Friday Notes and Week 3 Picks

25 Sep

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Good Morning, and Happy Friday to you! NIGHTLY Minnesota Twins podcast

  • On last night’s podcast, I spent the first part of the show updating on the World Cup, and dissected the weekend pitching matchups. Then John Bonnes, The Twins Geek, came on and we talked about various Twins topics. Next, Lee Warren, of the Royals blog Royals Reflections, came on and gave us a few things to watch for this weekend.
  • Finally, Twins relief pitching prospect Alex Burnett called in and we had a great discussion. He talked about his transition from starting to being a reliever, from the Florida State League to the Eastern League, the difference between pitching in the 8th inning and the 9th inning, the Arizona Fall League and more.  
  • Again tonight, I will be hosting another new episode at 10:00 central time.

Twins / Royals, Tigers / White Sox

The Tigers beat/swept Cleveland with a 6-5 win for Justin Verlander. That puts the Twins three games behind the Tigers with ten games left, four against the Tigers. Here are the pitching matchups for the weekend series:


  • Carl Pavano versus Robinson Tejeda. Pavano has been as good as we could have expected when he was acquired from Cleveland. But he has not been good against the Royals this year. In five starts, he has gone 2-3 with a 6.75 ERA, and Royals hitters have hit .306 against him. Tejeda has been incredible this year. He is 4-1 with a 2.94 ERA on the season. However, he only recently was put into the Royals starting staff. Check out these September numbers. In four starts, he is 3-0 with a 0.81 ERA, a 0.85 WHIP, and hitters have hit .117 off of him. In August, hitters hit .087. Right handed hitters this year, are hitting .103 against him.
  • Eddie Bonine versus Jake Peavy. Bonine will be making his third start for the Tigers this year (9th appearance). Peavy will be making his second start for the White Sox.


  • Scott Baker versus Lenny DiNardo. Baker has been the Twins best starter this year. However, he has gone a combined ten innings over his last start, and hasn’t made it through the sixth inning. He will need to step it up over his final two starts of the year. DiNardo came to the Royals this year after being let go by the A’s. He has made just three starts, and is 0-1 with an 8.22 ERA. However, he is left-handed, and the Twins haven’t seen much of him, so who knows what to expect.
  • Nate Robertson versus Freddy Garcia. Robertson has been awful this year for the Tigers (exception, his start last week against the Twins). Garcia will be making his eighth start for the White Sox this year. He has gone six or more innings in his past six starts. His last start went eight innings against the Royals.  


  • Francisco Liriano versus Zach Greinke. Not a good matchup for the Twins. The Twins are going to just try to piece together a pitching performance. They can hope to get three decent innings from Liriano, but then the entire bullpen will likely be ready to come in. Don’t be surprised if we see a lot of Jeff Manship and Armando Gabino in this game if it doesn’t start out well. Greinke, simply put, has been the best pitcher  in baseball all year. He is 15-8 with a 2.08 ERA. In 216.1 innings, he has struck out 229 and walked just 47. Inexplicably, this will be his first start against the Twins this season. All due respect to Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez, but Greinke should be the AL Cy Young Award winner.
  • Edwin Jackson versus Daniel Hudson. Jackson is 13-7 with a 3.25 ERA. He went seven shutout innings in his last start. Hudson got the loss in his first big league start last week, against the Twins. Hopefully his different delivery will keep the Tigers bats off balance.

 World Cup Update

  • Team USA beat Cuba 5-3. Trevor Plouffe went 1-4 with a walk. Terry Tiffee was 1-4 with his fourth homer and two RBI.
  • Puerto Rico beat Chinese Taipei 8-2.
  • Canada beat The Netherlands 11-5. Rene Tosoni went 1-4 with a walk.
  • Venezuela beat Australia 11-5. James Beresford and Luke Hughes were each 1-5.
  • On Saturday the fourth place teams in the two pools play (for 7th place), the third place teams in each pool play (for 5th place), and the second place team in each pool play (for third place).
  • Finally on Sunday, the first place teams in each pool will play for the World Cup championship.

 If you have any opinions, comments or updates, please leave them in the Comments section. 

NFL “Expert” Picks (Week 3)

The Twins will be playing the Royals this weekend. The Tigers are playing the White Sox in Chicago. It’s a big baseball weekend! The NFL is looking to Week 3 of its schedule. Below you will find our panel’s picks for this week’s games. Again, at any point you would like know more about our panelists or take a look at the standings, click on our FB Picks ’09 page.

I understand that posting the picks on this main page has created a situation where the formatting of this page is compromised. So I have posted the picks on the Archive page, which you can see here.


2 Responses to “Friday Notes and Week 3 Picks”

  1. Dave September 25, 2009 at 2:21 pm #

    Speaking of football: You should be living in Washington, DC. There is a morbid fascination with the [likelihood of?] the Redskins losing to the Lions. Speaking of baseball: Oh, if only Seth were correct about how quickly the Gardener would pull Liriano. My guess is that Liriano will have to give up a minimum of 3-4 runs in the first couple of innnings before he is pulled. I understand Manship has been plenty shaky, but this is a BIG mistake.

  2. Andy Darsow September 25, 2009 at 4:20 pm #

    That makes no sense Dave. Liriano has definitely not been good this year but he is better than Manship right now on his worst day. Manship is not ready for the big leagues. He looked overmatched his last start. I’m a fan of his but he needs a full year in AAA next year. I am by no means confident in Frankie but he is the right choice for this spot on Sunday. Gardy will have a quick hook with Liriano and go to the bullpen as he has recently with all of his starters. This is the best possible decision for this rotation and I think all the players would support this as well.

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