Spring Training Q&A: Drew Thompson

2 Mar

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It certainly has not been the ideal route to a big league career for Drew Thompson. The Twins 2nd round pick in 2005 out of high school was hurt in 2006 and did not return to the playing field until 2009. He returned to Beloit, worked off some cobwebs, and most important, he stayed healthy. That was the goal for 2009. In 2010, he will attempt to regain his prospect status with the eventual goal of making sure that his father (Robbie) is not the only member of the family to be able to call himself big leaguer.

So tonight, I bring you a Q&A with Twins pitcher, Drew Thompson! (To see all previous SethSpeaks.net Q&As, click here) (and feel free to leave questions or comments here)

…Let the Questions Begin!

SethSpeaks: Now that you’ve had a few months to look back and reflect, what are your thoughts on your 2009 season? What did it feel like to get back on the mound after missing a couple of seasons?

Drew Thompson: Great to be back on the field is an understatement. That being said, it was still filled with a lot of adversity and a lot of ups and downs. I never really did settle in and feel/trust myself and my body like I would have hoped, however I finished strong and healthy which was really all I was hoping for.

SethSpeaks: What do you do when you’re not playing baseball or working out in preparation for the upcoming season?

Drew Thompson: Well, I grew up right by the beach and river so I love doing anything on the water. Used to do a lot of wakeboarding growing up, but now just take the boat out and cruise or do a little fishing. The waters always helped me get rid of some stress…

SethSpeaks: When did you start getting ready for the 2010 season, and what was your routine?

Drew Thompson: I was able to start preparing a lot earlier than the past years due to my better health. Also able to push myself a little more when it comes to lifting and all that, so it’s been nice to say the least.

SethSpeaks: What are your goals for the 2010 season? Where would you like to play, and are there any statistics that you are looking to improve?

Drew Thompson: I like to be realistic. I’d like to start in the Florida State League, catch up on some at-bats, stay on the field, and show people I still got it… after a little bit of time I’d like to finish up in AA and slowly get caught back up with my career. As far as statistics go, my goal is to actually not worry about statistics lol. I want to go out every day and play the game the way I used to. Have fun, trust my ability and my health, and enjoy the process. For as long as I can remember I’ve been told I’m my own worst enemy. I’m to the point now where I can turn that into a positive thing.

SethSpeaks:  What does spring training mean for you, and what are you looking forward to this year?

Drew Thompson: Spring training, to me, is a time to mentally and physically get yourself ready for the season, like the offseason, but on the field. I hope to be a little more patient with myself this spring.

SethSpeaks: Who was your favorite player to watch when you were growing up?

Drew Thompson: Well, me and my family used to go out and spend every summer in San Francisco and was fortunate to grow up at the ballpark with my dad. He’s always been my idol, role model, whatever u wanna call it. so I’d be crazy to say anyone but the old man.

SethSpeaks: What team did you grow up watching and cheering for?

Drew Thompson: San Francisco Giants

SethSpeaks: What were your thoughts around the draft and after being drafted by the Twins?

Drew Thompson: One step closer to my goal.

SethSpeaks: Best thing of career in baseball?

Drew Thompson: sounds crazy but my injury has been the best and worst thing in my career up until this point. ive learned so much from it on and off the field.

SethSpeaks:  Toughest thing about career in baseball?

Drew Thompson: Staying healthy…

SethSpeaks: Funniest story in your minor league career?

Drew Thompson: The ’06 team in Beloit was filled with them.

SethSpeaks: What would it mean to make your big league debut?

Drew Thompson: A dream come true. 

A big “thank you” to Drew for taking time to respond. If you would like, you can e-mail me, or feel free to leave your comments here.


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  1. Tim Walsh March 3, 2010 at 9:13 am #

    I tried to email Seth but it came back returned. Was wondering about an update on the books and if they could be picked up at the Majors gathering on the 13th.

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