Spring Training Q&A: Bobby Lanigan

12 Mar

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The Twins selected Bobby Lanigan with their 3rd round pick in 2008. He was taken out of Division II Adelphi University. Lanigan is a Long Island native with a solid fastball. He’s probably best known as a slider pitcher, but is working on his other pitches as well. In Beloit, he began 2009 as a starter and experienced the ups and downs that you would expect from a pitcher in his first full professional season. Later in the season, he moved up to Ft. Myers where he spent time in their bullpen. Today we get to learn a little more about Bobby Lanigan.  (To see all previous SethSpeaks.net Q&As, click here) (and feel free to leave questions or comments here)

…Let the Questions Begin!

SethSpeaks: Now that you’ve had a few months to look back and reflect, what are your thoughts on your 2009 season?

Bobby Lanigan: Overall 2009 was a good year for me. It was my first full season of pro ball and starting out in the Midwest League was the right place for me to start. I learned a lot about pitching, the game, and what it takes to be a full time baseball player. I learned through failure and experience, which to me is the best way to learn. Finishing up in the Florida State League was a lot of fun. It was the first time in my life I had come out of the bullpen. I figured out again through experience, and at times failure, how to prepare to pitch possibly every day. Unfortunately we lost in the playoffs, and I actually pitched the last four innings of the year, although losing your last game is always tough, I go into this season on a positive after finishing strong last season.

SethSpeaks: What do you do when you’re not playing baseball or working out in preparation for the upcoming season?

Bobby Lanigan: When not playing baseball I love to play golf. Back home I get to play until it gets below 40, than it’s a little too cold, Luckily, I got out there until December this year. Other than that I just take advantage of the things that are home that I miss when I am away.

SethSpeaks: When did you start getting ready for the 2010 season, and what was your routine?

Bobby Lanigan: After about two weeks of just resting I start to prepare for the next season. I follow the workout they give us and add some stuff that I know has worked for me in the past. I don’t throw much until about January, and that is indoors. The only thing I really did this season outdoors back home was shovel, but I’m glad to be down in Florida now.

SethSpeaks: What are your goals for the 2010 season? Where would you like to play, and are there any statistics that you are looking to improve?

Bobby Lanigan: My goal this season is to continue to learn the game. I always have goals, plenty of them, some are long term and some change daily. For now I just want to have a good Spring Training, stay healthy, and prepare for wherever I wind up.

SethSpeaks: Who was your Favorite Player and your favorite team?

Bobby Lanigan: I grew up in a split town of Yankee and Met Fans. It my house it was blue and orange. My Dad was a Met fan and we followed suit. My brother is still a big Met Fan. I follow it a little bit, but I have an excuse now not to have to root for them and get as frustrated as Met Fans have been lately. Favorite player had to be John Franco, he lived near me and knew my dad, so I got to become friendly with John as well. He is a great example of never getting too big for the game, and is/was a good role model for me.

SethSpeaks: Best thing of career in baseball? 

Bobby Lanigan: The greatest moment in baseball for me was My Dad, brother, two friends, and my high school coach witnessing my first win in pro ball at Burlington, NC. It didn’t mean that much to me at the time, but when my Dad passed just a couple months later, I realized it was a great moment in both our lives, and is something I won’t forget.

SethSpeaks:  Funniest story in your minor league career?

Bobby Lanigan: Funniest story in Milb was probably on a bust trip when we were in E-town. I was sleeping on the bus, had my mouth open, and Thom Wright had the greatest spit ball shot of all time, landed it right on my resting tongue. Kinda gross but had to tip my hat, it was a good one. I laughed it off, and Evan Bigley actually got it on tape. We probable watched that video 100 times. 

Thank you very much to Bobby Lanigan for taking some of his time to respond. If you would like, you can e-mail me, or feel free to leave your comments here.


2 Responses to “Spring Training Q&A: Bobby Lanigan”

  1. mike wants wins March 12, 2010 at 9:23 am #

    That funny story made me laugh. Thanks. Great interview, you put some thought into those answers. good luck in the coming years!

  2. greenmachine March 12, 2010 at 4:46 pm #

    Hey Seth – is there an RSS feed or podcast URL for “The Show?” Your link is direct to an MP3, but I also want to subscribe so I get them automatically.

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