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22 May

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Before we get started, a huge Congratulations to Trevor Plouffe who made his big league debut last night for the Twins against the Brewers in interleague play. Plouffe batted eighth and started at shortstop in the Twins 15-3 victory. Plouffe batted in the first inning and singled in a run in his first big league at bat. Later in the game, he drove in a second run on a double.

Josh Johnson (of Josh’s Thoughts) and I left the Twin Cities at about 11:00 on Friday morning. We arrived in Beloit at about 4:30. Game time was 6:30, and the gates don’t open until 5:30. For the price of just $8.50, we were able to get box seats, in the 3rd row, right behind home plate. The attendance was state at 493, but if there were more than 250, I have no idea where they were. The game was good. It was actually a 2-1 game heading into the sixth inning, but things just went wrong for the Snappers that inning. Here are a few quick notes from watching just one Snappers game in person (so take it for what it is worth, a very small sample size):

  • Aaron Hicks played right field and led off for the Snappers. In the first inning, batting left-handed and standing almost right on top of the plate, he showed good patience, took some tough pitches, took a strong, quick swing and later hit a solid line drive right up the middle. In his final two at bats, one left-handed and one right-handed, he flew out on the first pitch. In right field, he looked very natural, although he also mis-read a short fly ball and had to play it on a hop. However, with runners on first and second, there was a fly ball to medium right field. Hicks played the ball perfectly, caught it and made a very strong throw that probably would have one-hopped third base, but shortstop Brian Dozier cut it off and threw to second base to get that runner trying to advance. You may have to trust me on this ,but everything we have heard about his arm strength, is definitely true.
  • Angel Morales batted ninth and was the DH. He has been struggling of late. He has a very strong right-handed swing, and I thought he took some very good at bats. He took pitches, and he has such a quick, strong swing. He had a line drive single up the middle. He also got on via an error by the shortstop, but he got down the line so fast that I don’t think he would have been out anyway.
  • If you look at Edgar Ibarra’s line, it doesn’t look very good, but what we saw told a very different story. Ibarra has a very smooth delivery. He has a good fastball and works both inside and outside corners. He had a very, very good changeup that he only threw a few times, and he had a pretty sharp slider too.
  • Eliecer Cardenas came in and he throws pretty hard. He has a good fastball and a good slider, but control of both pitches was not there on this night. Matt Tone throws pretty hard, and almost short-arms the ball, so it’s deceptively fast. I think it could be hard to pick up the ball out of his hand. But his release point is all over the place, so often, so were the pitches.
  • Wang-Wei Lin played centerfield and really does a very good job out there. He made a couple of good catches and showed some good range. He also made an inning-ending diving catch early in the game. The only blemish is that he caught a semi-deep fly ball with the bases loaded. He made a good, strong throw toward third, but had no chance at getting that runner. The runner from 1B also advanced.
  • Danny Rams is a strong man with good power. He lined out to RF late in the game and hit that ball quite well. But what I noticed was that he is much better defensively than I would have thought based on what I had heard. He seemed in control of the game behind the plate. He did a nice job receiving pitches, and blocked a couple of balls in the dirt. He had a passed ball, but it was actually on a pitch up that there appeared to be a mix up in what pitch was to be thrown. Although he didn’t have to throw any runners out, he has a rocket for an arm.
  • We will also be going to the Saturday night game between the Beloit Snappers (who are still leading their division and the Cedar Rapids Kernals, who are not far behind.

Here is a quick glance at what happened on Friday night in the Twins minor league system:

SethSpeaks Friday Minor League Hitter of the Day – Allan de San Miguel – New Britain Rockcats, Joe Benson – Ft. Myers Miracle

SethSpeaks Friday Minor League Pitcher of the Day – Michael Tarsi – Ft. Myers Miracle

  • I’m a day late with this one, but according to, Ft. Myers OF Michael Harrington was suspended 50 games for testing positive for a muscle-building substance.
  • Brian Dozier was promoted to Ft. Myers, and Danny Santana will be joining the Beloit Snappers.

Red Wings Report   

Friday – Rochester 1, Syracuse 6 Glen Perkins falls to 0-6, but reduced his ERA to 9.09, with six innings of work. He gave up four runs (3 earned) on eight hits. He walked two and struck out six. Kyle Waldrop came in and struck out two in two perfect innings. Rob Delaney gave up two runs on three hits and a walk in his inning. Matt Tolbert went 2-2 with two walks. Jose Morales went 1-3 with a walk and a double.  

New Britain Notes

Friday – New Britain 14, Binghamton 2Allan de San Miguel is an excellent defensive catcher, but on this night, he was the hitting hero too. He went 4-5 with two doubles and four RBI. Brandon Roberts was 2-3 with a walk. Steve Singleton and Yangervis Solarte each had two hits. David Bromberg gave up two runs on six hits in 6.2 innings. He walked four and struck out nine. Chris Province was perfect over the final 2.1 innings.  

Miracle Matters

Friday – Ft. Myers 7, Daytona 0 – Joe Benson is doing a great job of showing he wants to be back in New Britain. In this game, he went 4-5 with two doubles, and his second home run. In his five games with the Miracle, his is hitting .450/.522/.900 with four singles, three doubles and two home runs. Michael Tarsi started and went six shutout innings. He gave up two hits, walked four and struck out six. Brad Tippett threw two scoreless frames before Andrey Lobanov kept the shutout with a scoreless ninth.  

Snappers Snippets

Friday – Beloit 2, Cedar Rapids 8 – If you look at Edgar Ibarra’s pitching line, it isn’t exactly impressive. The lefty gave up five runs (four earned) on seven hits and four walks. He struck out three. Eliecer Cardenas came in with the bases loaded and gave up a single and a bases-clearing triple before getting out of that inning. He got out of that inning and threw two more. Matt Tone struck out two in a scoreless ninth. James Beresford went 2-4. Reggie Williams had a long RBI double to left centerfield. And yes, Aaron Hicks and Angel Morales both played, and each had a single.

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to comment here.

3 Responses to “Live from Beloit, it’s…”

  1. JimCrikket May 22, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    How in the world do they keep that organization afloat in Beloit when only getting a few hundred fans for a Friday night game (Cedar Rapids drew 3600+ Thursday afternoon)? The Twins need a new MWL site.

    By the way, Seth… what do you think of the Kernels’ mustaches? It’s sort of a “team bonding” thing they’re doing with “Mustache May”. Yes, it’s a bit cheesy, but they had a pretty mediocre (being generous) April and they’ve gone 14-5 in May. Nevertheless, the word is that most of them are anxious to get rid of the ‘staches.

    The Snappers had better pad that lead this weekend if they want to win the first half title because after this 6-game road trip to Beloit and Peoria, the Kernels finish the first half with 13 straight home games.

  2. The Dude May 22, 2010 at 9:41 am #

    Seth, you have any background info on LHP Jared Hemus. BA has him being released by the club after 7 years on the restricted list. Why would a guy be kept around that long?

    • joelthing May 22, 2010 at 10:51 am #

      If a player quits (Henry Arias this year, Jay Rainville last year, Tony Roberts — who went into the armed services a few years back)…his signing team still holds rights towards him for a certain number of seasons if the player plans a comeback. They either have to ask to be totally released, or comeback to play with the team. AT some point, it doesn’t matter (like Hemus is now waaaay too old, or maybe he just wanted to play indy ball). If a team outright releases a player, then their investment is done. But often a team does have a substantial investment (like the Twins do in Rainville).

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