Stayin’ Alive! (and Week 4 Picks)

2 Oct

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Good Morning, and Happy Friday to you! Fall is certainly upon us with the rain, the temperatures are down, and it is kind of gloomy outside. However, with the Twins 8-3 win yesterday afternoon against the Tigers, the Twins were able to stay alive to fight another day. And hopefully the Twins were able to avoid potential in-fighting. Jose Mijares has always been a bit of a hot-head, and it came through again on Thursday afternoon. But the key is that the Twins won, and that there is a chance. A small chance, mind you, but a chance nonetheless.  Yesterday I mentioned the stat that no team in major league history had come back from three games back with four games to go to win the division. Today, I am happy to report that three teams in big league history have come back from two games back with three games to go.

The White Sox are certainly doing their part to help. They pushed Jake Peavy back to tonight, to pitch against Edwin Jackson. Freddy Garcia will start on Saturday against young Alfredo Figaro. And on Sunday John Danks, who has a proven record in pitching well in big games, will oppose Justin Verlander. Of course, the Tigers would prefer to clinch earlier so that they don’t have to pitch Verlander on Sunday and could use him in Game 1 of the playoffs. Three pitching matchups that are not bad for the White Sox, but the Tigers can also say that they have two of their top three guys going too.

The Twins will trot out two rookies this weekend at the Metrodome against the Royals in hopes that they are able to step up their games and give the Twins a chance. Jeff Manship will get another start tonight. He gave up just one run in 3.1 innings of relief on Sunday, so hopefully he can gain his control and keep the Twins in the game through four or five innings. And hopefully the Twins can jump all over Lenny DiNardo this time around. Nick Blackburn, himself becoming a Big Game Pitcher, will throw on Saturday night opposite Zach Greinke. Again, hopefully Blackburn can keep the Twins in the game. Also, the Twins will need to try to find a way to make Greinke throw more pitches early in the game. And on Sunday, Brian Duensing will make the start against Luke Hochevar. Duensing has had some issues the last couple of weeks, but in general has been quite solid.

So You’re Saying There’s A Chance?!

Sure there is a chance! With the Tigers magic number to win the division at 2, there is still a chance. And really, there is a chance until it gets down to 0. So, here are the scenarios:

  • Tigers Sweep White Sox – Tigers win the division.
  • Tigers Win 2 out of 3 against White Sox. Tigers win the division.
  • Tigers Win 1 out of 3 against the White Sox, Twins have to sweep to force a one-game playoff.
  • Tigers get swept by White Sox. Twins would win the division with a sweep, or force a one-game playoff if they win two out of three.

So yeah, there is still a chance. No reason to completely give up until that magic number is zero.

Isn’t it kind of cool that Minnesota is kind of the epicenter of sports right now? The Twins and Tigers are the only playoff race going this weekend. And the Vikings are playing the Packers on Monday Night Football with all kind of subplots. Maybe I’m the only one that thought that was pretty neat.

If you have any opinions, comments or updates, please leave them in the Comments section.

NFL “Expert” Picks (Week 4)

It is also time for our panel’s footballs picks for week 4. As you can see, I’m still waiting for a few responses, but I will update them as I get them. Be sure to check back.

I understand that posting the picks on this main page has created a situation where the formatting of this page is compromised. So I have posted the picks on the Archive page, which you can see here.


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  1. TwinsTarget October 2, 2009 at 12:53 pm #

    I’m the only one (so far) bold enough to pick Cleveland?

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