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28 Oct

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I am really trying to figure out a manageable schedule for me and for SethSpeaks.net over the postseason. One thing that I think it is very important to do is link to other Twins blogs. I remember in May or June of 2003 when I started, I would get 10, maybe 20, hits a day. Then The Twins Geek and Aaron Gleeman linked to me, and the numbers would jump up. Their support helped this site gain some readership and I greatly appreciate it. There are a ton of really good Twins bloggers. I appreciate you reading my site each day, but I hope I can also send you to other blogs and sites that discuss the Twins. So for today, I am going to have a bullet point blog with updates on this site, links to Twins blogs, and other notes. I hope that I am able to provide you with information that you find worthwhile. Please feel free to comment here.


  • My intention is still to post something each day at SethSpeaks.net. I’m sure there will be times that it just won’t work. I mean, I do have a regular job too and sometimes, I just can’t justify it. I hope to provide notes on the goings-on with the Twins. If they make transactions or statements, I’ll be sure to take a look at those decisions. I hope to do a Q&A almost every week, if at all possible. The NFL “Expert” Picks will remain.
  • The SethSpeaks.net Weekly Minnesota Twins podcast is going to move to Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. central time. During the second half of the season, I moved it to Monday nights, but now that the Twins season is done, I would guess my ratings might suffer going against Monday night football. I have not had a podcast since the Twins season came to an end. After three weeks of podcasting every single night, it has been a nice break. But again, starting next Tuesday, the Twins podcast will be back. I hope to have at least one Twins player (or minor league player) each week, probably a Twins blogger and of course welcome your questions in the chat room, or calling in to the show. During the Winter Meetings, we may have to have a nightly podcast, but that will be determined.
  • I will try to have a Live Chat about every week. Those are always fun, so continue to check here for when they will occur. It is possible that I could do one-hour chats during my lunch hour as well.
  • I am supposed to post one article a week on my Star Tribune Your Voices blog. I’m always looking for topics to discuss, so if you ever have any ideas, please let me know. The topics are supposed to be somewhat local/Minnesota related.


  • As you know, it was a little over two weeks ago that the Twins season ended. That night the TwinsCentric Offseason GM Handbook was released. Sales to this point have been at least as good as expected, and we certainly thank all of you who have purchased your copy of the electronic book. Many of you got your Free Sample, which was almost half of the book, and we hope that you found it entertaining and informative, and if you would like to step it up to the full copy, you can do so at www.TwinsCentric.com. Here are a couple more updates:
    • We have been asked several times about a hard copy, a print version of the Offseason GM Handbook. We had hoped to have it available at the same time as the electronic copy, but we are self-publishing it and ran into a couple of snags. The best update I can give you right now is that the print version will likely be available within the next two weeks.
    • Yes, the entire transcript of the Bill Smith interview has been sent to those of you who purchased the electronic book. If you buy a copy from this point forward, it will be included. Also, it will be included in the print version.
    • Finally, be sure to head back to TwinsCentric.com, bookmark it, and be sure to check out the new Twins GM Contest. We are looking at a couple of different prizes for the winner, but the concept of the contest is simple. Now that you’ve reviewed everything in the Offseason GM Handbook, we want to know what you think. The contest is for you to pick who you think will be on the Twins Opening Day roster in 2010, and to pick the Opening Day payroll. There is also an area for you to comment on how you came to that roster. What trades would you make? What free agents would you sign and for how much? What other decisions would you make? On Opening Day, we will go through all of the submissions and whichever is closest to the actual roster and payroll will win. So, head over the TwinsCentric.com and submit your roster!


Who will win the World Series? Before tonight, I would have said Phillies in SIX Games. After watching Cliff Lee dominate the Yankees last night, I may have to change that to Phillies in FIVE. What do you think?


I have done a very poor job of updating what is going on in the Arizona Fall League this year. So, here is a quick update on the Twins prospects that are participating:

  • Steve Singleton – With a 1-4 (with a double) day on Wednesday, he is hitting .303/.314/.485 with three doubles and a home run. He is 10-33 with one walk and three strikeouts.
  • Chris Parmelee – He started the season by going 0-10. Since then he is 9-24 (.375). Overall, he is hitting .265/.366/.618 with four doubles, a triple, two home runs and 11 RBI. He has walked five times and struck out nine times.
  • Rene Tosoni – Like Parmelee, Tosoni is 9-34 on the AFL season. He is hitting .265/.359/.471 with two triples and a home run. He has five walks and nine strikeouts.
  • Mike McCardell – In three starts, he has gone 0-0 with a 7.27 ERA. In 8.2 innings, he has given up nine hits, five walks and struck out 11. Of course, the ERA is thrown off by his third start in which he gave up five runs in 3.2 innings.
  • Spencer Steedley – He has pitched five innings in five games. He has given up six hits, walked nine and struck out three. He is 0-0 with a 5.40 ERA.
  • Alex Burnett – After a scoreless inning of relief Wednesday, he has now thrown 4.2 innings in his five games. He has given up four hits, walked five and struck out four. All three of the runs he allowed came in one outing that lasted just 2/3 of an inning.
  • Steve Hirschfeld – Hirschfeld is 0-1 with a 20.77 ERA. He has thrown 4.1 innings in five appearances. He has given up ten runs on ten hits (3 home runs). He has walked two and struck out seven. Again, the ERA is what it is primarily because of an outing in which he gave up six runs on five hits and a walk in just 1/3 of an inning.  


Several Twins players are playing in the Caribbean this winter. Here is a quick update on the Twins prospects that are participating:

  • Wilson Ramos – Ramos is certainly the Twins minor leaguer who is making the most noise. He is 23-58 (.397/.463/.793) with six doubles, a triple, five homers and 21 RBI. He has walked seven times (2 intentional) and struck out 12 times.
  • Dustin Martin – Martin has gone 11-46 (.239/.368/.391) with a double and two home runs .He has walked ten times (3 intentional) and struck out 12 times.
  • Justin Huber – Huber is 12-42 (.286/.388/.357) with three doubles.
  • Frank Mata – Mata is 2-1 with a 3.86 ERA in six outings. In 9.1 innings, he has give up 13 hits, walked four and struck out four.
  • Pedro Guerra – Guerra has also pitched in six games. He is 0-1 with a 6.48 ERA. In 8.1 innings, he has given up 11 hits, walked four and struck out eight.
  • Jason Jones – Jones has started four gaems. He is 0-0 with a  5.00 ERA. In 8 innings, he has given up 21 hits, walked four and struck out eight.
  • Winston Marquez – The lefty has made three starts and is 0-0 with a 4.73 ERA. In 13.1 innings, he has given up 13 hits, walked 10, and struck out seven.
  • Others playing in Venezuela – Jonathan Goncalves, Edgar Ibarra, Miguel Munoz and Oswaldo Sosa.
  • Playing in Dominican Republic – Estarlin de Los Santos (7-27), Juan Portes (1 game), Jose Lugo and Juan Morillo.


Here is a quick sampling of some of the many Twins bloggers:


Judd Spicer is a terrific guy, and he’s a terrific writer for the sports pages of City Pages. What kind of wrestler is he? Well, we can find out on Friday night! Check out the below press release:

For immediate release–

This Friday, October 30th, City Pages sportswriter Judd Spicer will be participating in an evening of women’s oil wrestling, battling for the universal pride of those who cover sports for a living.  Spicer’s aim is to “dispel the notion that sportswriters are tubby, hot-dog-eating, booze-hounds that write about sport instead of participating in the field of battle.”

His opponent in the exhibition match: The tenacious Amanda Hansen, former contestant on ABC’s “Big Brother” and current finalist for 93x’s “Ultimate Xgirl” competition.  To learn more about Amanda and her Xgirl quest, please visit and vote for her here:  http://www.93x.com/Article.asp?id=1505566

The Event: An Evening of Women’s Oil Wrestling, sponsored in part by “Seconds Out Boxing Promotions” 

Start Time: Friday, October 30, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.


Location: Robert Bar in Mounds View
Street: 2400 County Road H2

Tickets: $15 for General Admission

Special Guest Judge: “Golden” Caleb Truax
Get your pre sale tickets at www.vitalculture.com

Spicer vs. HanseN

Never Question The Power of the Pen

Did anything stand out? What do you think? Please feel free to Send me an e-mail, or leave your questions or comments here.


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  1. Gil4 October 29, 2009 at 11:12 pm #

    Are you going to be doing a Twins prospects book again this off-season, or was that a one-time good deal? (Is the GM book replacing/expanding upon it?)

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