 am #

    Drove to Allentown to see the Wings take on the LV Iron Pigs yesterday. Valencia stung the ball three out of four at bats, including one where he blasted a ball down the third base line that the third baseman caught almost behind him, and threw him out. That third baseman was our old friend Terry Tiffee. If you think we populate the Rochester roster with journeyman, take a look at the Iron Pigs – sheesh.

    Valencia looked fine in the field, but didn’t get tested. Plouffe got two hits including a dinger and started a nice double play. Santos started, then Gabino and Delaney. Neither stood out as MLB ready.

  9. Michael July 20, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    Luke Hughes also made a nice defensive play yesterday, charging a slow grounder towards the line and firing over to first to beat the runner. The throw was dead-on target.

  10. roger July 20, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

    Seth, count me amongst those who do not believe that Valencia is ready to come up today nor should be called up. I prefer to see him have a successful month and a half in Rochester, then certainly call him up in September and see how he adjusts. That would be very helpful for next year.

  11. roger July 20, 2009 at 1:50 pm #

    Also, Seth count me amongst those who do not have a problem with the signing of Grudzielanek. It is a minor league contract that won’t cost a lot. If he can come in and play anywhere near last year…that would be an improvement. Now if Casilla does what he should, I doubt we will ever see Grudzielanek in a Twins uniform. He will have gotten in playing shape on our dime and moved on to someplace else. Looks to me like low risk, modest reward deal. Now should Mr. Smith be looking to do something more meaningful, certainly. I for one believe that Gomez is beginning to prove that he needs to play and our 4+1 outfield is a problem. Move Young in a package for something of value that will help us win this year. If Young turns into a superstar in the future, so be it. But I feel it is time to move on and it ain’t gonna happen here.

  12. Joe July 20, 2009 at 3:57 pm #

    As long as Danny Valencia plays atleast 100 games for the Twins next year I am happy. I’m over the fact he is 24. His OPS is over 900 in AA and AAA. We all know he has talent.

  13. rosterman July 20, 2009 at 3:58 pm #

    Kudos to Garrett Jones.

    The Twins couldn’t ask him to return to AAA Rochester with the hopes of being the back-up if something happened to Morneau. They just couldn’t. That he found someone, and now has made the majors. Kudos to Garrett.

    And, nope, it’s not an Ortiz-type of thing. If anything, its close to when the Twins let Paul Sorrento go…which was a tragedy because Hrbek got injured.

  14. Joe July 20, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

    Carlos Gutierez needs to be SHUTDOWN. He can not get hitters out. He pitched 30 innings last year at Miami. Hes up to 90ish this season and with every appearance he looks worse and worse.

    Also Michael McCardell gave up 11 runs in 4 innings in his AA debut. New Britian needs HELP! Because they have been getting rocked.

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