Twins Minor League Draft – Part 1

17 Feb

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Before we start, be sure to listen in to last night’s Weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast. Guests were Steve Singleton, Bruce Pugh and John Meyer (

A little over a week ago, I brought together some of the Twins bloggers/writers who I think are very knowledgeable of the Twins farm system, and we conducted a 22 round Twins minor league draft. I know many of you compete in fantasy baseball, and what we did was very similar. The difference was that our pool of draft-able players was the Twins minor league system. Any players who have not lost their rookie eligibility were able to be drafted. Along with me, there were three other Twins bloggers. Roger Dehring writes a minor league update each week at Twinkie Town and covers the minors very well. Josh Johnson from Josh’s Thoughts is nearing the end of his Top 50 Twins Prospects series and wrote an article on the Twins international signings for the Maple Street Press/ TwinsCentric Twins 2010 Annual. Travis Aune of Travis Twins Talk has a ton of minor league information on his site throughout the summer and has added minor leaguers to his weekly Minnesota Sports podcast. Each team must draft a C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 4 OF, EX, 5 SP, CL, 4 BP. I asked each of the participants to jot down a sentence or two on each of their picks, as they were making them. Hopefully this is something that you enjoy. We tried this idea almost five years ago, and it was fun to look back at our teams and see how we did and remember some of the drafted names.

Today, I will be postings the results of the first eight rounds (32 picks) of the draft. I’ll be back tomorrow with the eight more rounds. So, here we go:

 THE DRAFT (Rounds 1-8)

Round 1 – 1st Overall – Roger – C – Wilson Ramos

(I chose the player who in my opinion is the top prospect in the organization and the closest of all top prospects to contributing to the Twins, catcher, Wilson Ramos.)

Round 1 – 2nd Overall – Seth – OF – Aaron Hicks

(This was kind of a no-brainer. Hicks is easily the top prospect in the organization.)

Round 1 – 3rd Overall – Josh – OF – Ben Revere

(With both Aaron Hicks and Wilson Ramos gone, and knowing that I wanted to focus on offense early, it was an easy choice picking Ben Revere. The Twins have a lot of depth in pitching and outfield, which made me consider Miguel Sano, but Revere’s track-record of success is too good to pass up. He has hit .337/.396/.430 through 997 minor league at-bats and stolen 110 bases. He is probably the best leadoff hitter in the Twins system.)

Round 1 – 4th Overall – Travis – SS – Miguel Sano

(I am very excited to get him in the draft.  I think that the sky is the limit for this young hitter. I have heard comparisons to a young Alex Rodriguez and that may be premature for a 16 year old, but I think the future is bright for him.)

Round 2 – 5th Overall – Travis – RHP – Kyle Gibson

(The Twins were very lucky to get him in the draft this year. He has the potential to be a number one starter for the Twins. He will likely start in Fort Myers but likely skyrocket through system.)

Round 2 – 6th Overall – Josh – RHP – David Bromberg

(There’s no denying Bromberg’s productivity. Over the last two years, he’s struck out 325 batters while posting a 3.29 ERA. He has some control problems and is more likely a #3 starter than a #1, but I’ll try making that up with later picks. I also considered Danny Valencia, and I will probably regret my decision to not take him. But I’ll try to nab Luke Hughes sometime in the next few rounds.)

Round 2 – 7th Overall – Seth – 3BDanny Valencia

(It was him or Angel Morales. Figured there are more OF and Valencia is close to the big leagues.)

Round 2 – 8th Overall – Roger –  OFAngel Morales

(I selected the player who I feel has as much upside as any player in the organization. Based upon the last half of his season at Beloit and the improvement he made in the Puerto Rico Winter League, Angel Morales could be an early favorite to be the organization’s 2010 Player of the Year!  Had my second selection been second rather than eighth, it is likely I would have also taken Morales with that pick.)

Round 3 – 9th Overall – Roger – RHP – Adrian Salcedo

(With my next choice I selected Adrian Salcedo. Salcedo is one of the few pitchers in the organization with an upside as a Number 1 starter.)

Round 3 – 10th Overall – Seth – OF – Rene Tosoni

(Was really hoping Roger would leave either Morales or Salcedo for me. Lots of pitchers left, so now I’ll grab my 2nd OF, and Tosoni’s pretty strong.)

Round 3 – 11th Overall – Josh – OF – Joe Benson

(I wanted to take someone I felt was going to have a great year, so it was an easy choice to pick Joe Benson. I lucked out that Seth took Rene Tosoni which made my decision easy (it would have come down between the two of them). I also considered drafting Chris Parmelee, but I hope to get Erik Lis as my first baseman later in the draft. I don’t view Parmelee as a viable outfielder when guys like Oswaldo Arcia and Max Kepler-Rozycki won’t be taken until later and are much better defensively.)

Round 3 – 12th Overall – Travis – RHP – Jeff Manship

(He got a feel of the big leagues last year, probably a little before he was ready. He showed the moxie that you are hoping to see out of a pitcher.  His curveball is very good right now and next time he comes up, it is going to be to stay.)

Round 4 – 13th Overall – Travis – 1B – Chris Parmelee

(I was really hoping he would last to me because I am very high on this young guy.  He reminds me of a young Adam Dunn in that he is a high on base percentage guy with unbelievable power. I think going forward he is going to put up massive numbers.)

Round 4 – 14th Overall – Josh – C – Danny Rams

(After Wilson Ramos, Danny Rams is the best catching prospect in the Twins system. He has great power potential which will be great to have in the middle-of the-order. I probably could have tried waiting for Chris Herrmann later in the draft, but I like Rams’ upside. I also considered drafting Carlos Gutierrez.)

Round 4 – 15th Overall – Seth – RHP – Deolis Guerra

(I needed a pitcher at this point. Guerra is only months older than BJ Hermsen, the other consideration here, and four levels higher.)

Round 4 – 16th Overall – Roger – RHP – BJ Hermsen

(I had my eye on Jeff Manship, however, he went a couple picks before my next selection. Plan B was another young starter who could be as good as Salcedo, B. J. Hermsen.)

Round 5 – 17th Overall – Roger – RHP – Alex Burnett

(I then may have selected a pitcher higher than one would normally take a reliever.  I believe that Alex Burnett is the Twins closer of the future (3-4 years from now) and decided to not lose the best closer in the organization.)

Round 5 – 18th Overall – Seth – CL – Carlos Gutierrez

(Will he start or close? We shall see. I’m sure he’ll start 2010 in the New Britain rotation ,but I actually think Gutierrez might be the Twins next closer.)

Round 5 – 19th Overall – Josh – LHP – Tyler Robertson

(Seth stole my pick (Carlos Gutierrez) and after taking two outfielders and a catcher, I wanted to grab another starting pitcher. Robertson is a consistent pitcher and I still love his upside. He has an ugly deliver, but he’s performed well at each stop thus far. He too is viewed more as a #3 starter than a #2, but hopefully I’ll grab a high-upside/high-risk guy like Shooter Hunt later in the draft.)

Round 5 – 20th Overall – Travis – OF – Max Kepler

(He is another young kid with an unbelievable amount of potential, so I was glad he lasted to me. He was called the top prospect ever to come out of Europe.  I am excited to see him develop and see if he can be as good as we hope he can be.)

Round 6 – 21st Overall – Travis – RHP – Billy Bullock

(I really believe that we are looking at a future closer for the Twins.  He has it all in that, he has mid 90’s velocity with other good secondary pitches.  If he continues to develop it won’t be long until we see him coming out in the 9th inning at Target Field.)

Round 6 – 22nd Overall – Josh – RHP – Anthony Slama

 (I knew I wanted to take a closer with this pick and Anthony Slama was a no-brainer. I like Alex Burnett, a lot, but Roger already took him. I also like Bullock but Travis took him with the previous pick. Slama arguably has the best track record out of any Twins minor league reliever and has done most of his damage as a closer. He may not have a 96 mph fastball, but I think Slama is a great choice. If Slama weren’t available, I would have waited on a closer and picked Trevor Plouffe.)

Round 6 – 23rd Overall – Seth – RHP – Blayne Weller

(This is where it’s going to start getting a little more difficult, I think However, compare the numbers of Weller to the highly touted Salcedo and Hermsen sometime and he’s very close.)

Round 6 – 24th Overall – Roger – RHP – Michael McCardell

(My next selection is a young starter, Michael McCardell.  Take away his first outing and he had excellent numbers in his first exposure to AA and he may have been the Rock Cats top starter the last six weeks of the season.  McCardell will be a fine #1 starter for my staff.)

Round 7 – 25th Overall – Roger – SS – Trevor Plouffe

(With my pitching staff taking shape I went with one of the Twins top middle infield prospects, Trevor Plouffe.  Plouffe has been in AAA for nearly two years, yet, will still be only 22 years old when this season begins.)

Round 7 – 26th Overall – Seth – 2B – Steve Singleton

(Geez, I’ve been telling people that I think he’ll be starting 2B in 2011, a 7th round pick is more than fair.)

Round 7 – 27th Overall – Josh – 3B – Luke Hughes

(I chose Luke Hughes out of desperation for a third baseman, as there’s not a lot in the cupboard after Valencia. I’m not sold on either Ramon Santana or Reggie Williams as my starting third baseman, and have no idea of what to make of Wander Guillen (will he/won’t he repeat DSL? And I’m not a fan of his height). I will probably try to grab Williams as my corner infielder later. Although I took Hughes when I maybe could have waited another round or two, I feel comfortable with him in my lineup. I also considered Tom Stuifbergen with this pick.)

Round 7 – 28th Overall – Travis – 2B – Derek McCallum

(I was really hoping that Steve Singleton would make it to me, but Derek McCallum is not a bad consolation prize.  The former Gopher had a solid first year in the system, and I look forward to seeing how he does as the difficulty increases.)

Round 8 – 29th Overall – C – Josmil Pinto

(Many can make a big deal out his not ideal catching skills, however he is a very young guy.  Put that with his massive power and hitting skills and look out we might have found another quality hitter in the organization.  Will be interesting to see how he does in Full season play.)

Round 8 – 30th Overall – RHP – Tom Stuifbergen

(Up to this point, Seth has stolen about four of my picks, so I thought I’d give him one back and take Tom Stuifbergen (who I know he’s very high on). Ha! No, that actually has no effect on this pick. Stuifbergen is another middle-of-the-rotation starter who has impeccable control. He also has experience on a “big stage” which definitely helps since my team is going to the World Series! I also considered Oswaldo Arcia with this pick.)

Round 8 – 31st Overall – RHP – Santos Arias

(It was between Arias and Oswaldo Arcia, who I think has terrific potential. Arias is further along and I compare him to Pedro Martinez in the Prospect Handbook, so I think that’s who I’ll go with here.)

Round 8 – 32nd Overall – RHP – Brad Tippett

(I was looking hard at two pitchers who were available as my next pick was approaching, Santos Arias and Tom Stuifbergen.  Unfortunately, they were both taken with the two picks before me, so I went to the Beloit Snappers and selected their top starter last summer, Brad Tippett.)


There you have our first eight rounds of picks. We’ll be back tomorrow with eight more rounds. Feel free to leave your comments here.


2 Responses to “Twins Minor League Draft – Part 1”

  1. Eric B. B. February 17, 2010 at 8:21 am #

    Not that it makes a ton of difference, but you dropped the names of the drafter in the first line of picks starting in round 8.

  2. Peter S February 17, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    hey seth..are you going to do your yearly organisational review of Twins and its affliates…

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