Twins Podcast Live at 9:00!

7 Sep

also available at

At 9:00 (central time) tonight, Seth Stohs will host the Weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast. Seth will again be joined by Travis Aune of Travis Twins Talk. We will discuss the Twins demise, the goings on in the Twins farm system and much more. As always, we encourage your questions in the chat room, and may even take some phone calls. So, check it out live, or be sure to download it and listen later.

One Response to “Twins Podcast Live at 9:00!”

  1. dean Jarosek September 8, 2009 at 4:57 pm #

    I know the twins don’t want to remove anyone from there 40 man, but Brock Peterson should have been called up…Who had a better second half of the season at any level in the twins organization. The kid got some playing time and made the most of it. Post All-Star .344 48 160 29 55 9 2 6 25 17 31 0 0 .406 .538 .943 Yep 943! What would his stats be if he got 450 plus at bats instead of 300. I hope he tears it up in spring training! Most improved by far. Dino

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