Gaining Perspective: Six Questions with Drew Thompson

17 Sep

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The Twins and their fans found out on Monday that Justin Morneau would miss the remainder of this season with a stress fracture in his back. As I mentioned that night, the Twins system has experienced several cases of this issue.

One of those players is Drew Thompson. The son of former big league second baseman Robby Thompson was the Twins 2nd round pick in 2005 out of his Florida high school. He signed quickly and spent 2005 with the GCL Twins. In 2006, he played in Beloit with the Snappers ,but midway through the season, his season ended because of a stress fracture in his back. He missed all of 2007 and 2008. After spending a little time in Extended Spring Training this year, Thompson returned to Beloit and played in 91 games.

This week, I was able to ask Drew Thompson several questions about his injury, and he was kind enough to respond thoughtfully.

Seth: What happened to cause your injury? can you pin point a moment?

Drew: it wasn’t really from a specific swing or play. Started bothering somewhere around all star break but being my first full season I tried to grind it out and play through it and eventually just made it worse and worse until it was no longer tolerable.

Seth: How long was it before you realized it was more than just a sore back?

Drew: I’d say it was bothering me for a few months. Thing is, I know my body pretty well and pretty much knew the whole time it wasn’t just a sore back, but like I said I was just being hardheaded and thought I could make it through the year.

Seth: What was the rehab process for you? How much complete rest, and once you started to rehab, what was that process?

Drew: 3 months in a back brace (obviously no activity), few weeks of nothing but stretching after that, then a long process of rehab. Took me a while to find kind of find a routine that was going to get me back on the field and keep me there. And that’s kind of where I’m at now.

Seth: How long did it take to get back to “normal”?

Drew: unfortunately was out the game for 2 years. But from the little I know about Morneau’s I had a few other things wrong with mine to go along with the stress fracture. So to me it’s a completely different situation.

Seth: Do you have to do anything even now, anything extra to keep your back loose and strong? Extra Stretching, etc?

Drew: During the offseason I still have a “core” routine that I stick with every day. Just some floor exercises to keep my abs and low back strong and flexible. A lot of extra stretching, especially the hamstring area, and then during the season I continue with the exercises but cut it down to about 3 or 4 days a week.

Seth: If Justin Morneau came to you and asked for advice, what would you tell him?

Drew: Do the rehab religiously, be patient and don’t try to come back too soon. And what was hard for me, but in the end made a big difference, is be positive. Remind yourself you’re getting yourself better and stronger every day and that it’s just a minor setback and will not keep you from doing what you love to do.

A huge thank you to Drew for taking some of his time to answer my questions. If you have any thoughts, comments or questions, please leave them in the Comments section.


4 Responses to “Gaining Perspective: Six Questions with Drew Thompson”

  1. mike wants wins September 17, 2009 at 8:55 am #

    Drew, I just want to thank for taking the time to do this interview. Interacting with us fans is something many players “don’t have the time for”. Your taking the time to do so is appreciated, and helped improve my day. As I tell my kids, if you can improve one person’s day every day, you’ll have a great life. Thanks.

  2. Rick September 17, 2009 at 8:50 pm #

    Excellent interview by Seth. And insightful answers by Drew. The fans will keep an eye on Drew hoping he continues to work his way to the Twins.

  3. Mike September 19, 2009 at 11:31 pm #


    Thanks for all you do for Twins baseball. Your knowledge of the minor league system is amazing. I’ve got a buddy playing in double a for the Nat’s and I can’t find a single sentence about him on-line. Sure, it’s the Nat’s, but when I showed him your site he guaranteed me he would have been the “seth” player of the night at least six times if he was in the Twins organization.

    Anyway, just wanted to encourage you to keep the good vibes coming this week. We (the hard core Twins fans) cling to your every word in these times. You have no obligation to report the facts. For the next two weeks keep the good vibes coming…we have all summer to second guess.

    Thanks Seth!

  4. Kristeena March 29, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

    Just an FYI Drew is a second baseman not a pitcher 🙂

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