Weekend Links

20 Dec

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I haven’t been real great at linking to other Twins sites and such, so I thought a quick Weekend Links posting would be good. Enjoy!

  • First of all, don’t mess with the Twins! If you’re a blogger, be very careful of what you show on your site, specifically if you are hoping to make any money off of it. Check out this story about Ballpark Magic!
  • The Twinkie Towns Top 50 Twins Prospect voting is now attempting to select the team’s #17 prospect. Check it out to see who the top 16 are.
  • Also, Roger posted his Weekly Twins Minor League Report.
  • After spending the last few months doing silly things like studying, Travis is back and he is starting to display his Year End Top 50 Prospects. Here are his choices for 46-50.
  • Turning the Tables (by Nick Nelson) sure received a lot of attention. Nick talks about how the Twins could become the big spenders in the AL Central.
  • Parker from Over the Baggy asks “Could the Twins  Actually be Serious about Aroldis Chapman?” In my opinion, they should be involved, but I also think giving too much money to any pitcher (as I believe there is an inherent risk with any pitcher. Really, how many pitchers have had no arm problems?). I do think that the Twins should seriously consider Chapman, but their way to convince him to pick the Twins can’t be money. The Twins should try to convince him that he will make his money down the road, but it is more important to his career and to the Twins that they not rush him. Consider this, he is 21 years old, left-handed and has been clocked at 102 mph. But does anyone believe that he is more polished that Kyle Gibson, or even someone like David Price. Chapman should sign and go to the Florida State League for a half season in 2010. He should end the year at AA. He should not make his big league debut until he is ready. The Twins would have the patience for that, would Chapman and his representatives?
  • Have I mentioned lately that Josh Taylor is back… and that’s a good thing!
  • The Twins Geek asks “What is Kenny Williams up to?” I do think that the White Sox are the Twins primary competition in the AL Central in 2010. The moves they made in 2009 convince me of that. Jake Peavy will help tremendously and give them four solid starters. Alex Rios will figure things out and be very good. Their offseason moves don’t have me scared at all. Juan Pierre is not intimidating at all. Mark Teahen is a nice player, but not scary. Andruw Jones is done, and he doesn’t care. They let go of Jermaine Dye and Scott Podsednik. Not huge losses, but I’m not certain that the offseason additions make up for their losses.  
  • Granny Baseball predicts the 2010 Rochester Red Wings roster.
  • Twinkie Baseball takes a look at some of the Twins Dominican Summer League Prospects. Here are his thoughts on Pedro Guerra. His thoughts on Wander Guillen.

 There you go. A little bit of Twins talk for you on a Sunday morning. Please feel free to discuss here.


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