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29 Jul

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At about 9:15-9:20 this morning, I will be joining Paul Allen on KFAN, its affiliates around the state and on It’s been a lot of fun talking about the Twins all season long and today is no exception. The Twins have given us a ton to talk about:

  • The Trade Deadline: Who should the Twins target, who would they be willing to give up, and what is their prioritized list of needs?
  • The Offensive Juggernaut: Although they were held down to six runs on Wednesday, the Twins have scored a ton of runs and tallied a bunch of hits
  • Danny Valencia has been incredible, but so has Joe Mauer. So has Delmon Young. So has, well, everyone.
  • The starting pitching has been terrific. In the last ten days, Carl Pavano is the only guy who started a game and didn’t get a Quality Start. He and Francisco Liriano should be mentioned as Cy Young candidates. Baker, Slowey and now Duensing have been solid their last couple of times out. Can it continue?
  • Gardy says Michael Cuddyer is the team’s most valuable player. I understand what he is saying and why he would say it, but who has been the Twins MVP?
  • The four TwinsCentric guys got together the other night, and there were several topics discussed. If the playoffs started today and the Twins were in it, who would you have start Game 1 against the Yankees, Rays, Rangers, whoever? Pavano or Liriano? Or is this like the old Twins debate about who was more valuable, Justin Morneau or Joe Mauer (Answer: just be happy we have them both right now!)?
  • Can Nick Blackburn really work on his struggles by pitching in the bullpen and rarely seeing game action? Would AAA time be better?
  • When Justin Morneau comes off the DL, who is sent down? What about when Orlando Hudson does? Alexi Casilla and Jason Repko are out of options. The team has three catchers? What to do. What to do!
  • What happens if Nick Punto has to go on the Disabled List now with his hamstring?
  • What prospects are “untouchable”? With Cliff Lee and Dan Haren already dealt, are there any players available worth giving up a Top 10 prospect for?  Could it be in their best interest to wait until August to deal?
  • Bullpen is now being discussed as a Twins need. How are Glen Perkins, Anthony Swarzak, Kyle Waldrop, Pat Neshek or others doing in AAA Rochester? Are there any dark horse minor leaguers that could help in 2010?

These are some of the topics that we could discuss. You’ll have to listen in to see how I answer these or any other Twins topics we discuss. It’s nice that they are playing well right now. They won six out of seven games on the road. That is impressive no matter who the opponent. How would you answer? What other topics and questions are there currently surrounding the Twins?

Time will be at a premium for me the next several days with other, personal things, but I will try to blog occasionally.


7 Responses to “Twins Topics”

  1. mike wants wins July 29, 2010 at 9:02 am #

    Cuddeyer is one of the worst RFers in the entire game this year. I no longer listen to Gardy at all. It just isn’t worth it. I also don’t go in much for trade speculation, as it is clear that this is the same Twins as before, when it comes to over valuing prospects, and under valuing MLB players. Love the site, hope it continues to talk about the minor leagues. Casilla is not needed if Hudson is healthy. You just don’t need two utility players. They NEED some OF defense. But, I’d bet my salary that Repko is the hitter to go down.

  2. Matt July 29, 2010 at 9:17 am #

    According to PMac – Repko has an option left for AAA.

    Regarding possible #Twins roster issues when OHud and Morneau return, I’m told Jason Repko DOES have an option left – tweeted by PMac yesterday

  3. joelthing July 29, 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    If the Twins have any inking of maybe going after Hudson in 2011, don’t play Alexi when Hudson becomes…well. Hudson refuses to even touch his Dodgers baseball card because of how he was treated in Los Angeles.

    In some ways, the Twins should go with an 11-man pitching staff for most of AUgust if both Morneau and Hudson return. Morales would be the sure-to-go. It is ncie having Repko off the bench.

    I’m not sure about this tremendous need the Twins have for anothr bullpen arm. I actually think they would almost be smart to deal off a couple of their own free-agents here before the July 31 deadline. Rauch is a long-reliever. The Yanks need one. Can the Twins get soemthing for him? Does someone need a possible closer in training: Crain or Guerrier. Any of the Twins relievers would be smarter to accept arbitration from the Twins, if offered, than play the free-agent market in 2011. And if the Twins don’t arbitrate, they get nothing.

    In the wings the Twins have Slama, Waldrop, Neshek, Perkins, Swarzak, Manship, Delaney. Plus a few others that could fill mid-relief roles: Fox, for example. Maybe even Lugo. They will need to cut salary.

    Of course, a bullpen can be a little weaker of the starters go a minimum of 6-innings, and mostly 7. And is Blackburn really helping his case by sitting on the end of the bench, being passed over in blowout games. He needs to start, if that is the position he wishes to fulfill, and even though folks will complain in Rochester, that is where you go and throw your innings and give up tons of runs and lose games rather than even on the backend of a bullpen.

    In one month the Twins can expand rosters, at least to 30, or even higher.

    Decisions have to be made.

    Will they keep Hughes. Will Condrey get a second look in 2011. Will Nathan return. Right now, the Twins have two things: too many middle relief pitchers and too many middle backup infielders.

    Keep Repko, Play Valencia. And, yes, Cuddyer is valuable…he can play first and the Twins win when Morneau isn’t around. You’d rather see Brock Peterson there?

  4. Pierre Fink, ret July 29, 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    Actually Duensing’s start on the 23rd was only 5 innings not qualifying for a quality start. Here is a question however. Can a quality start be taken off the books? For example, if a pitcher reaches 6ip with 1 run, then gives up 3 runs in the 7th for 4 runs in 7ip is that no longer a quality start?

  5. Rick July 29, 2010 at 9:13 pm #

    Still unable to try free sample of e book.

  6. Cris E July 29, 2010 at 9:42 pm #

    Ramos AND Testa for Capps. Tooo much.

  7. Bill in Sarasota July 29, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

    Ramos for Capps – What is B.Smith smoking?

    Capps WHIP: 1.66 in 2009 and 1.30 in 2010.

    He was available as a free agent this past winter.

    Ramos should have been kept for a off season trade of a top player, not for a so-so reliever.

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