Spring Training Q&A: Danny Rams

11 Mar

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A couple of quick notes before today’s Q&A:

  • Still working on guests for tonight’s episode of The Show, but I do know that Aaron Gleeman will be on tonight! Be sure to check back to SethSpeaks.net at about 8:30 tonight and you’ll find the links for the show and the chat room.
  • Hey, Eddie Guardado is available. He was released by the nationals.
  • Was told that Joe Nathan is having Tommy John surgery in two weeks. (Certainly not surprising!) They just want to build up some strength in the elbow before doing it. The timing makes sense. The swelling does need to come down, and building strength will only help.
  • Could Nathan’s injury push Carlos Gutierrez back to the bullpen? LaVelle asked Jim Rantz and he acknowledged that it could.
  • At the TwinsCentric blog, John Bonnes says, “There’s Always Room for Nick Punto.”
  • And finally, THIS SATURDAY is the TWINSCENTRIC Viewing Party at Major’s Sports Café in Apple Valley. All four TwinsCentric guys will be there. Several other prominent Twins bloggers will be there as well. It will start about noon (when the Twins/Phillies game starts) and will go until a little after the game is complete. Prizes (including a Minnesota Twins 2010 Prospect Handbook, a Twins 2010 Annual, and even Twins tickets!) will be given away throughout the afternoon. So, if you have a chance, stop by and it’ll be fun just talking Twins with Twins fans!

In the first round of the 2007 draft, the Twins selected Ben Revere, the fastest guy in that draft according to Baseball America at that time. They were roundly criticized.  The same publication mentioned 2nd round pick Danny Rams as having as much power as any high school hitter in that draft. The catcher is in big league spring training this year for the first time, and he is enjoying it. One day last week, he got to pinch hit for Jim Thome. I sent him a message asking him how cool that was. He replied by saying “That was awesome! I got goose bumps when they announced it. And it was funny because Gardy told me ‘Rams, you’re going in for a future Hall of Famer!’ It was unreal. I wasn’t even thinking about my first at bat in camp. I was thinking, ‘wow I’m pinch hitting for Jim Thome.’” Can you imagine? Not bad for a 21 year old! Rams is very young and continues to improve both offensively and defensively. He has a very strong arm, and when he makes contact, there may not be a more powerful hitter in the Twins system. Today, we get to learn a little more about him. (To see all previous SethSpeaks.net Q&As, click here) (and feel free to leave questions or comments here)

…Let the Questions Begin!

SethSpeaks: Now that you’ve had a few months to look back and reflect, what are your thoughts on your 2009 season?

Danny Rams: My 2009 season was a great experience, first time I actually played every day. The last month was a grind for me, but overall, I thought it was a very productive and learning season for me.

SethSpeaks: What do you do when you’re not playing baseball or working out in preparation for the upcoming season?

Danny Rams: I play a lot of video games. haha

SethSpeaks: When did you start getting ready for the 2010 season, and what was your routine?

Danny Rams: I started getting ready in late November. I was hitting and working out, but when January came I started doing catching Monday -Friday.. So basically; hit, catch, and then workout.

SethSpeaks: What are your goals for the 2010 season? Where would you like to play, and are there any statistics that you are looking to improve?

Danny Rams: Hopefully I start off in high-A. As for hitting, I like to keep those goals to myself. As far as catching; less pass balls and throw out 40 percent of the runners. This will be my first full season, Seth, so I’m excited.

SethSpeaks:  What does spring training mean for you, and what are you looking forward to this year?

Danny Rams: Spring training is just the time to get your timing down and for your body to get use to playing everyday.

SethSpeaks: Who was your Favorite Player?

Danny Rams: My favorite players were Jeff Conine and Adam Dunn. Had a few others that I like to watch including a player that’s with us, Jim Thome.

SethSpeaks: What team did you grow up watching and cheering for?

Danny Rams: Marlins and Cincinnati Reds

SethSpeaks: What were your expectations heading into the draft? What were your thoughts after the Twins drafted you?

Danny Rams: Didn’t have expectations because I knew how the draft works, and when the twins got me, I was real excited because I already knew what a good organization it was.

SethSpeaks: Best thing of career in baseball?

Danny Rams: The best thing is that you’re doing something you love, and not many people get that opportunity.

SethSpeaks: Toughest thing of career in baseball?

Danny Rams: Worst thing is, I don’t think there is one. (haha) Probably, you have family. Being away from them is tough.

SethSpeaks: Favorite Baseball Movie?

Danny Rams: Favorite baseball movie might have to be Mr. Baseball.

SethSpeaks:  Funniest story in your minor league career?

Danny Rams: So many funny ones, but I can’t let you post them. haha

SethSpeaks: What would it mean to make your big league debut?

Danny Rams: (It’d) mean everything to me, something me and my dad have been dreaming of ever since I was little.

Thank you very much to Danny Rams for taking time on a spring training bus ride to respond to these question. If you would like, you can e-mail me, or feel free to leave your comments here.


One Response to “Spring Training Q&A: Danny Rams”

  1. mike wants wins March 11, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    Great interview Danny and Seth. Thanks for taking the time to interact with us. So true about the doing what you love thing. Good luck Danny!

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