Spring Training Q&A: BJ Hermsen

19 Mar

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BJ Hermsen was drafted by the Twins with their 6th round pick in the 2008 draft. Most believed he should have been drafted much higher, but it was believed that he would go to Oregon State to pitch. Just before the deadline, the Twins and Hermsen came to an agreement well above 6th round slot. The Iowa native has a very projectable body type. He is 6-6 and 230 pounds. He doesn’t throw real hard but he has terrific control. With the GCL Twins last season, he went 6-2 with a 1.35 ERA. In 53.1 innings, he struck out 42 and walked just four hitters. He should continue to improve. He could start the 2010 season In Beloit, although I would not be surprised if the Twins kept him in Extended Spring Training until a spot opened up for him before the Elizabethton season opens in late June. Today, you can check out BJ’s responses to our spring training questions.   

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…Let the Questions Begin!

SethSpeaks: Now that you’ve had a few months to look back and reflect, what are your thoughts on your 2009 season?

BJ Hermsen: Overall, I thought the 2009 season went really well. I learned something new with every outing. It was exciting to make the GCL playoffs, and even though we lost in the first round, it was a great experience.

SethSpeaks: What do you do when you’re not playing baseball or working out in preparation for the upcoming season?

BJ Hermsen: This past winter I helped coach the varsity basketball team at my high school. It was something new and I really enjoyed it. If I wasn’t doing that then I was watching my sister play on the girls’ varsity basketball team. Otherwise I just spent time with family and friends.

SethSpeaks: When did you start getting ready for the 2010 season, and what was your routine?

BJ Hermsen: I took about three weeks or so off after Instructional League finished and then followed the workouts that were given to us. I didn’t start throwing until the start of January and I did all of it inside.

SethSpeaks: What are your goals for the 2010 season? Where would you like to play, and are there any statistics that you are looking to improve?

BJ Hermsen: I just want to continue to learn more about pitching, the game, and stay healthy. I would like to be in Beloit but if that isn’t the case, I’m still going to pitch to the best of my ability.

SethSpeaks: What does spring training mean for you, and what are you looking forward to this year?

BJ Hermsen: It means that the baseball season is finally here. I enjoy seeing everybody again and I’m looking forward to a great year.

SethSpeaks: Who was your favorite player to watch when you were growing up?

BJ Hermsen: I was always a Greg Maddux fan growing up. The way he pitched was something I enjoyed watching.

SethSpeaks: What team did you grow up watching and cheering for?

BJ Hermsen: I was a big Cardinals fan growing up. My dad was a huge Cardinals fan, as was most of my family. I followed suit and watched a lot of the games on TV with my dad.

SethSpeaks: What were your thoughts around the draft and after being drafted by the Twins?

BJ Hermsen: It was a stressful time and I’m glad it’s out of the way. Being drafted by the Twins was exciting because they have a great reputation for developing and preparing players.

SethSpeaks: Best thing of career in baseball? 

BJ Hermsen: Being able to do something I love every day.

SethSpeaks: Toughest thing of career in baseball? 

BJ Hermsen: Not being able to see family and friends on a regular basis is definitely tough.

SethSpeaks: Funniest story in your minor league career? 

BJ Hermsen: There are quite a few stories that were pretty funny but they probably aren’t very appropriate.

SethSpeaks:  What would it mean to make your big league debut?

BJ Hermsen: It would mean that I reached a very important goal of mine and that years of hard work were paying off.

Thank you very much to BJ Hermsen for taking time to respond. If you would like, you can e-mail me, or feel free to leave your comments here.


One Response to “Spring Training Q&A: BJ Hermsen”

  1. kris sutter March 19, 2010 at 2:53 pm #

    Thanks for the interview Seth. Everybody at West Delaware hopes he gets to the Midwest League this year so we can go watch him pitch.

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