Twins Notes, and Week 12 NFL “Expert” Picks

25 Nov

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Here are the Week 12 picks from our Expert Panel! The Week 11 winner was Andrew Kneeland, so congratulations to him. Travis Aune is now tied with Dan Slowey in the overall standings through Week 11. There are eight people within three games of the leaders. Should be an interesting final weeks. If you want to see the overall standings and more, click here. Before we get to our Week 12 picks, here are a few other quick notes to get you through the Thanksgiving weekend.

  • I hosted a very informal Weekly Minnesota Twins podcast last night. It was about 35 minutes of me talking Twins. There appeared to be some issue with the system so it could not be heard. But you can hear the podcast here.
  • The first place you need to go is to Over the Baggy where Parker has linked to many Joe Mauer MVP articles.
  • The 40 man roster was set last week, Granny Baseball takes a look a potential 25 man roster.
  • Pat Neshek threw his final bullpen until spring training. He got to face Nick Freitas and 16 year old Max Kepler Tuesday. He said he added another mile per hour to his fastball and felt good about his slider. But sure to check out a few more interesting tidbits at Pat Neshek’s blog.
  • Check out which three Twins were named Top 10 Dominican Summer League prospects according to Minor League Baseball Prospects.
  • Again, you can follow me and at Facebook, Twitter (@SethTweets), and probably other places too.  

WEEK 12 Picks

For our picks for the 12th week of the season, click here.


2 Responses to “Twins Notes, and Week 12 NFL “Expert” Picks”

  1. roger November 25, 2009 at 1:37 pm #

    Very interesting about the DSL prospects. Nice to see a Twin at the top, although he isn’t one of his favorites. Gotta wonder why Wander Guillen wasn’t listed. He outhit almost all of those listed and he was 16 while most of them were 18! Should be exciting next spring when we get to see if Ciurcina is as good/or better than Salcedo?

  2. Jonny November 25, 2009 at 10:10 pm #

    Looks like is finishing up his top 50 prospects. It’s been a good read so far.

    The Minor League Baseball Prospects website was a good find. Thanks Seth!

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