Monday Monday

21 Dec

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Good morning everyone. This will just be a real quick update. I am spending the day writing about baseball. I’m so far behind on several of my projects, but I again wanted to give a quick update on the projects that I am working on.

  • SethSpeaks Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook 2010 – If you want the 2009 Prospect Handbook, it is priced way down, so get your copy now! As I mentioned earlier, last year the handbook was out by Thanksgiving. This year, my hope is to have it available by around January 18th. I think this is a good thing in that, the Rule 5 draft is past us, hopefully we will soon hear about minor league signings, and it will be more timely. I also hope that you will think that the quality of the book is much higher. There will be more stats, but don’t think it is a statistical book. It’s not the key part. The key is that I have been able to get a lot of scouting information from various sources on most of the players. I think that the prospect profiles will be much improved. I will also be writing a few additional articles/stories. It will again include some prospect rankings. I’m working on finding a few Foreword writers. But it is getting closer, and I really hope that you will want to purchase and use as a reference throughout 2010.
  • The TwinsCentric crew is working on a joint venture project that will be complete by the end of January.
  • I am also writing some Twins content for Fox Sports that will appear in a magazine as well.
  • Please note that if I suddenly don’t write much of anything for a couple of weeks, it is because my fingers, hands and wrists no longer work, or carpal tunnel surgery has been necessary.  

 Here are some quick links for you to read today:

  • Even with the holiday, it will be a busy week for Twins podcasts:
  1. Tonight at 5:00 central time, Travis from Travis Twins Talk will be hosting his very own podcast. Be sure to check out his inaugural show. It will be a little different in that he will talk about all Minnesota sports, the Twins, the Vikings, the Wolves, the Gophers and more. So, do me a favor and be sure to check it out here!
  2. The Weekly Minnesota Twins podcast will be on Tuesday night at 9:00. Guests are currently being recruited!\
  3. And on Wednesday at 9:00, Jack Steal from Fanatic Jack Talks Twins will be hosting his weekly Twins podcast, so you will certainly want to listen to that and call in.

 Alright, that’s it for now… I’ve got a ton of writing to do. I hope you understand. If there are Twins topics that come up, I’ll try to write, otherwise, please feel free to discuss below.


One Response to “Monday Monday”

  1. Dan December 22, 2009 at 2:21 pm #

    Did you know the Punto is Italian for PERIOD? Maybe that is why Nicky’s hitting is so cyclical?

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