Update from Arizona

13 Nov

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Good morning, everyone! This may not be a real long update, but I thought I would send a quick site update and some thoughts on my first Arizona Fall League experience. After going to four classes/sessions at the Green Build show in Phoenix, I quickly did what I could to get to Ho Ho Kam Stadium in Mesa. Game time was 6:35 mountain time. I rushed a couple of blocks to the lite rail station only to find out that if I had boarded that train, I would have headed west instead of east. Good thing I couldn’t figure out the system. I had to walk two blocks further to catch the train going east. So, I got on the train and about 18 miles later, I was in Mesa, the end of the lite rail track. So, I call the taxi cab company, and 20 minutes later, the cab driver picks me up. I tell him that I’m going to the stadium, gave him the address, and he had no clue where it was. None. So, we went back west quite a ways before he realized we couldn’t be going the right direction. What should have been a $10.00 was suddenly a $25.00 trip. Fortunately the guy realized he got lost and only charged me $15.00. But I was there, in the fourth inning.

And, the only Twins player that played in the game was Steve Hirschfeld. He gave up two runs on one hit in three innings. He walked three and struck out three. Yes, he went the first three innings. Remember, I got there in the fourth inning. I was really hoping to see Hirschfeld pitch.

But that is OK. It was still a lot of fun to be there. It was fun to be one of 536 people in attendance. I don’t know if that counts the section of scouts behind home plate. As a baseball fan, going to the Arizona Fall League is just one of those things you have to do. It was cool being that close to the field. It was great watching outdoors baseball in mid-November. It was actually pretty cool, weather-wise, as well, and yet really comfortable. And again, it’s baseball. It’s some of the best prospects in the game. Josh Vitters, Cubs 3B prospect looks like he’s about 15 (he’s actually 20). Starling Castro is only 19. Orioles 3B Josh Bell just looked like a ball player. Corey Brown is an OF for the Phoenix team (and the A’s) was 3-3 with two walks and a homer off of Hirschfeld. Remember Adam Loewen? He was a pitcher for the Orioles, or at least a pitching prospect, for several years and got many opportunities with that team. But injuries really stunted his career. He was moved to the OF a year ago, and now he is hitting .179 for Phoenix. PJ Phillips was Mesa’s CF. He is with the Angels organization. He looks like a very young Torii Hunter. He’s tall and lanky and fast. He is Hunter circa 1998.

Many of the players on both team are up on the top step throughout the game. Steve Singleton was frequently encouraging teammates. Rene Tosoni looks so similarly to Michael Cuddyer.

I know that I can’t wait to see the game on Friday afternoon. I hope to get there on time, or maybe even early. Fortunately the two teams play in Phoenix this time. I will pay particular attention to the Twins players. So at some point, be sure to check back for more information.

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3 Responses to “Update from Arizona”

  1. Lee Henschel November 13, 2009 at 6:46 pm #

    Will Pridie be brought back in 2010? My understanding is that he had a less-than-spectacular year at AAA, but I have not heard if he has been released, or remains on the team’s 40-man roster. With Gomez gone, it makes a little sense to keep him on the roster, I think, possibly as a fourth outfielder.

  2. TT November 14, 2009 at 10:48 pm #

    Pridie is still on the roster. I think his defense puts him in a good position to claim the fourth/fifth outfield spot. With Kubel as the fourth outfielder, they need someone who can back up Span in center field. Pridie fits that role.


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