Twins Top Greinke; Tie Tigers

4 Oct

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Sometimes, I just love being wrong!!! It was just three days ago, and I again wrote that the Twins season was over. After the Twins lost to the Tigers on Wednesday night, I thought it was done. But the Twins beat the Tigers on Thursday afternoon. Then they won the first two games against the Royals (Saturday versus Zack Greinke) while the White Sox helped with two wins in Detroit. So we are 161 games complete, and the Twins and Tigers both have identical records. That means, it comes down to tomorrow. After Wednesday, the Twins officially had put their destiny outside of their own hands. And three days later, it is back in their hands. If the Twins win on Sunday, they will, at worst, have a 163rd game which, if they win again, would send them to the playoffs.

I like to say that words can not express what the Twins have done over the last three weeks, much less the last three days… but in reality, there are a plethora of words that can be used. Crazy! Unlikely! Impressive! Historical! Inspired! Inspiring! You can add your own superlatives.

The storylines on Saturday were all over the place:

  • Nick Blackburn , pitching on short rest, proved himself a Big Game starter yet again with seven strong innings.
  • After Jose Mijares’s implosion, Jon Rauch vultured another win.
  • Joe Nathan recorded Save #47.
  • Joe Mauer got the Twins scoring in the sixth started with an RBI line drive single off Greinke.
  • A couple of batters later, Delmon Young drove in three with a double. Seven RBI in these two games!
  • Michael Cuddyer, the Captain of Clutch of late, hit his 31st, and biggest, home run of the season to give the Twins the win.

Once the Twins won, it was fun to watch the White Sox beat the Tigers 5-1. Alex Rios had four hits and three RBI. Carlos Quentin homered to start the scoring. Freddy Garcia, who pitched for the Tigers late last season, gave up just one run in seven innings.


The Nightly Twins podcast continues to happen every night. The last three nights have all been terrific.

On Thursday night, Travis Aune and I used all 45 minutes of the live show talking baseball, and we weren’t done. We had another half hour of show to go, including fun discussion on our Top 5 Twins prospects.

On Friday night, I was joined by John Bonnes and a few callers to talk about the Twins win and the Tigers loss.

Then on Saturday night, all three of us talked about the Twins win and the Tigers loss… and then we jumped into our thoughts on what will happen on Sunday.

What a terrific time to be a Twins fan!

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2 Responses to “Twins Top Greinke; Tie Tigers”

  1. Gabe October 4, 2009 at 2:32 am #

    Delmon Young has 8 RBI Seth… 8! He got 5 yesterday I think

  2. rosterman October 4, 2009 at 8:58 am #

    I can turly believe in miracles. Wow! What a way to end the season in the Mall of America Hubert H. Humphrey inflated bubble! Plus, the presence of all those “classic” Twins players in attendence. 15-4 going into Sunday’s game. Young and Cuddyer and Punto. Who would’ve thought.

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