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5 Apr

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Today is Opening Day, but we are also just one week away from Target Field’s Home Opener! I just received a Twins press release sharing some of the events of the events at and around Target Field before the Twins take on the Boston Red Sox on April 12th. This is the kind of stuff that I am talking about when I talk about how the Twins really do a great job of respecting and honoring the past. Although there is much more than what I will share, here is some of what will make that day incredibly memorable for those who are able to attend:

Monday, April 12 – Twins vs. Boston Red Sox

  • 11:30 a.m. – The Twins unveil the Kirby Puckett bronze legend statue on Target Plaza, created by local artist Bill Mack
  • 12:00 p.m. – Gates open – legendary Twins players will ceremonially open their respective gate (Harmon Killebrew at Gate 3, Tony Oliva at Gate 6, Kent Hrbek at Gate 14, Rod Carew at Gate 29 and Kirby Puckett, Jr. at Gate 34)

Other pregame events include, in this order:

  • Twins alumni raise the championship pennants in left field including Jim Kaat (1965 ALCS flag), Jim Perry (1969 central division flag), Bert Blyleven (1970 central division flag), Frank Viola (1987 World Series flag), Jack Morris (1991 World Series flag), Eddie Guardado (2002 central division flag), Corey Koskie (2003 central division flag), Shannon Stewart (2004 central division flag), Brad Radke (2006 central division flag), Bill Smith (2009 central division flag) and Al Newman (TC flag)

This kind of stuff makes me wish that Jacque Jones had made the Opening Day roster!! Feel free to comment here!


2 Responses to “Home Opener Events…”

  1. MrHockey April 5, 2010 at 3:00 pm #

    Really good points. Sometimes I wish that the Twins had better radio announcers. John Gordon sometimes bugs me–“it’s a 1/1 tie game” or “it’s a grand slam home run.” He also tends to exaggerate how far balls are hit (my observation from watching television and listening to the game on the radio). Then sometimes I catch an out of town game and think “boy John Gordon is bad but not that bad.” KSTP’s signal sucks though. I wish they were on WCCO.

  2. Trevor April 5, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    It’s been raining mostly all day here (L.A.) but the forecast is it’ll let up by gametime (7:05 PCT). Milwaukee lost but Go-Go Gomez got 3 hits, a HR and stole a base. This Hardy trade better work out.

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