My Bad

23 Apr

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The Twins lost on Thursday afternoon and fell to 11-5 on the season. Some Twins fans were upset or disappointed by the fact that they dare to lose to the Cleveland Indians. Forget that Mitch Talbot is a good pitcher who happened to throw a complete game in his previous start. Forget that the lineup still contains guys like Asdrubal Cabrera, Grady Sizemore and Shin-Soo Choo, or that they have accumulated a ton of talent in the last couple of years via some trades.

Some Twins fans are always looking for someone to blame. Scott Baker must not have pitched well because Drew Butera was behind the plate instead of Mauer. Alexi Casilla, who made a couple of tremendous defensive plays at shortstop, must be blamed as well. Nine times in the game, a Twins batter dared to make the third out of an inning, not coming through with two outs.

Maybe it is Gardy’s fault for starting the “B” lineup in a day game after a night game? I mean, Butera only did a nice job behind the plate and recorded his first Major League hit. Delmon Young got a day off so that Jim Thome could get on the field. Blame Gardy.

Sorry Twins fans, sometimes it isn’t that deep. Sometimes, over the course of a 162 game season, a team will just have a bad day. It’s that simple. Do they want to? No. When Gardy penciled in seven regulars into the lineup, do you think he expected the team to not play well or that he wanted to lose?

How simple is the blame game in this case? Very simple… Blame Seth!

Blame Seth? Yes. Blame me. I went to the game yesterday, and because of it, the Twins lost. Hear me out. I went to the first game at Target Field, and the Minnesota Gophers lost 9-1 to Louisiana Tech. I went to the Twins first exhibition game at Target Field, and they lost big to the Cardinals. This was my first Twins regular season game, and they lost 8-1. They have not even come close to winning at game that I have been at. So don’t blame Gardy. Don’t blame Butera, or Casilla, or Punto. Blame me!

So, what should I do? How do I remedy this unfortunate situation? Do I just not go to any more Twins games at Target Field? That’s almost what the baseball superstitious side of me thinks. Or do I go the other way and just keep going, assuming that’s the only way to break the curse? What to do? What to do?!

By the way, I learned a few things at the game yesterday.

  1. At outdoor baseball games, wear a hat. The sun actually shines into the stadium, and when you are not in the shade, it can be quite warm. That warmth can create burning on the top of one’s head, especially if one is lacking in the hair department on the top of one’s head.
  2. In Minnesota, do not dress of a baseball game according to the morning temperatures. It was about 40 degrees in the Twin Cities around 7:30 on Thursday morning. I wore a sweater to work. That made sense. Wearing a sweater to a baseball game outdoors, in 65 degree (or potentially warmer) temperatures creates extra warmth because the sun’s rays find the sweater and make it rather warm.
  3. Mass Transit is a good thing. Thursday was Earth Day. Twins Cities mass transportation (light rail, buses, etc) and the Twins worked out a deal for free transportation to and from the game with a ticket. I took the light rail to the game from the 28th Avenue station. It was already full when we got on. It was crammed for most of the entire trip. I almost felt bad for people who were relying on the train to get to work. Then, following the game, the light rail line is incredibly long. However, they had buses available to take people to the Fort Snelling, Mall of America and 28th Avenue stops. At least on the bus, it wasn’t crammed.
  4. If you get to a Twins game, be sure to buy a Twins Yearbook. First of all, the cool thing about a yearbook are the incredible pictures of the players and the minor leaguers that were in camp. Also, TwinsCentric teamed with the Twins to provide a bunch of the written content. There is one page dedicated to every Twins team from 1961 through 2009, and we wrote those. We wrote the Minor League Primer, and each of us wrote an additional story or two. It turned out great.
  5. I did go against my better judgment and got the nachos grande again. I don’t think I was on TV this time!!
  6. If you do get to the stadium on the bus, and you’re early, walk around the facility to Target Plaza. I did not notice the great Topps Baseball Card wall/wind barrier on that side of the building. It is really cool. The Kirby Puckett statue is very cool. It’s just cool being there, so if you’re able, get there early.
  7. I’m also one who likes going in to the stadium right when the gates open. At Target Field, I think that’s even more important this year. It’s just such a great place to walk around.

Please feel free to leave your comments here.

SethSpeaks Thursday Minor League Hitter of the Day – Aaron Hicks – Beloit Snappers

SethSpeaks Thursday Minor League Pitcher of the Day – Deolis Guerra – New Britain Rockcats

Red Wings Report   

Thursday – Rochester 3, Buffalo 12 – It was a get-away day for the Red Wings and it didn’t go so well. Yoslan Herrera got the start and gave up three runs (2 earned) on seven hits in five innings. He walked none and struck out six. Jose Lugo came in and struggled. He recorded just two outs (both via strikeout) and gave up five runs on five hits and two walks. Rob Delaney came in and gave up three runs on two hits and a walk in 1.1 innings. Anthony Slama pitched a scoreless inning. Kyle Waldrop was charged with an unearned run in his inning. Jason Repko, Brian Dinkelman and Erik Lis each went 2-4. Luke Hughes and Dustin Martin each doubled.

New Britain Notes

Thursday – New Britain 2, Harrisburg 1 – It has been a struggle at the get-go for Juan Portes, but at least this night ended positively for the Twins prospect. He was 2-4 with the game-winning RBI single in the 9th. Ben Revere went 3-4 with a double. Yes, an extra base hit. Deolis Guerra was the story though. The 21 year old right-hander gave up one run on five hits in seven innings. He walked none and struck out six. He is yet to walk a batter this season, in three starts. Spencer Steedley came in and got the next five outs, two came on strikeouts. Chris Province came in and got an out on one pitch, and after Portes’s walk-off single, Province got his first Win of the year.  

Miracle Matters

Thursday – Ft. Myers 6, Bradenton 3 – Brad Tippett continues to pitch well, but the team is clearly being patient in his return from some tendonitis. He gave up one unearned run on two hits in four innings. He uncharacteristically walked three, but he also struck out four. Matt Williams went the next 3.1 innings. He gave up one run on four hits and a walk while striking out three. Blake Martin then gave up one run on three hits in 1.2 innings. Evan Bigley had doubles in his first two at bats to give him five this season. Chris Herrmann went 2-5 with his third double of the year.  

Snappers Snippets

Thursday – Beloit 6, Quad Cities 3 – Aaron Hicks’ hot streak continues and Tom Stuifbergen continues to pitch well. Stuifbergen improved to 2-0 with six strong innings. He gave up three runs on six hits and two walks. He got ten ground balls to just three fly outs. Matt Tone threw 1.2 scoreless innings despite three hits. Dakota Watts recorded his first save. He walked two and struck out three in 1.1 innings. Aaron Hicks went 3-3 with a walk and his second double. Angel Morales was 2-4 with two stolen bases. Brian Dozier was 2-4. Danny Rams was 1-4 with three strikeouts, but he also hit his seventh double.  

Any thoughts on the Twins or their minor league system? Leave your comments here.

6 Responses to “My Bad”

  1. Anders April 23, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    So what your saying is that the Twins aren’t going to win every game this year?

  2. thisisbeth April 23, 2010 at 10:36 am #

    I purposely picked my season tickets on the right field side, so I’d be in the shade all the time. It was down-right cold last Thursday, but in July, I know I’m going to be happy with my decision!

    It’s most important to get to the ballpark early on Friday and Saturday–when the gates open in time to see Twins batting practice!

  3. Shawn Berg April 23, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    When ever my stupid superstitions come up, such as bad luck jersies, I cheat, I wait until the team is winning big, then put it on. Probably harder to show up at a game only when they have 10 run lead but, 1 game =SSSS, small superstition sample size, don’t let the gophers game count. 🙂

  4. Dave Mona April 23, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    Would you make any changes in your ranking based on the first three weeks of minor league play?

  5. Bryz April 23, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    I was going to mention this but completely forgot, so thank you for pointing it out. Sure, Butera’s game-calling may have been an issue, but:

    1. The Indians got incredibly lucky with their doubles. All were down either the left or right field line, and some were just inches from being foul.

    2. Teams have bad days, and they’re allowed to have them.

    PS: Alexi Casilla was not at fault for giving up 8 runs.

  6. JimCrikket April 23, 2010 at 3:56 pm #

    Re: The cap thing and adjusting clothing from morning to afternoon as the day heats up… This, Seth, is what Spring Training is for. One lesson I learned in Ft Myers the first day that you didn’t mention but it may be important on your next visit to Target Field: SUNSCREEN

    As for good/bad luck, it sounds like you and I need to attend a game together. The Twins won all SIX of the Spring Training games I attended this year AND the second exhibition game vs. the Cardinals that I drove up for. If you and I go to the same game, something’s gotta give, right?

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