NFL “Expert” Picks – Week 15

17 Dec

Here are the Week 15 picks from our Expert Panel! It had been awhile, but I am happy to say that the updated standings for this league can now be found here. I has been about three weeks behind, so big hat-tip to Melissa Lien for helping it get caught up! In Week 14, Dan Slowey and Mike McCardell led the way by going 14-2. Slowey (Dan variety) grabbed the lead in this competition early and has somehow managed to maintain it throughout. In fact, his lead is now three games over Dan Osterbrock and Steve Blevins. McCardell and TwinsCentric’s own Nick Nelson are both four games back of the lead. But now there are just three more weeks to go.  If you have any thoughts, leave Comments here. If not, Click here for our picks for the 15th week of the season.


One Response to “NFL “Expert” Picks – Week 15”

  1. Andrew December 24, 2009 at 12:10 am #


    I think I can help you code the excel spreadsheets so they will auto-magically update the weekly standings.


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