Thursday Game Notes

7 Aug

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A couple of my favorite Twins prospects of years past were quite involved in last night’s Arizona 11-6 win over Pittsburgh. As recently as June of 2007, I ranked Trent Oeltjen as my #10 Twins prospect. The Australian was all about speed and could hit. He has experienced tremendous success helping Australia in international competitions over the years. He left the Twins organization after the 2007 season as a six year minor league free agent and signed with the Diamondbacks. After two good years at AAA, last night, he made his major league debut. He went 2-6 including his first home run. He also stole two bases.

After the 2006 season, Oeltjen was my choice for the Twins #9 prospect. At #10 was another OF, Alex Romero. Following the 2005 season, I had ranked Romero 6th on my Twins prospect list. He peaked at #6 in June of 2006. The Twins decided to keep a third catcher in 2007 (was it Chris Heintz or Corky Miller?) and tried to take Romero off of the 40 man roster. The Diamondbacks quickly claimed the OF and added him to their roster. Romero was 4-7 in last night’s game with a double and a stolen base.

Why am I writing about a couple of former Twins prospects, you may ask?

The alternative would be to spend a lot of time writing about the Twins 2-1 loss to Cleveland. It also meant a series loss. Nick Blackburn gave up two runs in 6.1 innings. He had quick innings in the 5th and 6th, but gave up another run in the 7th that proved to be the winning run. The Twins lone run came on a wild pitch. Michael Cuddyer scored that run. He was 2-3 with a walk and his 22nd double. Orlando Cabrera went 2-3 and is not 10-20 in five games with the Twins.

Things are definitely starting to get ugly in and around the Twins clubhouse. The evidence comes from some of the blunt quotes uttered by several Twins players in Joe Christensen’s very interesting article. Justin Morneau pinning the loss on one player. Mike Redmond basically admitting that he should not have been player. 

Check back later for another blog entry.


Thursday – Hitter of the Day – Luke Hughes, New Britain Rockcats

Thursday – Pitcher of the Day – Cole DeVries, New Britain Rockcats – Edgar Ibarra, Elizabethton Twins


Thursday –Rochester 2, Louisville 5 – Kevin Mulvey didn’t get the help me needed from his defense. Just one of the five runs he allowed was earned. He gave up four hits and three walks in seven innings. Rob Delaney struck out three in two one-hit innings. Matt Tolbert played LF and went 2-5. Trevor Plouffe was 1-3 with his fourth triple. Danny Valencia hit his 13th double. Brian Buscher was 0-2 with two walks while playing 1B.  


Thursday – New Britain 10, Erie 0 – Luke Hughes had a big game. He went 4-4 with a walk and two doubles. Rene Tosoni went 3-5 with his 11th home run. Brian Dinkelman went 2-4 with a walk, his 32nd double and seventh homer. Erik Lis went 2-4 with a walk. Mark Grudzielanek went 0-4 with a walk. Cole DeVries went the first 7.1 shutout innings. He gave up two hits, walked three and struck out eight. Spencer Steedley struck out three in 1.2 scoreless innings.  


Thursday – Ft. Myers 5, Charlotte 4 Chris Cates singled in Mark Dolenc with the winning run in the bottom of the 9th. Estarlin de Los Santos went 4-4 with his fifth triple. Evan Bigley hit two doubles in his five at bats. Dolenc went 2-4. Allen de San Miguel went 1-3 with two walks and his first home run. Michael Tarsi threw the first seven innings. He gave up four runs on ten hits. He walked one and struck out six. Matt Williams struck out four over the final two innings.  


Thursday – Beloit 2, Peoria 7 Liam Hendriks gave up four runs on eight hits and two walks in six innings. He struck out seven. Blake Martin gave up two runs on two hits in two innings. Thomas Wright gave up a run on three hits in his inning.  Danny Rams was 2-4 with his seventh double. Nate Hanson went 2-4.   


Thursday – Game 1 – Elizabethton 6, Johnson City 7 – Four games in two days is harsh, but that is exactly what was in store for the E-Twins. Brad Stillings started the first game but went just 1.2 innings. He gave up six runs (5 earned) on eight hits. Peter Kennelly came in and gave up just an unearned run over the final 4.1 innings. Tobias Streich went 3-4 with his eighth home run. Chris Herrmann was 2-4 with his second stolen base. Josmil Pinto was 2-4 with his 10th double.

Thursday – Game 2 – Elizabethton 7, Johnson City 0 Edgar Ibarra gave the team exactly what it needed in the second game, a complete game. He threw seven shutout innings and allowed three hits. He walked none and struck out nine. Reggie Williams went 2-4 with his sixth homer, a solo shot. He had four RBI in the game. Chris Herrmann went 2-4 with his first triple. Michael Gonzalez went 1-2 with two walks.  

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8 Responses to “Thursday Game Notes”

  1. Bill in Sarasota August 7, 2009 at 7:23 am #

    Why doesn’t the beat writers ask Gardy why Redmond didn’t play Wednesday night instead of Thursday’s game? Obviously Redmond’s in-out swing to RF is better against LHP and his splits verify that. Does Gardy think the afternoon sun is that much tougher then a night time game? Or did Gardy just look at the calendar: Monday off, 2 games, DH, 3 games for Mauer?

  2. mini_tb August 7, 2009 at 7:48 am #

    Do you think the Twins will lose Eric Lis this offseason? His solid offensive performance has always been dismissed for him being old for his level and unathletic, but the guy does nothing but hit year in and year out. He’s got decent power, and this year, he’s even drawing a fair amount of walks in AA. He’s also blocked from AAA by his right handed clone, Justin Huber.

    If a guy like Garrett Jones warrants the long look he is getting this season, I think a guy like Lis could get the same chance in some alternate reality. Honestly, Lis does seem like a pretty fringy major leaguer at best. His contributions on offense will likely never compensate for being a defensive black hole, but you never know… It’s understandable that he’ll likely never get much of a chance with the Twins since they’ve already got a pretty good lefty DH in Kubel, but it’s just too bad for Lis.

    What’s my point? I don’t know. Just thinking of how the D-Backs like to scavenge the Twins’ minor league scrap heap and thinking maybe Lis will be next.

  3. mike wants wins August 7, 2009 at 9:01 am #

    Hey Seth. Is Tosoni a LH or RH (I suppose I could look that up myself….)? For some reason I just feel he’ll be good someday. I have no reason to believe that.

    As for prospects, anyone really leap out at you as having made a big rise or fall so far this year? Guerra seems to have resurrected his good prospect status this year.

    What did you make of the Twins’ comments about Hughes? They sounded an awful lot like their comments about Bartlett a few years ago.

  4. thrylos98 August 7, 2009 at 9:17 am #

    Mike Redmond should put his money where his mouth is and retire…

    That said, it is not a secret about how I feel regarding the field staff and their leader.

    About Slama, yesterday in a Kelly T. piece Gardy was quoted saying something like “they tell me he is not ready”, which has been the mantra of Rantz/Ryan/Kelly all season. I suspect that the same triad also saying that Keppel/Henn are ready should make people lose a bit of confidence in their evaluating abilities these days…

    Sweet Detroit, and things might look a bit rosier.

  5. gobbledygookguy August 7, 2009 at 9:22 am #

    t98 when you admit being overmatched by a guy with a 7+ era it may be time to retire!
    both byrd and gaudan out there very cheap, shouldn’t the magical powers of the twins pitching coach turn these guys back into stars?

  6. TT August 7, 2009 at 10:50 am #


    I think Lis is one of those guys who will have to find himself in the right place at the right time. His upside is probably a left-handed bat off the bench. But to even reach that upside, some team is going to have to give him a bunch of at bats so he can establish himself as a major league hitter.

    I think Oeltjen and Romero are basically AAAA guys who are getting a chance to play. They are young enough that if they have some success they could hold down a roster spot as a forth or fifth outfielder.

  7. James M. August 7, 2009 at 1:01 pm #

    I watched the D’backs game last night. In addition to hitting a single and a HR (which tied the game and sent it to extra innings), Oeltjen threw a runner out at the plate. A pretty impressive debut. You may be right about him being a AAAA player. But A. J. Hinch (current D’backs manager and formerly head of Player Development) is a big fan.

    Romero is a 4th outfielder at best. He doesn’t have the speed to play CF nor the power to play the corners (1 HR in 197 AB’s). However, he is a lot more valuable than a 3rd string catcher who can’t hit his way out of a paper bag.

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