6 Oct

Hi folks.  mini_tb here.

Well, here we are.  Game 163.

The Twins and Tigers are in the same position after 162 games.  The 2 teams certainly took different paths to get to this point of the season.

Having lead the AL Central continuously since May with a lead of 7 games a month ago, the Tigers were easily the favorite to walk away with the AL Central title.

But here we are.  Game 163.

While the Tigers stumbled to the finish, the Twins played their best baseball of the season, all without their second best hitter, winning 17 of their final 21 games and gaining 7 games on the Tigers over the final month to force the 1 game playoff.

Today it’s win or go home with 2 high quality young starters pitted against each other in the biggest games of their major league careers.   Scott Baker vs. Rick Porcello.

Win or lose, Twins fans can still say it was a heck of a ride down the stretch for the home team.

Will Tigers fans feel the same if the Tigers’ season ends abruptly at the Metrodome later today?  Will the Miguel Cabrera hoopla from this past weekend become an epitaph of sorts for a disappointing season?

Game 163 is later today.  Go Twins!!


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