Twins Sign Wimmers/Gallant

7 Aug

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We found out yesterday late afternoon that the Twins and Alex Wimmers, their 1st round pick this June. At first, terms were not announced. I thought he would sign for at least $1.6-1.8 million. Why? Consider this:

  • 2009 1st round pick, Kyle Gibson, was the 22nd overall pick. He agreed to a signing bonus of $1.85 million within the final moments before signing deadline.
  • Wimmers was the team’s 1st round pick in 2010, 21st overall. I think his agent should have pointed out that Wimmers was selected one pick earlier than Gibson and one year later, so he should have been asking for about $1.9 million.

I thought negotiations would linger until the last minute again. But when news came out that Wimmers had signed for ‘just’ $1.332 million, exactly slot, I was shocked. Why hold out for two months if you’re going to sign at slot? But maybe he just wanted some time off before beginning his career. I know after I graduated from college, I started working two weeks later. I wish I had taken more time off! Or, maybe the Twins were just more successful in getting Wimmers to realize that he was only work MLB’s slot money.

In either case, the Ohio State alum will begin his pro career next week with the Ft. Myers Miracle. That is an aggressive starting point for a 2010 pick, but Wimmers is believed to be the most Major League-ready player in the 2010 draft, so it makes sense. Of course, the White Sox called up their 1st round pick from the 2010 draft, Chris Sale, this week. I would anticipate Wimmers being sent to the Arizona Fall League (along with Kyle Gibson?) following the season. He could debut as early as late-2011 with the Twins, although 2012 is more likely.

This was a terrific signing by the Twins and allows them to go over slot with some of their other draft picks.

Such as… Today, the Twins signed their 23rd round pick, RHP Dallas Gallant from Sam Houston State, for $122,500 (according to a tweet by Baseball America’s Jim Callis). Although he was a starter in college, he dominated as a power pitcher in the Cape Cod League this summer. He will report to Elizabethton where he will pitch at the back end of the bullpen.

So, who is left to sign? Of their top 25 picks this year, they have signed all but nine. These players have yet to sign:

#11 – Tyler Kuresa, a high school 1B from California, committed to Oregon.

#12 – Steven Maxwell, a junior RHP from Texas Christian University.

#14 – DeAndre Smelter, a RHP from Macon, Georgia, with a commitment to Georgia Tech.

#15 – Thomas Girdwood, a RHP from Elon University.

#17 – Devin Grigg, a RHP from Alameda, California.

#19 – Matt Arguello, a LHP from Mobile, Alabama, who is committed to South Alabama.

#20 – Cody Martin, a RHP from Gonzaga.

#22 – Dillon Moyer, a SS from high school in Philadelphia. He is committed to UC-Irvine, and is the son of veteran LHP Jamie Moyer.

#24 – Michael Quesada, a catcher from Sierra college.

The Twins have until Monday, August 16th at 11:00 p.m. central time, to sign these players. Kuresa and Smelter are highly regarded prospects whose college commitments scared teams away. Don’t expect the Twins to sign these guys, and if they do, it will be significantly over slot.

Any thoughts on the Wimmers signing, Gallant, any of those who have yet not signed, or anything, leave your comments here.


3 Responses to “Twins Sign Wimmers/Gallant”

  1. mike wants wins August 9, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    I’m not sure I agree that a dominant college pitcher starting in A ball is aggressive, but it seems that way for the Twins, I agree. Glad they got him signed. It would be handy if he could get to AA next year at some point, and Gibson could be in AAA or the majors next year. The Twins’ current AAA pitchers aren’t looking like future MLB starters……What did you think of Slama? Personally, I think the fans’ expectations and comments were unrealistic. These are the same people that ignore Casilla’s terrible performance last year, but say he’s clearly a legit MLB after the small sample size this year. Slama can strike guys out, the question is, can he avoid the hits when he doesn’t miss bats? I wasn’t surprised the TWins sent him down, after all, they love nothing more than veteran presence….

  2. Ben August 9, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    I had to borrow gas money to get home from college. I was ready to start work right away.

  3. Zach August 11, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    Not sure why you thought Wimmers was going to get Gibson-type money or sign for over-slot $$. Gibson’s fracture is what had him slipping from a top-10 lock, so any club that drafted him after he fell out of the top-10 knew they would have to offer a deal over slot to sign him. Wimmers’ went right around where his projection was. I’m sure there was some posturing by both sides, but ultimately he signed around 10 days before deadline for slot…not that uncommon actually. Maybe Wimmers’ camp was holding out for Gibson money, but the shock shouldn’t have come from him signing for slot, it should have come from him signing for anything else but…

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