Tonight on… The Show

28 Mar

I spent two hours in the studio and on the air this afternoon with Phil Mackey on am1500 the Sports Talk Station. That was a great time. Hopefully it will be available via podcast, and if so I will be sure to link to it. We were joined for a couple of segments by Darren “Doogie” Wolfson. We talked about a lot of Twins topics, the final roster decisions, stats versus scouting and the AL Central. Doogie even dissected the NCAA Tournament. Remember, you can hear Phil Mackey along with Patrick Reusse weekdays from noon to 2 on am1500.

At 9:00 central time tonight, I will be hosting the regularly scheduled episode of The Show. That’s right, The Show will be on Sunday night’s at 9:00 central time throughout the season, potentially with a couple of extra shows trickling in as well. Tonight, we will be joined by Twins relief pitcher Pat Neshek who appears to have a very good shot at coming north with the Twins and staying after there was some question about that earlier in camp. It will be good to catch up with the Twins relief pitcher, and you know I have to ask him about his Butler basketball team, and how much trash talk will be done in the Twins locker room this week, particularly between he and writer Kelly Thesier, a Michigan State alum. The remainder of The Show will be talk about our Minnesota Twins. I’ll be joined by Travis Aune, and we will discuss the final pieces in the Twins puzzle. We will also discuss some minor league topics. Most important, we want to encourage you to participate in the chat room and ask questions. You can all call in to the Around the Horn Hotline at 877-967-9244. Of course, I would be remiss not to mention The Show’s terrific producer, TJ De Santis.

To Listen to Tonight’s episode of The Show, go to (links to be available approximately 8:30).


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