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6 Feb

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I had almost forgotten that the Super Bowl was this weekend, until I read that the Twins will unleash their newest commercial (an animated one!) during the Super Bowl.

As I did last year, I am going to post my Super Bowl Prediction, but I have also asked many people for their predictions. I’m going to post them tonight, but I will continue to update this as I receive more responses, right up to the kickoff. I asked people to give their prediction on the score of the game (between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints), and if they wanted to add a small paragraph of other thoughts, they certainly could. We’ll start with my prediction and then I will add the picks as I received them. Of course, in the Comments, be sure to post your predictions too.

Seth Stohs ( – Minnesota Twins 2010 Prospect Handbook)

Colts 37, Saints 27Peyton Manning is just so good. So is Drew Brees, but it’s like comparing Vlad Guerrero to Hank Aaron or Willie Mays. Both teams have a ton of weapons, and both QBs use them all. I don’t know enough about either team to feel strongly, but this is definitely the matchup of the two best teams in 2009! It should be fun to watch!

Howard Sinker ( – Section 219)

Colts 35, Vikings 3 — Magic runs out for the Vikings as Peyton Manning chews up the defense. The Williams Wall comes crumbling down and Jared Allen ties himself into knots instead of doing his calf-roping routine. Favre throws 5 INTs and after the game people start wondering if Jay Cutler is available.

Anthony Slama (Twins Relief Pitcher Prospect)

The saints will win it 38-35. Brees will have 4 TD’s, Manning 3 and Colston will have over 120 rec. yards.

Marty Andrade (

53-42 Saints – Peyton Manning throws three interceptions in a football disaster. The game will feature 8 turnovers and 200 yards in penalties. Every field goal attempt by either team will be missed.

Darren “Doogie” Wolfson (KSTP-5 Sports)

Saints 31-27. While not feeling real strong about that selection, New Orleans plus-five I do (only if I were in Vegas of course).

Jonathan Mayo (, B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful,

Such a hard decision to make, go with the heart or the head. I probably should go with the head, but where’s the fun in that? I’ll take the Saints, 42-35.

Roger Dehring (Twinkie Town minor league contributor)

I predict a win by New Orleans, in a lower scoring game than everyone expects.  Final score, NO-24, Indy-20.Look for both defenses to show up and Drew Brees to have a very good game.  Predict that Peyton’s bubble will burst with 2 picks.

Topper Anton (Curve for a Strike)

31 – 21 Saints over Colts. This game is going to feel like a letdown, not just for Vikings fans, but for everyone, after watching the thriller two weeks ago in New Orleans. The NFL should just retroactively go back and anoint that game the Superbowl because nothing can top it (except if the Vikings had won). And although every media outlet is doing their best to make it seem like the Saints are actually underdogs here, I think anyone who’s watched a game this season knows that either the Saints or the Vikings would have torn apart any AFC team they encountered this Sunday… at least the commercials could be entertaining?

Kirsten Brown (K-Bro’s Baseball Blog)

Before the conference championship games, I was convinced that whoever won the NFC would be the superior team. The Saints had a spectacular season and Brees was a ton of fun to watch. But then I saw how vulnerable they really were when they beat the Vikings (they only won due to luck and Vikings collapse). Plus, I can’t forget Payton Manning and how he artfully dissects opponents. I predict a good game. Colts 24 – Saints 21

Andrew Kneeland (Twins Target)

The Colts managed to out-rush the New York Jets — a team whose offense revolves around their running game — two weeks ago. If Joseph Addai and the Colts’ offensive line get their running game going Sunday night, their offense will be firing on all cylinders. With the best passing game in the league and a potentially dangerous running game, there will be little hope of stopping the Colts.  Prediction: Colts 35, Saints 28

Shooter Hunt (Twins RHP Prospect from Tulane – which, of course, is in New Orleans)

Saints 37 Colts 34. The “Who Dat” Nation rejoices for the first time ever. Drew Brees completes a 2-minute drive at the end of the game for the go ahead touchdown to Colston. Reggie Bush returns a punt for a touchdown. Peyton throws for 400 yards, but with one costly pick in the second quarter.

Dan Osterbrock (Twins LHP Prospect)

“Colts lead the entire game. Peyton Manning named MVP after throwing 3 TD passes. Drew Brees chokes and throws 2 interceptions… Colts win 24-10.”

Whit Robbins (Twins 1B Prospect)

Colts – 35 Saints -24. Even though I am a product of the ACC, I believe the best football is played in the southeast. I’ll take the SEC QB over the Big 10 QB any day. Peyton outplays Brees in a shootout.

Nathan Schlepp (Schlepping Minnesota Sports)

Colts 38 – Saints 27.  The Super Bowl should give way to a shootout due to the top flight passing games of each offense.  I like the Colts because they have a better defense, even without Dwight Freeney, than the Saints.  My one worry for the Colts would be the running game of the Saints.  The Colts do not have a Rush D like the Minnesota Vikings, and if the Colts struggle against Pierre Thomas, the threat of the rush could open up more opportunities for Drew Brees.  Overall the Colts are simply a better team and I am still sour from the Vikings loss.

Al Bethke (Al’s Ramblings)

I’m taking Indy easily, 34-13, Peyton as the MVP, and by far the most entertaining aspect of the game will be the Go Daddy ads.

Brian Pietrzak (BP’s Baseball Blog)

I think the game will be 30-21 for Indy. The big wild card is whether or not Dwight Freeney will play for the Colts. If he doesn’t play, that changes the entire complexion of the game for New Orleans who can take more chances offensively. However, Indy’s firepower will be too much.

Josh Johnson (Josh’s Thoughts)

I will be cheering for the Saints, which means that Colts will end up winning. The Colts have a bend-but-won-break defense (which I believe is much better than what the Saints have) and the best player in football. Period. The Saints got to Brett Favre in the NFC Championship, but they never recorded a sack. The Colts have the best offensive line in football and Manning always seems to find an open receiver. I don’t see the Saints hitting Manning like they hit Favre, and if they do, the Colts will gain yardage off of penalties. I am cheering for the Saints because I’m a big fan of both Drew Brees and Reggie Bush and because my roommate is a huge Colts fan and I love trash talking.

Tyler Robertson (Twins LHP Prospect)

I got the colts winning 38-31. Would love to see Peyton win another ring. Not a big fan of the whole ‘who dat’ thing. or Reggie Bush. Go Colts.

La Velle E. Neal (Twins beat writer for Star-Tribune, Twins Insider)

Saints 31, Colts 28. The Saints pass rush was no joke against the Vikings. While Payton Manning won’t need to get peeled off the turf like Brett Favre, he’ll get hit enough for it to matter. Plus, I’m still mad at Jim Caldwell for pulling his starters against the Jets!

Make your prediction here, and check back to see if more people make their predictions too. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me or leave them in the Comments section.


2 Responses to “Super Bowl Predictions”

  1. Steven Tu February 6, 2010 at 11:35 pm #

    Why on earth would Howard Sinker predict “Colts 35, Vikings 3”?

  2. PrrrrraiseTheLord February 20, 2010 at 12:15 am #

    Steven, Relax. Maybe he was joking. Get out of the basement once in a while, buddy.

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